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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 27.08.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  27-08-2012 19:00-21.00 CEST

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
Election of moderator: Jakob
Election of minutes taker: Micha
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members has to be present for the meeting to be valid
Attending people: Terry, Jakob, Ingrid, Micha, Phil, Krassi, Maggie, Steva
Missing: Chema

Meeting is valid
4. Approving the agenda
The agenda was approved
5. Personal Update
It was given.
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
Publishing of Press Release Pussy Riot
Decision confirmed
7. Decision follow up
Winter Camp calls - to be sent out
8. Office:
Activities during the week
Preparations of the Working Group meeting (hostel and other technicalities)
Training in Bochum was being prepared
Needs to be done
Reimbursements need to be done still
Financial reports have to be submitted
Pilot project application has to be submitted
a) update
Webmaster: Recommendations- four applications are still valid, Hector gave input
Jakob and Phil will make a ranking about the candidates, then we take a decision
discussion of the candidates
decision: it will be taken in the hidden doodle that jakob will install
candidates who are not going to be taken will be included in other FYEG activities (p.e. media summer school)
Project Assistant: second version of assignment for second round of selection of project assistant sent to the candidates.
9. Internal structure
a) EC
Agenda ECM brussels - ned to be updates still
b) WGs 
- Working Group Meeting:
- Krassi will work on her workshops
- Visit was not registered at first
. Now we have 20 places and they will be registered.
  EC might be on the list, so we should all participate in the parliament visit
c) MOs: 
Meeting with Belgians 
Jakob contacted Belgians concerning a meeting about the COP and the SPP, Jakob and Phil will meet people on the 4th
d) SPP:
2 more (Swedish and another)
EC members have to send reminder to MOs to respond
Election campaign roadmap - EC members will give a feedback
10. Communication
a) internal communication
EC members should put "pad" or "doodle" into the subject when you write emails (all the pirate pad links are in the dropbox under templates)
Terry and jakob will talk about press group talk and give input on it
b) external communication
•   editing movie
we want to have a contract, Phil will translate a contract to English and we will use it
we will ask more people to do it until the ECM
 Bea's input on the new press strategy!
c) Ecosprinter
The board had holidays and didn’t so far comment on the EC´s proposal about new members
Decision has not been taken yet, editorial board is still working on it
idea: having certain amount of people as editors in the editorial board
DECISION: we are in favor of having the new people as "editors" in the editorial board
d) Newsletter
EC members have to write their reports for the Newsletter, so Krassi can publish it
11. Networking
(For next Skype meeting: speak about the contacts of European Networks of Civil Society Organizations in order to network with them)
a) CDN
it will be discussed at next ECM
b) GYG
No answer yet, but they discuss our initiative
GYG Newsletter is about to be sent so if we need anything it could be published there as well.
FYAG: we are in contact, discussions are going on, we encourage them to have meetings and actions at the spot and to support people in Africa
c) Falafel:
Things are being proceeded
d) EGP
Update: Youth emancipation debate at the Council - a Greek wants to do it 
Greeks are very motivated, EGP is happy about it as well
decision: We want to have it as an official agenda point at the EGP council
Terry will bring it up at EGP committe meeting
EGP working group Social dimension
We will work on the finalisation of a proposal on our input to working group meeting at ECM
Phil will go to the study visit in Belarus
Phil will write a financial request to the EC
Terry is meeting Reinhard Bütikofer this week
f) Other organization’s activities 
• Global youth forum in Bali, 4-6 december
Micha will draft a mail and ask if the travel is reimbursed
12. Activity plan
a) approved projects 
 Micha wold like to look into it after the 17th of Sep
 Report still needs to be done, Micha will do it after the 17th, deadline for report is the 29th September, Micha will take care of this
LGBTQ seminar Belgrade
 Update Terry
 ax has been selected, Program's ready, speakers spots fixed, arrival times not, security situation in Belgrade should be alright, the whole program is part of the Pride-week
Turn the green volume on
Feedback from the prepteam meeting by Krassi:
- Agenda and concept have been prepared, it was taken a decision more professional trainers to be involved as political communication is a tricky topic
- We will add participants from NRW in case we don´t have enough participants. All partner organizations have responded to the call and they are looking for people, it is not clear yet if all partner organizations will send the necessary amount of participants
 - The EC have to help with the searching of speakers
LGBTQ seminar Tuzla
 The pilot project, needs to be submitted on Friday, EC input needs to be delivered until then
 COP Workshop
- if you know people to join the prep-team - let Jakob know
- fundraising for Saurav (GYG "agreement")
- Newsletter (the call to be published there)
 - EC have to spread the call to their MOs as well
Winter camp 
 Calls for partner organizations for Youth in action national agency in Finland and the prep team will be sent out by Krassi
 Krassi will also contact the Finnish people about the application for YiA
 15th September deadline for partner organizations
 15th-25th September info will be put into the application form
 25th September everything should be ready, all part IIIs should be there
 EC should spread the news about it and push your MOs to apply
Second GA fall 2013
 Tomorrow it will be debated with the Germans. Karl and Felix were enthusiastic about it, since they want to have it as a kick-off for their campaign
 Main organizational input would come from FYEG. We need to get the press involved 
 Possible point: to approve 
b) projects and campaigns
European Citizens' Initiative: Discussion about which one FYEG  to support
The proposed ECI on education is more on school education than non-formal education, thus we are still in favor of supporting the ECI on water supplies
Decision: The EC will support the Water campaign
-  Guaranteed water and sanitation for all in Europe. 
No liberalization of water services.
Universal (Global) access to water and sanitation.
Next steps:  We need 10 MOs to support the ECI, so we can start official ECI campaign 
Krassi will take care of drafting mail next week and send it to the MOs
Helena (from Democracy working group) will contact German organizers so we get more information
There are difficulties with collecting signatures online still, and we might need to collect signatures by hand.
 Jakob will write a  template email for the EC about the ECI on climate
Debating Club:
Skipped and it will be discussed at the next ECM when Chema is there.
Youth emancipation publication: 
Skipped to ECM when Chema is there
Energy and Campaigning Seminar (COP 18)
Application is being drafted by Steva, partner-call is out, waiting for partners
Steva and Jakob are working on the application
New media seminar
 We will get involved inthis project, 1st september deadline will be too close
 Steva will talk to Silvio at WGM and then discuss it at ECM
13. Political stuff
 a) press releases
- Preparation of Pussy Riot PR for the Action
- Delfina and MEPs are preparing a written question to the EC. We can use the Action together with MEPs to enforce a Press Release. 
MEPs might attend the action. We will draft the PR and they bring the press (we should bring FYEG flags and some masks)
 Terry will draft the PR
Migration WG PR : will be published
14. Any other business
Conference on Global Perspectives on Development Frankfurt