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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 31.10.11

Attendance: Jakob, Gaya, Terry, Nikola, Merja, Steva  


Opening of the meeting


Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting
Secretary - Steva
Moderator - Terry

Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting
Attendance: Jakob, Gaya, Terry, Nikola, Merja, Steva
The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.

Approving  the agenda

The  agenda was approved as it is /

The  agenda was approved with the following changes:

Personal updates

The personal updates were provided.

Office update
- working on the COP event (fundraising, accomodation, invitation letters)
- working on project application (
- working on transfers
- financial reports for Citizenship seminar sent to GEF
- didn't contact the lawyer about fraud case (sometime during this week there was some decision)
will try to do it this week. Try to establish some communication with her

FYEG         statutory activities

Next ECM- time, venue, work on the agenda (Steva)
will add it to the agenda for the ECM Berlin (fraud case)
add falafel network (nikola)
We sleap at Terrys place. Terry will send address. 
Terry will not be at 4pm at the office. Nic will get the keys. We will have small room on Friday.

Steva will send proposal agenda tomorrow afternoon

-         Newsletters (Jakob)

-Deadline: are G20 Articles ready?
johannes collected articles - jakob will contact him
jakob will send newsletter proposal tomorrow
steva should checks minutes

For ecosprinter: Tom needs to give Hector the files... (maybe Steva can bring them to Berlin?)
Steva will contact Tom
ask tom about filming the action

-Press Officer skype conference
thursday at ninepm CET

points for the agenda
- MO PR people network (like webmasters network)
- Action in Paris
- footage from different events that need to be turned into proper films


Italians - Andrea Buci from campaign team, search for delfina contacts
Jakob will collect contacts

German Young Greens - we will have dinner with them during ECM

Merja will meet Young Greens from Estonia
invite them to join working groups 

we will have meeting tomorrow

We(Jakob and Steva) should talk with  CDN about (Albania)
Falafel Network
- it is needed to reorganize Network starting from updating and broadening contact database through enlargement membership
- crucial to improve visibility in the Mediterranean region and to find reliable partners willing to take initiatives and be involved in the follow up
- use Network Meeting exactly for that and all other events to meet people
point for ECM - Nikola wants strategic aproach :) ;

Political work

11.1 Political  Platform Process- (Nic)
accomodation for Saturday (a few people) needs to be booked, Steva will be in Paris from Tue on

11.2  Green Group

11.3  EGP

-EGP Congress

anti-nuclear action
(preparation's running, slow response from french, somebody for music's missing-> nic?)
inform PPP mailing list, others in national delegations (e.g. simon hofbauer, Shenna Sanchez etc.)
need to meet somebody from the GJ office...

(amendments ready, deadline nov7th)


Statutes+rule book

GND  paper: 

Rio +20 and Eurocrisis

action of ENGS                 

Terry talked to Jocelyne: 6 young Greens should be there, any volunteers?

Report (Maggie and Steva)


13.1 Running projects:

13.2 Project's preparation
-     COP17 Workshop
(get permission for action)
-         Gender Study Session- (Merja)
Prep team meeting in Strasbourg was ok, the outlines of the agenda finished, and now we are working on the session outlines.
Some changes in the prep team occur(red): First, we had thought about including Sarwat, but in the meeting decided not to. As Ilmari cannot come to the study session, we will need somebody to cover for him. Will ask Anna Kavalenka first.

-        Campaign (Jakob)
had first skype conference, motivated, good people, sophia&PJ from WGs
- tamar wants to join too
- GYG congress
No update, will have a meeting tomorrrow.

13.3 Projects to be applied

-         Winter camp 

-         Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny)
- we wont be able to submitt application for 1st of November. Reasons:
- too few partenrs organizations (4 or 5 if Germans have sent documents to Jordanians, i haven't got them) especially form the region
- problems related to the formal and techical parts of the application, since they don't depend on our office
- communicational problems with Jordanian office
- whole this project demands much more and longer preparations in order to be valuable for furhter develpment of Falafel- obstacels haven't been assed properly in advance, but now there is clearer picture coming from this failure
-         Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)

-         LGBTQ seminars (Terry)

-       Training "Green Volume on!":) ;-) we still have to be apply for this

13.3 Projects with sent applications

-         Rio +20 (Steva)

-         FYEG-CDN Study Session (Steva)

13.4 Projects initiatives 
- Discrimination at European borders? Spatial and mental borders (Nic)

- Green Leaders, marko (terry)

- Eu Young Green Leaders Seminar
- all information have been sent over e-mail
- i'm waiting for final EC decision to continue with furhter steps

Any Other Business

- comem eyf

Closing of the meeting