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Minutes: EC Phone conference 31.1.2011

Minutes from the conference.

- office update
- contacting MO's, Edvin now working from EP-building, Zofia interested in going to Poland

- personal updates
- personal contents

- application DL Feb 1st
- sending in Intersectionality-exchange application

- Spring Camp
- had skype conference with full, newly expanded prepteam
- Maggie skipping first days of the Spring Break, therefore Sophia Reintke is being involved for programme
- some speakers confirmed, others need more work (during this week, Markus does)
- action in Madrid is affected by local political concerns: FYEG and Jovenes Verdes will invite people and groups to participate, into an open event organised by FYEG, others are invited but can not bring bigger flags than FYEG
(Maggie, Markus and Delfina meet on skype on 3rd Feb. to discuss the action with Hector and Helena)

- Structural Commission Meeting
- productive meeting in Berlin with 8 people

- GA
- include IRP-topic and structural commission-IRP-presentation (15th of March)
- Nic sends payment-requirements to Markus- Pre-summer university in Poznan - David tries to attend with Zofia