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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 23.5.2011

Present: Merja, Terry, Gaya, Maggie, Jakob, Nikola, Steva and occasionally Nic ;)

Note: Concetion was very bad and not all EC members were present all the time.

- Newsletter and website:
First we were late, then Hector was busy with demonstrations in Madrid.  

I am waiting for hector. He is busy. He didn’t sad when he will be able to publish it.

Terry: not only the newsletter. It doesn’t make sense if the things are not uploaded on time.

To do: Hector should update website on time
To do: Jakob will join the website updates and Steva as well.

- Citizenship Seminar in France:

Terry: Political outcome of working groups and committees and we will send it to PP committee and to respective WG’s. Some things are already sent you could see it.

We also made Movie about the seminar. Another movie about but couldn’t upload it.

In general its very cool to have videos as much as possible.

Office update:
To do: Steva - Find out about SecGen document!

ECM in Serbia:
Confirm the dates! 9-12 of June. Confirmed!
Please book your travels!

To do: Steva writes invitation to PP committee

- Accommodation and technicalities
Steva explains accommodation and technicalities.

We will have a house or two houses close to belgrade with two meeting rooms. We start as early as possible on Thursday. People should be preferably in Belgrade on Wednesday evening.
We should try to have food provided not to prepare it ourselves as we have short time and several meetings.
30 euro maximum, preferably 20 euro, for accommodation and food per day, per person.

To do: Steva and Serbian Young Greens will continue looking for accommodation according to needs of the meetings (explained above)

- Agenda:

general time frame for the ECM in Serbia:

Thursday --> Political discussions (with annual planning)
Friday --> continuation of political stuff and work plan, then transfer ecm
Saturday --> transfer ecm and starting of group-building
Sunday --> press training and evaluation
To do : Steva will propose Agenda of ECM according to the time frame explained above.


- Working groups:

Maggie – no response
Climate Change,  Jakob – we tried to have SkypeC but didn’t managed and trying to find coordinator. 8-9 people active. As soon deadline is finished I will contact all members

Green Economy, - A lot of e-mails and some mails on the list this. Next week SC and than we will see more concretely about work.

Regionalism, nikola- 3 people replied no additional applications I am still waiting for applications. After deadline we will start with work.
Proposal to collect articles for ecosprinter.

Gender, Merja – one application received from GYG person. GYG people can join WGs as well. No application from old members, I think they want to continue and we will see.

No news from valarie… I would prefer to choose a coordinator after the deadline.

Democracy – nikola – question – I sent you the mail. I sent response. For all people that are not from MO’s should follow the same procedure. I think most of the people from the list will join. Helena interested to be coordinator.

Digital rights – Maggie don’t have response. I am thinking to ask some people and asking nic to give me contacts of the people that were present before. Otherwise I would need extansion of the call

Peace WG – Gaya
had only 2 persons interested so far. One from Pakistan. can he join? Will contact the members of thethere were 2 persons that applied. Ask people to get support letter

- WG Meetings in September

To do: Steva to start the doodle with all weekends and Mondays and Fridays. We need a date of the weekend for Ska’s office.

Merja: Can we connect WG meeting to connect to SU

PPYO is on the same weekend as Summer University.

Paul Santman is working on this in European Youth Forum.
To do: Maggie will keep an eye on this.

Terry: The idea is to use the opportunity of volunteering meeting for the travel costs of our WGs

- Romanian case:

Terry: Nicky and (someone else) were there. They sad that they would like to organize seminar with FYEG. Still no communication with Green Institute. Situation at the moment is not tense.

Jakob – I might give you another call this week Terry J

To do: Long point on this during ECM!

Nikola – I took from Webpage contacts from Revolt and the contact was from Azerbaijan.

To do: All EC members: Send the updates to Hector so that he put it on the website.

To do: All EC members: Try to have overview of your MOs until ECM

- GA follow up
To do: Steva sends evaluation by presidency to EC list

- Citizenship conference II
Terry: We need EC person responsible for next citizenship conference. Romanians are really motivated. It will be In October in Bucharest.

- Revolutionary movements
-          Nikola- projects draft
-          Terry – it will not be in December but in January next year. A lot of cool partners. One partner per country.

Q: Merja: Is the latest application sent to us?

I would like to know who is involved in project and when it will be.
To do: Steva to send partners and dates of the event to EC list

- Project in Jordan
Terry: I met with some people from good ngo and reliable people. In Jordan to have next NM and to apply to Youth in Action. They are very committed and interested. They will figure out the technicalities and start looking for partners. This will be Fallafel network meeting.

Terry: Nikola is responsible and we can combine and I can help as having the contacts with Jordanians.

There is Falafel Action plan.

Technically FYEG will be a partner in this project.

To do: In Serbia EC meeting we should try to make overview of different donors for all EC members.

To do: Projects overview will be prepared by Maggie! Projects/Events/Seminars/Workshops
To do: Maggie puts chronological order and person responsible for it should give short overview about the activity/project/event/workshops

- Summer University workshops!

To do: NIC SHOULD SEND AROUND what we should do

EGP Working groups

If there is someone from EC that’s priority. Last year Markus was in migration Wg and Maggie in East West dialogue...
This year:
EuroMED – Nikola and Terry  
Poverty – not sure
Merja – It makes sense to me to be responsible for Gender and Global Greens.
To do: Steva to answer to Ann from EGP about FYEG EC members participation in EGP WG's and Networks

Financial situation – general overview
Steva explained. Situation is good. Not much change from previous meeting. Markus is working on reimbursments and Zofia is working on administration. Form to Monitour Belge is filled and sent by Markus and Steva and when we have approval from them Steva will have access to FYEG account.
This is not connceted to working permit issue.

Cheap printer and scanner. Steva should find the cheap option for buying.

One person in two WG’s should be ok. It should be explained to person that it takes time and needs commitment.

Next Monday Phone conference!!!