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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 30.01.2012

Read here the minutes


Federation of Young European Greens FYEG Skype conference


Date: 30th January 2012

1. Opening of the meeting

1.1 Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting

Secretary: Steva

Moderator: Merja

1.2 Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting

Attendance: all, but Maggie

Missing: Maggie

meeting is valid

1.3 Approving the agenda

2. General updates

2.1 Personal updates (EC members)


2.2 Office and Employee update (sec-gen)     

today general strike in Belgium

went through budget together with Maggie:  looks good, we saved some money


till Wednesday will be stressful, but will be ready

  • Admin grant: is done, MO-Numbers is filled, online App, only "submit"-button

  • Rev. mov. For dem.: will be done tommorow

  • Pilot LGBTQ Sarajevo: application draft ready before ECM

  • Campaign project

Transfers: previous year mostly done, tomorrow they will go through

Lawyer – Battal case: no news

Computers: ordered three computers from Germany (steva sends info)

Stickers: had skype with designer-> questionable whether we'll have all proposals till the ECM

3. FYEG statutory activities

3.1 ECM in Brussels (Terry)


Look at the final proposal sent around by Steva

documents till wed 10.00

Sleeping arrangements and other practical issues

Firday meeting at the office

Saturday and sunday meeting at steva\s and bruno\s place

Stvea to send directions


no strikes next weekend

PPYO meeting and getting ready for that

agenda and briefng paper on euro-crises are sent 

compilation of other docs are sent as well

Info was forwarded by Terry and Steva, short debate on Friday morning

Terry will try to make a summary till Wednsday 

FYEG paper on debt and austerity (delfina-paper)

Saturday 15.00 ppc is joining 

3.2 GA     = will be discused on EC meeting

we need everybody to fill all kind of papers, like number of activists, addresses



MEPs to be confirmed 




4. Communication

4.1     Newsletter (if there are updates, Jakob)

during the trip to Brussels will be finalised

4.2     Ecosprinter (if there are updates, Jakob)

couple of applications for the board

will be included in the ECM reader

4.3    Press strategy (if needed, Jakob)

no news

external strategy paper to be included to ECM reader

4.4 Press releases

Against Neo-Nazi demonstrations

deadline  for MO's is 5th

final version will be sent on 6th

Fiscal pact

deadline tomorrow at 10


meeting on 4th of february - demostrations on election 

Jakob will send a draft

[19:37:46] Oshibanz3n: Ivan (Ex-EC) will be in Berlin next week. So I can also get a first hand update, Jakob will contact Ivan today

4.5 Other

MO list disfunctions

Steva will ask Hector again

5. Networking

5.1 MOs updates 

Luxembourg: extraordinary GA on march 3rd

Letter about MO budgets and number of members sent?

steva updates merja's draft and sent it to ec list

5.2 GYG

Who are going to the Congress?

Terry Merja Nikola Maggie Gaya

Merja's accommodation should be covered

5.3 CDN

CDN has ECM in Belgrade, when we meet in Brussels

CDN is not able to come to winter camp

we have to find other time

5.4 Falafel Network (Nikola):

Ecosprinter article- Max

article series on Arab Spring

we should provide some contacts to max -> Jakob told him to contact Teo for his Tunis-Contact

Emily and Falafel NM 

Absence of Nikola's e-mail to Jordanians

Update for EGP about Falafel activities

Demo in Tunisia and possibility to get some contacts through them

Merja will write to them

5.5 European Youth Forum/PPYOs

Initiative on Youth in Action

got a question from an MEP (Malika): hope that we'll have a chance to meet this weekend

Jan, Ska, Franziska should also be involved

6. Political work

6.1 Political Platform Process 

Update by Nic


Problem at the moment:

Serious lack of feedback. Need stronger involvment again.

Measures taken:

-Seb is emailing delegates personally. We also try and harass the WG coordinators.

-We sheduled Skype meetings on the "hot" topics These are proposals but we still wait for confirmed attendees.

-We want a reminder in the newsletter. (Nic sends to Jakob)

What you can do:

Mention this in your working group or with your MO, if you have contact.

PPC want to come to ECM (Delfina and Markus)

6.2 Green Group

No updates from my side (Terry)

6.3 EGP 

Request for sending EC to Dakar - GYG congress

Final proposal to be sent, then answer asap (ask for 4 people)

Steva meeting with Jacqueline: we need to provide an overview of the basic administrative needs (and why we have them)

Long term strategy (budgetwise) needs to be ready by June. So we can propose it even to the GA

WGs meeting report

Report on the EC list

Maggie should send report from digital rights WG

Written report sent around by Terry, please pose questions

Committee voting rights

Talk to Ska and Marina, further procedure ECM

Terry will prepare input for ECM

7. Finances

financial plan next five years (input Steva)

report of finances 2011

for the 2012 budget: we'll receive it on Wednesday, they just got the info from Securex

8. Projects

8.1 Running projects

8.2 Project's preparation

Campaign (Jakob) 

Campaing team is meeting after ECm - Sunday Monday Tuesday

we need time for disscusion on GA

project - we will postpone applying for project to 1st of May

Winter camp (Maggie)

Steva, Terry, Nic, Maggie, most likely Jakob will be there (for the whole time)

Merja, Nikola will still have to check with his faculty professor when he (Nikola ;-) ) will be able to come, but he should come

New prep team member

Steva sets up doodle for voting 

Vote tonight!

Rio +20 (Terry)

prepteam to be selected soon, good applications already

Terry still has to do the accreditation (hopefully this week)

Q - thought we're going to do it through YFJ?

A - won't be possibly done through the YFJ, we register people through FYEG as non-observer organisation

meeting with Lena from Carl´s office successful

Youth emancipation (publication)

No applications yet, please promote -> send in newsletter

Ecosprinter publication (Jakob/Maggie)

ask to postpone prepteam meeting to February

8.3 Projects to be applied

1st of February YiA:

Revolutionary Movements for Democracy     (Steva and Nikola)

no update, Steva will apply till Wednesday

Training "Green Volume on!"     (Steva)


Peace WG project (Gaya?)

postpone to may

LGBTQ seminars (Terry)

Pilot project application should be finalised

Morana met with Vedran --> things in Zagreb look good

migration wg project

applying for both study session and youth in action

Norma has mailed a package to Steva,Which includes almost everything one needs,except a budget. Which Steva is working on.

1st of May (?): what?

campaign, peace WG

Democracy Wg/ Green Economy/ Baltic Network - The future of the EU (Nikola)

no update on my fault- skip for now

8.4 Projects initiatives

Green Leaders... Marko (Steva)

no updates, but Jakob is interested :-)

Admin grant – FYEG to European Youth Foundation

done = to be submitted 

9. Any Other Business

No other business