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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 26.09.11

Minutes from Skype conference on 26th of September
Start: 7:00 pm CET
End: 9 pm CET
Attendance: Jakob,  Merja, Nic, Steva, Terry
Moderation/Minutes: Terry/Steva


1. Personal updates

2. Office update

- Spring camp report

email for remaining tickets

accountant still has our tickets for 2011, she's on holiday (EGP will have to get them later)

Morana is ill, worked on Citizenship Sem (bucharest)

Steva worked on different things from friday till today

- Meet Thursday morning in Office (when? could come too!) On thurdsay  Jakob as well 10.30


3. MO's updates

French contact should be updated on the website. Nic will take care of it.

Swedes send people to the FYEG WGs they have 2nd internal call presently (after the 10th)

Still free places for German YG Congress

4. WG update


5. Working group meeting

- Any changes?

- Accommodation information and meeting rooms

There is some rooms available in the Office (also one from GEF), one can be used by Prep-team (Su, Mo)

- Action (materials?)

we need:

- plastic sheets to hold as "glass ceiling"

- find on thursday morning

- action info should be added to WG's info sheet

- Sarwat: terry is trying to get visa procedure faster and trying to call belgium embassy


6. EGP congress

- Technical issues

Ww have accommodation.

- Fringe meeting (agenda and tech needs before 30th!)

We need agenda and technicalities before 30th September. Jakob will make a draft and we finalise it on Thursday in office.

- Climate resolution

During ECM we will go through resolutions.


7. Executive Committee Meeting

- Agenda

- Timeframe

Start thursday afternoon 4pm. Steva will finalise timeframe tonight.


8. Finances

we will go through it more in details on ECM.


9. Projects

9.1 Running projects

- Citizenship seminar, Romania

It is going well. There is a request for a single room due to health reasons that we are try to provide.

- CDN training

Vesan and Teo are working on it. Agenda is sent out. Presently there are 10 people for training.

- Gender Study Session

Things are going quite fast now. We got external advisor. We will have prep meeting late October. We should sign administrative agreement. Merja will sign it on behalf of FYEG. Call for pax will be soon.

9.2 Projects preparations

- COP17 Workshop (#Apps, non-EU)

Deadline is soon. Many applications are not eligible. Prolong deadline. Few participants could be outside Europe.


- Revolutionary Movements for Democracy

No answer yet.

- Campaign (feedback of David)

We are focusing on action in Paris. Jakob is contacting French Young Greens.

- Exhibition

We will talk about it on ECM


9.3 Projects to be applied

- Rio +20

Green Economy is working on this. Terry will finalise a draft and steva

- Youth emancipation publication

Draft is made. We are working on final text and will apply soon.

- Falafel Network Meeting

Call is sent to some of the people from the region. Dzoni is working on this. We will talk more on ECM.

- FYEG-CDN Study Session

CDN (Antonina) is working on draft, hopeufully we will be able to apply for 1st October.

- Training - Youth speakers

- LGBTQ seminars

We had skype conference. Next week we will work on pilot project application.

MEP's offices are given quite positive answers.


9.4 Projects in planning

- Youth empowerment in Mediterranean region

Nikola and Zofia work on it on Wednsday.


9.5 Other projects

- Czech YG seminar "Made in?" in October

- CDN regional meetings in Caucasus, November, and in Albania, December

Gaya should try to get some updates about this.


10. Political Platform Process

- Update

We are trying to get as many ppl as possible till 30th of September. Text is moving good. We are finalising the draft.

Agenda and technical preparations are priority.

Send it to EC list.

Nic will forward delegates list.

This is our priority.


11. EGP and Green Group

Ask Jacqueline for a meeting on thursday morning

- EU-China meeting

It's a high-level meeting of KP central committee and EU politicians (response to meeting in Beijing), talk about political, sociological, cultural issues (diplomatic meeting), GGEP have 5-6 delegates (there should be one person from FYEG (A)), call is for last day discussion with young people (maybe organized through european Youth forum) (B).

(A) 7th to 9th of November (before the EGP Congress), Terry has to work, nic is busy too.

(B) Already one application for the discussion.


12. Communication

- Press release strategy - ECM

- Ecosprinter: Steva talked to Tom. Tom will take care of puting up the website.

- Newsletter

dl for the next newsletter postponed to after ECM



13. AOB

See you soon!



Jakob: take care of fringe meeting (include campaign, action)