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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 4.7.11

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1. Personal update

2.Office update

3. Working groups:
Meeting in October
we ask who can come
make list of the ppl on type with me
EC decides the number of the ppl per group
WG's have a final decision who comes
end of july to sign up to type with me

the date is set 3rd of october

3.3CDN Summer Camp
steva makes overview of Summer camp
FYEG day
EC meeting
Gaya communicates with Dudu and PT


4. MO updates
4.1Romania (status, membership fee)
they should re-apply
4.2Report from Slovenia
I attended birthday party of SMS. It was nice and good. We will have to go and make study visit if they apply.
Jakob will write short report
4.3 Scottish YG
Forwarded e-mail update. I talked with Irish young greens during the GEF training. I also talked with Estonian girl and I might get contacts from Estonian young greens
Organizations that didn't paid mo fees. They are still members until GA suspends them.
We should talk about this on next ECM.


5. FYEG Material
5.1 Design
No news. Next week we talk about.
Steva asks in Serbia.


6. Current Activities:
6.1 FYEG space on Summer Camp
- WG's participants
- FYEG programme
Already talked about this.
6.2 Green Summer University
Workshops update
we are looking for the speakers. Terry will meet with nic and they will work more actively on it.

- FYEG EC participation
nikola, nic, terry, steva,
jakob and merja during the weekend
maggie for one day

buses are coming from london and budapest
if you find a cheap way to come to berlin you can book them

6.3 Citizenship conference
- PT update
Next week skype conference, e-mail list is created. PT is active and I have a good feeling.

6.4 COP17 Energy revolution
- update
Budget is made.
6.5GYG prep team
EC has a huge workload and we can support other ppl from FYEG. We start promoting it with ppl that are active.

6.6 Energy Campaign
jakob will start working on it. Send out the call for campaign team


7. Projects to be applied:

7.1 LGBTQ rights – update
Merja, GWG are drafting the application for GEF
EYF pilot project - steva and terry
Terry is in contact with several MEP's and HBF regional offices.
We should coordinate communication with partners. Terry will do it.

7.2Falafel Network Meeting
We have no news yet.

7.3Gender WG project – Intersectionality seminar
CDN GWG asked if they can use it for Summer Camp 2012. We will talk about this in WG. Skype conf.

7.4FYEG CDN Study session

7.5 FYEG Capacity building project
Political speaking, debating skills, media talking

7.6 Green Economy WG project
Terry and Merja will coordinate abut who will apply to which deadline and to which foundation .
We are also discussing the idea to have a publication. The topic proposed is about Youth emancipation. It is still under discussion.

7.7Youth empowerment in politics
Nikola gets in contact with Zofia and they will discuss it, share with EGP
7.8 Other?
8. Meeting with EGP Secretary General

9. GGEP overview and meeting
Short overview of each activity that is presently in
10. Ecosprinter update
Looking for articles,
Ecosprinter board will also update FYEG twitter account
8. AOB
GEF - Greening Europe: Toolkit for the European Green Activist
topical discusions were not perfect. Still, I got overview of European things. Met some intersting ppl and I think useful contacts.

Direct Democracy Conference
Joining such a conferences is very useful for us. We need business cards.
I have a general idea that EC members should try to use opportunity and come more often to Brussels to network and participate in important events.
Ecis - there will be platfrom on the internet about all ecis; we should discuss more on the ECM.

General elections schedule

Climate negotiations in D ; Its far away.

Nordic cooperation: Finish YG discussed nordic coopeartion and we talked about hosting FYEG activity. We are looking for topic that can be interesting to Nordic countries but as well for rest of Europe. We will try to talk about this with Norwegians and Swedish.