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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 29.8.11

Minutes from Skype conference on 29th of August
Start: 7:10 pm CET
End: 8 pm CET
Attendance: Merja, Terry, Nikola, Nic
Moderation/Minutes: Terry /Nic


1. Personal Updates


2. Office Update

Steva not yet in Brussels.

Material has been sent for printing.

Training application has to be completed, a call was sent but unsure what else has been done, facing a Thursday deadline.

TO-DO: Johnny will try and reach Steva,clarify some aspects about the application


3. Working Groups


Short discussion on the process of integration of people who only apply now.


TO-DO: Hostel booking, invitation to Ska (Office)

Concerning participants,some have cancelled. Some questions about replacements will emerge.

TO-DO: Update and clarify paxlist with projected expenses (Maggie)

Terry sent around new proposed agenda for WG to look at.


4. MO update

no news

5. Press Officer

TO-DO: Push people to aplly (all)

6. Current Activities


Reports from Workshop should be written, for use in the PPC.

TO-DO: write short about the workshops (all)


Need for arrival and departure times of people in order to book hotel.

TO-DO: install Doodle for the attendees (Nic)

Need for confirmation of the timing of second Workshop in Agenda is still pending

TO-DO Recontact Maria (Nic)

6.3 EGP-CM: Terry can attend, will lobby for our idea to have an action

6.4 G-20: No News

6.5 GJ-Congress in Germany, decision will be taken on Friday,call is ready,goes on Saturday if we have green light

6.6 YFJ: Volunteering event

6.7 Citizenship Seminar (Part Deux, Romania)

Terry:Seems to be working fine, prepteam selects pax, looks good

6.8 COP-17 workshop: pending

6.9 Wintercamp: pending

6.10 Ecosprinter-yearbook: pending

6.11 Green International Campus (GIC): report will be written (Merjah, Nic), first impressions; people had different organisational backgrounds but lacking geographical balance (many Germans), program had some weaknesses (work after dinner, long breaks), most useful part was a networking workshop in the middle of the meeting with the perspective of having a second meeting of this kind.

A group emerged that is supposed to coordinate efforts toward a new edition. Would be of interest for FYEG to have somebody there, specifically to consult on technical aspects of the event. Question whether we should maintain our own (FYEG-internal) mailinglist after a new one was created from the congress. FYEG can and must provide technical ideas about how to run a smooth meeting and stress the importance of geogprahical balance. We face some sceptiscism as far as being a political organisation.

If we sent someone to the core group as FYEG-representative, there should be a call and we should motivate people with experience in the field of student work, with a propper “student” background.


7. Activities to be applied


7.1GEF application: LGTBQ-project. Application was sent, but it is only one of the funding sources. First impressions from Marina were rather positive. A YiA application is being drafted (Terry, Steva), the prepteam is having a Skype conference on Wednesday, efforts towards EGP are also on the way.

7.2FALAFEL: Network meeting, the call is done, was sent to the Jordaninas which have answered today and like it. Johnny goes for it (sic!) Youth Empowerement: Johnny and Steva went over it, send it back to Zofia.

7.3Wintercamp application on national level in Switzerland. TO-DO: check with Maggie about news, include Clarence (Nic)

7.4Intersectionality seminar: Need to reconsider application.More on this at a later point

7.5Joint project with Green Economy WG: postponed to WG meeting.

7.6FYEG-CDN joint study session: postponed


8. Finances

skipped, treasurer not present


Terry meets R. Bütikofer next week. Report to follow