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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 23.01.2012

Read here the minutes


Federation of Young European Greens FYEG Skype conference

Date: 23th January 2012

1. Opening of the meeting

1.1 Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting

Secretary: Steva
Moderator: Merja

1.2 Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting

Attendance: Terry, Merja, Jakob, Nikola
Missing: Terry (at a ball of the rural Youth in Germany, networking:))
meeting is valid

1.3 Approving the agenda

We have only around 30 min
We will go only though most urgent points

- EGP committee meeting report

2. General updates

2.1 Personal updates (EC members)


* Admin grant
* Revolutionary Movements for Democracy
* Pilot LGBTQ Sarajevo
* Campaign project
All of these will be submitted before Thursday next week.


Lawyer – Battal case

2.2 Office and Employee update (sec-gen)
- mostly about the project application and reports
- this week -> send all the applications for the projects (most projects will be on time, but Campaign is questionable. Steva will try to support Migration WG)
- will need some support for Campaign (Jakob, CT)
-Report from Battal case not yet here
- 1000 Euros currently on account (so some shortage for reimbursements), waiting from EGP
- no financial problem, just tight cash flow
- Steva talked about employment questions, discussion at ECM (different options, Zofia 30 hours or full time, or another half-time etc.)
- computers: one computer is repaired, Hector, Nic, Jakob about the costs of computer, Hectors proposal for computers are good (overall 1200 Euros for netbook, laptop, PC), will try to order the computers till the ECM (bc Hector will be here and install them etc.)

Stickers: Steva needs to communicate with the designer

3. FYEG statutory activities

3.1 ECM in Brussels (Terry)

PPYO meeting (Jan will come for the evening), still no news from EYF about content
we just got an e-mail from EYF sec-gen and Terry will send report
We will sleep at Steva's place
Add points to the typewithme: http://willyou.typewith.me/p/Draft%20Agenda%20ECM%20Brussels%202012
Deadline for documents to be discussed in the ECM: Monday the 30th

3.2 GA


final discussion ECM

MEPs to be confirmed
- Reinhard Buetikofer confirmed
Terry will start inviting people, how do we coordinate this?
discuss on the ECM invitations for spring conference


8000 € GGEP
4500 € EGP
2000 € Raul

financial management Steva and Maggie?

4. Communication

4.1 Newsletter (if there are updates, Jakob)
draft of the newsletter will be sent on Friday 27th January
4.2 Ecosprinter (if there are updates, Jakob)

4.3 Press strategy (if needed, Jakob)
Terry still didn´t have time to properly go through the final version, sorry!

5. Networking

5.1 MOs updates

Grüne Jugend will invite internationals to their congress again in April
News from Giovani Verdi: they exist, have spokepersons from Milano and Napoli (gender and regional balanced), around 20 active people, will meet Andrea Bucci plus Eva (a spokeperson) in Bologna, no financial support from government, no employees

5.2 GYG

2500 € from EGP for GYG
shall Nic and Terry (who else?) book their flights for Dakar already
who pays for it?
Anna Kovalenko has the paying statements on the account, the GYG card (she doesn't have all the statements). It seems the money arrived

5.3 CDN
presently have Albania meeting, will also apply for study session (next to migration WG)
GA in Ukraine in March (EC needs to send somebody), keep preparing Summer Camp (some problems)
waiting for report from Albania
Joint ECM will be discussed next weekend

5.4 Falafel Network (Nikola):
e-mail to office in Jordan is sent
its important that FYEG is involved in the region
we should use Revolutionary Mov. for Democracy for Falafel purposes
Nikola will make a deadlines for them for each question of the form that they should fill and ask them to start filling in one by one by deadlines for each form, starting already in a week/10 days
5.5 European Youth Forum/PPYO


