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Minutes: EC Phone conference 30.5.2011

Present: Nic, Terry, Jakob, Maggie, Gaya, Steva, and later Nikola joined


Terry – no regular internet access in new flat in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Personal updates


Office update

EC meeting accommodation is found, Steva is confirming tomorrow.

PP Committee will have a meeting on friday and saturday so there's an overlap with ECM, steva's going to propose an agenda.

1st of June deadline YIA has priority
evaluation of presidency is sent

EGP WGS: Steva informed Ann in the Office that Nic and Terry will be in Structure and GND

Talked to Markus about correspondence with GGEP, about the Spring Conference finances

Markus sent an email to Jochen, and somebody else, asking for a meeting.

He's going to meet them till after the ECM in Serbia (finances of spring Conference is only one point, also general points like introduction of new SecGen etc.)

Found a printer and scanner- device (for 170 Euros, laserjet, one of the cheapest toners)
Is working on Gayas Visa.

Talked to Hector about the Website, we have access: Hector is offering a small seminar on how to update the website.

Changing Legal Representatives: Quick response: There was several mistakes, they are going to be changed.

They only care about administrators (EC), legal representative (SecGen), Treasurer (they don't care about who's chief of stuff and president etc.)

Salary in May: Markus is receiving his salary, still some problems

Didn't start working on documents of GA. (got everything from presidency, is going to work on the final version of the IRPs etc.)

Markus is probably coming back from Berlin tomorrow.

Morana will come back tomorrwo too, will help with GA documents.

She will have some things to do for the GGEP.

ECM in Serbia

Agenda of the meeting

steva: will prepare it till Thursday

Final arrangements – accommodation and travel

Steva will take cheapest and closest option (also good for Steva)

WE will sort out how we'll pick up people from airport etc.
Arrangements for Gaya's Visa is a bit late, but it can still work (question is how long it takes them in Belgrade to decide). Steva will contact Belgrade and try to speed it up.
Jakob will send the sheet with travel details

Working Groups
update on present situation
Migration WG - Nic
ddl is not passed. Most applications are very good. Diversity is good. 8 applications, more female than men.

In general how do we select members of the WG's?
Everyone select their own members and then propose to EC. EC member can object the membership of someone otherwise it is fine.
Not more than 12-15.

Green Economy WG - Terry
so far 6 people all women. More east then west. Some men are interested.

Digital rights WF - Maggie
One person so far. Emili that is interested. I haven't contact more people yet.

Gaya: Peace working group
3-4 ppl interested but not replied yet. I sent some reminders. So far I have one application. I hope tomorrow there will be more.

CCWG: Jakob: 5 or 6 applications

Nikola: was sick, Direct democracy and Regionalism (4 people) (not as many applications as he thought but its ok) im feeling better and I will catch up.

meetings in September

check the doodle
steva sends reminder about the doodle
steva sends mail from swedes to terry

MO's and MO communication 
We will talk about this on ECM

GA follow up 
- Evaluation by presidency
Sometimes it sounds like they are reporting, sometimes more like guidelines (but it shows that we did most things)
there are also guidelines and tips. They sad its good that we have six people in presidency. In general the evaluation is positive and most of the things that are there are good.

minutes and documents update
Steva will ask Morana to help. Start working on it asap.

Spring conference

Steva and Maggie talk about strategy how to get money from financial group. Maggie is trying to arrange the meeting with David and the FCC (first weekend of july, in Brussels)


Citizenship seminar
reporting and follow up
reporting will start now. Evaluation from pax was quite good. Technical support by French young greens was fairly limited. Positive feedback from the pax and positive side is that Romanians are now motivated to give better support in next seminar.

Discussions were not deep. We questioned many issues. On next seminar we should go deeper in the topics. 
Prep team did a great job!

Decide now about next EC member responsible. So that transfer of knowledge can start as soon as possible.

Video should be follow up. Several people were taking films.

Who are the Romanians?
4 of them. There are from Romanian Young Greens.

Terry: I met a member of Green Institute. Not very productive talk. He was not very much involved in the organisation.

Local councillors meeting
short overview of the meeting
Nic: the meeting was at the Heinrich Böll foundation, participation was low (at our workshop there was 20 registrations and there was only 8 people.
There was only few people in General, there was only a few experienced people.

We had open discussion. Only 8 of us. Discussion was useful and speakers were good.

Several things pop up. Swedes are very interested again. 
I sad hello to all EGP EC members. I sad most of our communication will be after our first ECM.

Initially we wanted to call it Young Green populist. At the end we named it … Young green activism on local level.

Democratic Revolutions project – update
Application needs to be submitted till wednesday, it's an online application (so we might have troubles opening it)
There's troubles with the partnership-agreements: need to be sent again.
It's NOT necessary to submit originals, can be copies too.
Steva send emails, tried to call, couldn't reach anybody in Lebanon.
On ECM: how do we general take decisions about the Partner-Organisations in presentations...
it needs to be communicated to Ukrainian (nina) and Armenian Young Greens (Grigor) that they aren't picked as a partner-organisations. If we get the YIA funds, others can still be part (through other funds)

Summer University
Nic: This is beginning of the September. It could be a chance that we have EC meeting. Still finding the cheap place for staying.
EC meeting will be before or after.

Nic should send workshops applications.

Political Parties Youth Organisations – meeting on 10-12 June
There will be the meeting of PPYO during our ECM in Serbia.
Question of general strategy towards PPYO and Youth Forum

Open Letter on EU-wide constituency

Who was communicating with them and how they got ok.

Nic: they sent an e-mail to terry and me and we answered.

Terry: This was sent to EC list.

Maggie - I sent to Phillip about confirmation changes.

Maggie: I will send it to Hector and he will publish it and we should add it in the newsletter.

Nic: Should we send the letter to all MEPs. ?

Nic will send the letter to MEP's.

Volunteering event in September and PPYO meeting
Its very important for PPYO. They drafted a project about political voluntaries. They will have event. Somebody should go.

LGTBQ issues seminar

Terry: I have sent the plan finally. I talked to Vedran from HBS and Maja from HBS this week. They all offered technical support and maybe financial. I am going to pride in Zagreb and I will meet some people as well. Revolt and Serbs are exited about the project. Apart from that only communication with CDN EC was a bit tense and CDN had a filling that we asking from them too much.

Provisional prep team should be made asap.

We wanted to apply from GEF and if you give me ok I will start drafting application for November deadline.

Finances transfer and financial situation overview


Jakob: I want to be part of either Serbia or Romania prep team. Jakob on prep team for romania.

Gaya joining the prep team in Serbia. The only problem that I have is that it is a bit long. If I managed to get two weeks off. I dont know if that is possible.

Will write an e-mail to Marina, Antonina, Dudu and ask.
Nic I will go to meeting of EGP Retreat

Project ready by June 17th. Climate change WG is planning a project and decided to apply from Green Group MEPs and EGP. Also, HBS might help us with it. It has to be announced.

We should make a list of all projects and with that we can go to EGP.
After we do year plan and then we make overview of activities that we are asking for money from EGP.

Nikola: I would like to confirm that we will not go for Egypt application. Send an e-mail to Zofia. So for this deadline we can not do it. But we should think about later deadlines for this project.