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Minutes: EC Phone conference 28.2.2011

Present: Delfina, Nic, Maggie, Terry, Markus.

Personal updates: Personal updates given.

Office updates

To do: Markus looks for intern. Markus meets with Marina to sign documents and talk about the Study Session report. Nic contacts Bruno (and/or) YFoEE and Eline.


possibilities for extra financing
FCC gets travel compensation
MO report
Structure WG report from Terry
Markus finds second MEP to visit conference
Markus talks to Philipp and David about GA budget


Maggie reports on Spring Break
Markus communicates with MEPs about their participation, deals with Green Group money, meets with people from GG Finance group

ECM Madrid:

Markus drafts agenda by next Monday's PC
Markus reminds EC about youth hostel cards

EGP Council:

registration and travel: Markus reminds EC about the meeting, and figures out when people are arriving and leaving
Delfina sets up meeting with ENGS
Nic and Terry prepare the EuroMed fringe

Falafelnetwork: to go on agenda of ECM
Terry reports on website, new members, process, things are good, need democracy seminar next year, networking seminar next year

Terry reports very nicely from Austria


Summer University

EVS in Tunisia: 
Maggie helps Terry


Tunisian Young Greens-visit

Delfina contacts Marie, asks for more info, financial decision is done after that