6. Political work

6.1 Political Platform Process (if needed,Nic)
6.2 Green Group
6.3 EGP

report will be sent tonight by Terry before the meeting
sent full report to EC list
EGP granted additional financial support - 12200, 2500 out of this amount is for GYG; its still preliminary decision
we also have to still receive full amount for 2011
financial agreement was discussed
also votes in the committee
agreement is presently on that point in contradiction with rule book
we didn’t bring up the issue when rule book was developed
longer debate on this on ECM

Financial support


Request for sending EC to Dakar - GYG congress
FYEG now has 5000 for GYG
we should discuss how to support GYG Congress with these funds
Deadline for applications for GYG Congress is over
WGs meeting (?)
Terry and Maggie are going
Terry is going on Future of Europe WG

7. Finances

financial plan next five years (input Steva)
check with MOs whether they have sth done like this
make a form for this plan with Maggie

8. Projects

8.1 Running projects

8.2 Project's preparation

Campaign (Jakob)
- Junge Gruene support Seminar (not financially), but with work-force.
Tobias and Daniela both offered to help us with the application (fitting it to requirements etc.)
- they prefer Salzburg or Vienna... (seminar can't be between 14th and 16th)
- I'll send out the call and start calling some MO's (thought of big one's plus some Eastern Europeans, hopefully some from Albania meeting)
- Merja contact Finnish young greens (call to speed up the decision)
- Sophia (Germans), Marina (Serbs), Delfina (Catalans), Maggie (Czechs), Jakob (Belgians), Merja (Sweden, Norway)

Winter camp (Maggie)
prep-team is active, have some troubles with the speakers..., also with Algerian Young Greens (Visa, invitation letters need to be signed by Clarence)

Rio +20 (Terry)

meeting with Carl's assistant on Friday
input from HBF, some documents already leaked

Youth emancipation (publication)
Delfina is contacting some people directly, is working on it

Ecosprinter publication (Jakob/Maggie)
- in progress did Maggie contact EYF, otherwise I'll do it.
- and ask them whether they can finance e.g. software
Ask Tom, Max whether they can come

8.3 Projects to be applied
1st of February YiA:

Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)
- Jakob will send email for decision to include the Jordanians

Training "Green Volume on!" (Steva)
Steva will apply
Terry got in touch with national agency
tell Terry if you still need help, Steva

Peace WG project (Gaya?)
- no update (Steva)
LGBTQ seminars (Terry)

looks good:)

1st of May (?):

Democracy WG/ Green Economy/ Baltic Network- EU Institution/ crises thing (Nikola)
no updates
Steva should answer questions that they have (after the 1st of Feb)

8.4 Projects initiatives

Migration WG Seminar (Nic)
- applying for YiA (1st of February), with a Bulgarian organisation (it will happen at the Bulgarian/Turkish border)
- and Study session (30 January)

Green Leaders... Marko (Steva)
- no updates
Admin grant – FYEG to European Youth Foundation
- membership information of MOs needed, the rest is solved

9. Any Other Business

Press release 18th February

final version will be sent around soon for approval
PR Dresden: contact with Junge Gruene?
Jakob should facilitate contact
press release democratic deficit EU: how to go about with this?

Questionnaire by Scott, filled by Merja -> EC will check on the mailing list

task list:
Steva: will add employment question and long term finances to ECM, add the voting right and the observer right, add to ECM agenda discussion about the GYG money and whether we support our own travel or not, also add whether MEPs should be contacted individually or all together. Contact Nic to prepare some input on that discussion for next time, ask him to go to the committee meeting, book accommodation for GA, reminder for Winter Camp

Merja: ask MOs about membership and budget, for the admin grant of the EYF (number of members is needed), for the GA we need to calculate the contribution of MO fee (so we need their budgets for this and next year), "in case incomes aren't provided in detail" whether they get money from government and party

Jakob: send mail concerning Revo, email to Tom, Max for publication meeting, Maggie for postponing the meeting EYF

Nikola: ask WG whether the Project could be a Spring Camp, send email about Jordanian Partner to Revo.