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Minutes: EC Phone conference 28.04.2011

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1.Personal Updates

Updates provided

2.Internal issues

Delfina (in Brussels) :

Has been in the office doing some pre-GA work.

Met with Marina (GEF) to discuss the Citizenship seminar.

Met with Philippe Lambertz (EGP) to discuss the changes that will have to be made to the relationship agreement. (FYEG has more votes now in EGP Councils) Update provided to EGP about the need to have any, even minor/technical change approved by our GA.

David: Hostel Robbery at the working group meeting.
Still some issues: Hostel first propose a 50€ per capita compensation. (850€) David will argue for more.
Seb will contact the victims who got stuff

3.Office update

Morana (new intern) arrives on the 30th and starts working for FYEG on monday 2nd of May. First task: at the GA, helping with practicalities.

GA+Citizenship: Visa invitations have been sent to those who requested them.

Still some issues with the Belgian mail service. Some Springcamp reimbursement claims have been returned to the senders.


Technicalities: All looks fine.
Still to do: Nic/Schock Finish payment plan for office. Fill in budget with latest figure in order to obtain GGEP funding.
Terry,Markus, Delfina: will be in Brussels and handle cash payout preparations, materials and printing (car: also used for the transfers of Delfina,Maggie)
David: will arive on Thursday

Spring/Social Europe Conference: Agenda change to lessen problems. Action 11h15-13h15
Workshops: Gender, Migration, Education,Climate rather vague still

Nic: Try to get decent Lux. Participants

Still in need for one more person.

Transfer-ECM (after GA)

Nic drafts agenda based on last year


David provides some details following questions by EC members.

FCC report should be in soon, will contain recommendations for the future.

MO Fees: In some cases a bank transfer prepayment would result in a loss for FYEG. Therefore we inform these organisations that they ought to pay for next year already at the GA-

6.Structure process

Nic: sends EC amendments that were lost in computer trouble. Session on the amendments on Wednesday at the ECM.

Nic: tries to get free dinner and convinces some Lux Young Greens and mingle already for the social minded early arrivals

postponed to Monday

Is fine.

8.UK uncut travel

9.Local counselor's meeting

10.Any other business