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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 30.07.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  30-07-2012 19:00-21.00 CET

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
Election of moderator:
DECISION: Maggie is elected
Election of minutes taker:
DECISION: Ingrid is elected
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members has to be present for the meeting to be valid
Attending people: Jakob (till 19:30), Ingrid, Terry, Maggie, Krassi, Micha
Missing: Steva, the Schock, chema

Meeting is valid
4. Approving the agenda
DECISION: the agenda was approved
5. Personal Update
It was given.
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the weeks
 · Arms Trade Treaty PR
DECISION: the decision was confirmed, jakob will put it on the webpage
7. Decision follow up
· To ask Franziska and Marije to contribute with 300 € each to the Zagreb seminar. It is Steva who should do this so we do not know if it has been done. 
· EC dropbox – a dropbox with internal EC documents has been created
DECISION: Ingrid will send the invite again to the people who have not joined. 
· Contact details of the WGs for the WG meeting. Everyone should send the contact to the three people to Steva before the 5th. 
· Article by Terry for "Citizens for Europe" - Terry is not sure if it is finally going to be published since they wanted quite big changes. She will update through email. 
· Memorandum of Understanding (YFJ vs EGP) - the EGP is not sure they want to give the money requested by the YFJ. The EGP is going to postpone the decision of maybe giving a smaller amount of money to the Council.
DECISION: Terry will write to YFJ and explain the situation. 
DECISION: Maggie will take over the responsibility for the League of Young Voters from now on
8. Office
a) Did we hear back from the Prosecutor?
Steva is not in the call so we will discuss this at next meeting. 
b) Finances
Jakob & Maggie will go through latest by Aug 3rd and consult with Steva when needed
They will go through the finances for the SPP especially

9. Internal structure
a) ECMs
·  August (Serbia) – Krassi would like to change the dates. 
DECISION: the ECM will be 16-20th of August
· September (Brussels)
DECISION: there will be a short ECM after the WG meeting 3-4 of September. The meeting will start in the morning the 3rd and end at 15.00 the 4th. 
Jakob will arrive only on Saturday and Terry will have to leave on Monday evening. 
· October (Belgrade)
The meeting will be 2nd -3rd
· November
SPP – not all EC members will have to go but some of us should be there. 
Athens – there will be an EC meeting before the Council in Athens, 7-8 of November. All EC members should also join the Council meeting!
· December (Tuzla)
DECISION: the ECM will be after the seminar, 17-19th of December. 
b) WGs
·  WG Coordinators meeting with Krassi
All EC members must inform the coordinators of their groups to attend the meeting 2nd of August, 20.00 CEST. 
 · WG meeting in Brussels
DECISION: we approve the suggestion from the Belarus meeting where every WG can send 3 reimbursed people and more people that can pay their own travel costs. The EC people will not be reimbursed by the visit but by the FYEG.
c) MOs
Spanish Young Greens: 
They have decided to have their GA the 25-26 of August in Valencia. Chema and Ingrid stay in contact with them. 
d) SPP
· Questionnaire
It is ready and has been sent out. All EC members should remind their MOs that this is important. 
· Meeting in Prag
The place where Maggie works is booked so we cannot have the meeting there. Maggie will keep searching for another place. 
- SPP in the newsletter
Should we put the questionnaire on the webpage, or in the newsletter? Since this is internal it should not be sent out to anyone though.  
DECISION: Krassi will mention the questionnaire in the Newsletter but not publish it directly there. 

10. Communication
a) web
The call for a new webmaster is published.
b) Ecosprinter
Max is leaving the Ecosprinter, a new call will be sent out for his position. The deadline will be in the middle of August, maybe 12th. The election must be done by the MOs electronically, this will probably take about 4 weeks.  
c) Newsletter
· Call for Hungarian Summercamp
this call was published once in the previous newsletter 38. 
DECISION: it will be included only as an FYEG News
· EC reports for tne Newsletter 
DECISION: they will be included. 

11. Networking
a) CDN
The summer camp was great!
b) GYG
· update from the meeting in Cap Verde
This was a training that Rose and Sarah from the Steering Committee attended. Razvan from the Global justice WG was also there. They met some nice people that it might be possible to include in GYG and the falafel network. 
· The working group for the eradication of poverty 
They had a meeting but attendance is difficult with different time zones. 
c) Falafel
 · Application for the seminar
The Luxembourgian agency like our proposal. Now we just have to finalize it and send it to them. 
 · Partners
We keep working on finding more organizations. Dragana has some cool contacts with feminist organisations that we will try to get on board. 
d) EGP
 There’s a Social dimension wg meeting that Terry cannot attend 7-8 of September. 
DECISION: Maggie will ask Jakob if he can go there. 
e) European youth forum
· Info and Networking days
DECISION: we will see what the YEE says about Maggie’s participation. She or Steva will definitely go.
· Work plan online consultation
There is still a lot of time for this.  
DECISION: Maggie will have a look and then write to the EC
f) Other organization’s activities 
 · Basic Income Earth Network Congress in Munich 14-16.Sep
Telemaque from Global Justice WG would like to go as a representative of the FYEG 
DECISION: he should write a short motivation so that the EC can vote on it
 · Green leaders meeting 26th of august in Brussels
Who can go there?
DECISION: Krassi will ask Phil if he can go. Otherwise maybe she can be there. 
12. Activity plan
a) approved projects 
· Rio+20
The report still has to be done. We are now waiting for Shenna to come back from the Philippines. 
 · LGBTQ seminar Belgrade
Call for participants will be sent out soon. 
 · Turn the green volume on 
Terry has booked a hostel in Bochum close to Gelsenkirchen
Krassi is working with the other prep-team members on the organizational stuff.
 · LGBTQ seminar Tuzla
One person has dropped from the prep.team. The Bosnian young greens will nominate a new person. 
b) projects and campaigns
· Youth emancipation publication
DECISION: the EC support that one person from the Youth emancipation prep.team goes to the conference-  Delfina suggested
 · Energy campaign 
 DECISION: Maggie will ask Jakob to send an update on this by email
c) Other stuff
 · Election campaign road map 
Terry has sent an email to all our partners. They generally seem to like it and will get back to us with more details after the vacation times. 
· YiA program 4.6 
Should we do something with this?
DECISION: we'll discuss this next meeting and Maggie will update herself until then
 · CoE finance:

Social inclusion and education - Sarah
DECISION: Terry will write to her that we think the topic is important and that she should write the application, then we will see what more we have when the deadline comes. She should get in contact with the migration wg. 
Voting age etc. – Phil and Vesna
DECISION: they should also fill in the form

13. Political stuff
a) press releases
 · pussy riot
DECISION: Terry will write a draft on this

14. Any other business
Skype minutes
Krassi will check the minutes from earlier meetings and then send them out with the Newsletter
Krassi will put the last version of all the minutes in the dropbox
agenda for the retreat in Serbia
ingrid and jakob will prepare some way for the EC to give input tomorrow and then it's good if everyone can answer within 2-3 days.