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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 28.05.2012

Minutes EC Phone Conference 28.05.2012

Present People: Ingrid, Chema, Micha, Jakob, Krassina, Phil, Terry 

Moderator: Terry
Minute taker: Steva
Personal updates

  • Office updates (by Steva)
  • - changed the office-phone contract (to a cheaper, flat-rate)
  • - the FYEG credit-cards are recovered, now we can do payments online again!
  • - battal-case: will go to Prosecutor this week
  • - received only one falafel partnership agreements
GA follow up
Steva should do the registration of new EC as soon as possible
Update of the website 
Documents updates (Political Platform final)
Politcal platform committee, Office and presidency other docs - Terry will write to office and presidency 
Chema made evaluation form and should be sent to GA list. Chema will send a link to Delegates e-list. Evaluation should be on transfer ECM agenda 
Working groups' call
Application process
Krassina wrote a draft call.There are a couple of amendments made by WGs coordinators. We will publish the call  through all channels we have. Hector should put it on website. Krassina  will ask him to upload it to Yeapsy. 
deadline for applications: 22nd  June
Recommendation letter is obligatory, so people outside FYEG have to find support letter from any MO. Coordinators dont have mandate any more and therefore we will publish EC contacts. In the call for WGs' memebrs is not included  invitation for people who are not members of  FYEG MOs.
Coordinators are selected by the Working groups. They need to be Gender balanced and can not be EC member. Nothing about regional balance in IRPs. 
WGs meeting – August/Sept 
Steva has to write letter to Ska or Jakob. Phill could ask Lux MEP for support visit for WGs as well. The EC should be there as well. 
Transfer ECM
Doodle result: 22 June 16.00 - 24 June 16.00
participation check
Terry will check with prep team if they are ok with us having a meeting during the seminar.  Chema will be able to come as well. Book tickets!
volunteer for drafting agenda
Ingrid and Steva will be responsible for Agenda, reader, time frame and who will give input
Terry will inform old EC members
WGs meeting
Participation – one person reimbursed by EGP - Chema (catalans), Micha, Terry, Phil (fyeg) and Jakob/Maggie (EGP)
12:00-17:00 Migration 
9:30 - 14:00 Social
Committee meeting 15.06.2012 - Jakob will go
Cooperation with GEF – draft by Terry and Nic
We are trying to institutionalise cooperation with GEF. We should send them proposal and continue talking with them on that basis.
Strategy planning process
Start and next steps
Long point on ECM Agenda. Czech are going to host it. We should get more concrete after next ECM. steva to send docs asap.
Meeting in Prague (?)
Jakob should draft intro/motivation e-mail for MOs
Running projects
Winter camp – report to be finalized (Maggie will work on it)
Hostel is book only till 25th. Steva is booking for last 2 days other hostel
Ingrid will come to seminar as well. Terry will update Micha and Ingrid.
Project applications
-  FYEG reaction to huge international (sporting) events & Human Rights
- Euro2012, Anti-Gay laws in Ukraine, Human Rights violations  etc.
Phill will draft something with Bea. 
Petition could be late now. PR can go out. Facebook campaign maybe as well 
We will brainstorm on the Phil's draft.
-  Prepare a petition, cause, or press statement, do sth together with our local partners or just go for a page on fyeg.org where we list petitions and places people can get involved
Interhsip applications
Steva will send all applications in the morning and set up secret poll. We select 2-3 candidates asap and steva writes to Jochen from Green group. During next week hopefully we have decision with Green group
FALFEEL Meeting Upadate
-Updade and prospects
- Who send the forms already
- How to continue with the application?
How to continue in general
Skype tomorrow at 9pm or 7pm CET Ingrid will send a doodle

Activity plan
Steva to update activity plan and send to EC. 
AOB: Jakob invited to norwegian summercamp - Ingrid or Jakob will go