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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 29.6.2011

Minutes from the EC phone conference.

Personal update
Office update

still no flat (no time to look for one), will take off this week once to look for flat
Maggie was there on weekend
received answer from Belgian state (paid bill they asked for to change legal representative and EC)
Steva will send back some info and then they will make the change and steva will have access to the account
Talked to Markus about being employed in June (Markus agreed)
and about providing some help for financial overview after Markus is back from his travel.
Employment procedure (Steva); needs somebody to sign a paper for a delegation memorandum (signed by EC members) to delegate a belgian resident (marina) to employ Steva as an employee
ask Commission if this procedure is ok
Problems: should taxes be paid in belgium or in serbia
If not ok for Commission: then we go with alternative procedure
Was working on GA documents, is now done
also on finances

Working groups
Meeting in September
can people come to WG meeting and pay for themselves?
Yes! Only the 25 named people have to go to EP-tour.
Create online-document to add all people who are interested to go to Brussels, and then we can sort out who is coming through own funds etc.
Jakob: set up type with me with list of people who will come to meeting
Update from Ska: around 29th of sep till 3rd of october

MOs update
Nic writes an e-mail to GAJ
Barbecue of Jong Groen – Terry attending
Jakob sends project proposal

EC Communication
Use the form that office proposed and keep official minutes
On line tools
Ask Hector to help Jakob
EGP is starting to use new online platform and we should.
Discussion about Young Green info list. Decision postponed for mailing list.
Press office Call

Jakob and Steva will coordinated
EcoSprinter – update on the work
We have a conference this week. Call for peace articles is issued. Waiting for articles.

Report from General Assembly
Send them out.
Sending out the report
MO's delegates, general list, website
put on website and send the link

FYEG material

Contacted several designer. Waiting for designer. Format of the flyer is hard to find out. Nic will deal with it.
Steva will check with EGP Office

CAP Report
Sent a report through e-mail
Join a French demonstrations address a CAP in G20 Action.
Terry talks with Emy and Joel and inform Jakob
Statement of the seminar on the Web
Short report for Web and Newsletter
Summer University
Who is going and booking the accommodation. We all need to inform office till next PC if who is going.
Workshops – speakers
Next phone conference we have to decide who goes in order to book accommodation.

COP 17
no news, skype conference tonight

LGBTQ seminars
Prep team
4 members so far still 3 members to be decided. Than we should start working with Financial plans and prepare application.
EYF pilot project application
Steva writes pilot project proposal and Gender WG will check it

Winter Camp
General plan
Applying to NA YiA, Swiss Young Greens, Digital rights WG can help. Maggie responsible. We apply for 1st of September

Ex – EcoSprinter Board; Maggie and Jakob

Morana is enthusiastic about supporting the work of Prep team and Steva will help when and if needed.

Treasurer's visit to FYEG office

We met Pieter Jan from FCC. Signed the transactions.
Steva will try to arrange meeting with Accountant. Maggie will write short report.
Finances will be dealt with in details.

PPYO Press conference - 27th of June
Delfina represented FYEG on Press conference.
Tunis Exchange Forum
Zofia and Teo were present. They reported about how it was. We should think about Zofia project proposal
Slovenia round table 2nd june
Jakob will go and make a short FYEG presentation