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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 24.1.2011

Present: Whole EC, Markus.


- office

Office is calling MO's.
Todo: Markus: update GEF-project budget and deliver to Marina, sign contract

- personal

Personal updates.

- financial
FYEG is out of cash-flow crunch.
Todo: David sends out budget to MO's.
Applications for february deadline
- Capacity Building
Todo: Office: Complete app, communicate w. partners.
- intersectionality seminar
Todo: Office: Complete app, communicate w. partners, esp. DWARS, French.
Maggie: Send in part III.
Decision: Process approved.
Green Students meeting
- Todo: Nic: Send in part III.
Euroenviro support statement
- Todo: All: read draft. If no objections in 2 days, considered approved.
Report:GA Preparations
- Financial plan
Luxembourg YG's can send money for GA, more will come later.
Todo: Markus sends around 2010 budget for comparison.
- local task-force
- GA presidency
Todo: Terry: sends out draft call tomorrow.
- GA political
Todo: Whole EC brainstorms on political content at Madrid ECM.
Visitors group
Delfina: Ecosprinter board, Financial CC.
Terry: Also topical WGs. Decide people later.
Decision: Agreed.
MO News, visits and applications
- Luxembourg YG GA
- Azeri YG's (Seb)
- Seb communicates concerning GA issues, includes Maggie and Terry.
- JG/JA (Terry)
- Terry goes, Markus digs in archives for advice on reporting.
- Revolt (Maggie)
- Groza (Maggie)
- SFU (Nic)
- ZöFi (Maggie) and Hungary
- Todo: Nic asks Gina for their Ökopeace-report
- Ukraine (Markus)
- Norway (Seb)
Structure meeting next weekend
- Delfina: question on Advisory Committee changes.
- Terry and Nic explain position of Structure Commission. Will take up     Delfina's concerns at meeting next weekend.
EVS with Tunisian organisation
- Terry will send out call. Zofia could be appointed to manage the project.

Other business:

Delfina: Sent article signed as spokesperson of FYEG. Maggie asks to publish it in Ecosprinter.
Maggie: Question of Spring Camp participants. Decision: EC supports Prep Team in its decisions and makes recommendations on participants.
Maggie: Ecosprinter and Newsletter needs articles. Seb and Del write.