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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 7.2.2011

Present: Nic, Delfina, Sebastian, Terry, Maggie(from the third point), Nikola, David(absent due to the problem with internet connection), Markus(excused)

GA (Nic) + provisional agenda for GA

Philip is meeting with a national agency to see for the funding, news are coming tomorrow after the meeting.

For now, we have two candidates for Ga presidency: Karl and Sofia. Terry is sending a reminder. Deadline is 15th of February .

Topics about GA and structure(purpose- to direct and ease the work of GA Presidency and to prevent possibility if chaos) :


Presentation of EC and SEC Gen candidates and procedures of GA, as well as voting for agenda is going to be held at a beginning.

Structural working group and its Commission proposed to have one session on Thursday( two or three hours) afternoon, in the beginning of the GA, to discuss proposal of new version of IRP, and to give the time to delegates to discuss and afterward to amend the proposal. World coffee was thought to be the method, which would mean that every one from the commission is going to sit for one table to discuss certain part of the proposal with ones who are interested.

Social Europe conference - Friday in the first part of the day. In the second part we would like to realize action with a topic of Social Europe.

Saturday morning is going to be deadline for amendments, than discussion in a plenary without any additional amendments.

The agenda with this schedule have to be adopted by GA at the beginning, otherwise the plan is off.

Resolution for the GA:

Gender WG- Violence against women resolution (Terry)
Green economy (Delfina)
Digital rights (Nic)
Direct democracy, Mass media- probably Spring camp statement (Maggie)
Climate change (Seb is going to ask the WG)
EU citizenship- going to be made after the relvant events, not for the GA

Reports will have to be made.

Delfina's proposal: to start with reforming political platform and continue up to the next GA, make kind of WG. Nic is making a paper which i going to explain the idea in advance, make the process similar to the Structural WG

9th of May- to stay for the transfer. Also it is The day of Europe, so Green youth of NRY with Belgians, Dutch, Luxembourgian- invited us to join their action. EC voted positive.

EGP and Future Group (who goes there?) (Delfina)

EGP Future Group, next Sunday 20th of February- to ask Markus to give the update of FYEG. Committee meeting- Markus is also going to be asked, but we would have to ask for the permission, problem is the time. Seb will ask Jaquelin for this and Seb is going to send an e-mail to Markus.
Delfina is giving the update to Markus.

EgP Coucnil-we are all going. Amendments on the social green new deal, which is EGP council paper. Decision is also to have resolution on austerity, media or not to have resolution at all- we will wait to
see what other parties are going to table and decide then Deadlines for motions for Resolutions:

Motions for Normal Resolutions: 1st March 2011
Motions for Topical Resolutions: 27th March 2011
Motions for Emergency Resolutions: Friday, 1st April 2011, 20h00

Amendments to motions for Normal Resolutions: 28th March 2011
Amendments to motions for Topical Resolutions: Friday 1st April 2011
Amendments to motions for Emergency Resolutions: Saturday, 2nd April 2011,

SEB and Delfina will keep us updated.

Preparation of the Fringe meeting Delfina and Nic.

Spring Camp (Maggie)

MEPs are coming. No big updates. Maggie will check with Markus about MEPs and program. Leave some free time to avoid stress for the organizers.

Maggie, Hector, Helena and Delfina had Skype conference.

We are going to invite CV and EQUO to the Camp and also support the candidates of CV on their national election. We want to stay neutral. Action about pollution in Madrid where are going to show our support.

Meeting of the FCC (David)

We don't know the date of their meeting. Terry will write an e-mail or tell us on the next meeting.

Citizenship Seminar (Terry)

Prep team Roger(Netherlands), Oxana(Ukraine), Juliana(Germany), Terry, Delfina, Marie and Noel(France). French are excited and they will have intern about technicalities. Juliana is the treasurer. 19-22. of May, two weeks after the GA. In Paris. Locals will be there. 25-30 participants. Terry wont be able to go and as well as Delfina. we are searching for the main responsible person. Nikola was asked and didn't
accept since he wont be able to attend the event in that moment. Terry stays, but we need someone more.
Maybe it could be held in June.

Structure Group Update (Nic)

Nick have to compile all parts he has already received and is going to try to make it by the end of the next week. Optimistic impression. It is going to be doe by 15th of February and we are going to discuss it on the next Conference.

Nikola is going to make the draft report from the structural meeting.

Forest Week and Grüne Jugend Seminar (Terry)

Terry like the idea but can not take the responsibility. Maybe Seb. Gruen Jugend is going to take care of the almost everything, Seb would only have to coordinate it on the international level

9. Any other business

Eco sprinter calls for the GA, article for Egypt, report from the Berlin's meeting, Nic is aslo going to send something.

Nikola is going to be responsible and new contact person fro the EU project seminar. Grune Jugend applied for the Seminar that is going to be in August or September, together with Slovaks and French. Agriculture is the topic.