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Minutes: EC Phone conference 21st of February

Present: Markus, Sebastian, Maggie, Delfina

Pre-selection process of the sec-gen:
discussion moved to next skype meeting, aim: to put together a team

Pre-summer university in Poznan – David can not go, Zofia goes with Nic
Falafel – discussion skipped

1st CoE deadline:
study session/symposium on green local politics (Delfina), CAP (Nic to be asked)

Ecosprinter Yearbook publication (Maggie)

YiA applications – to be discussed in ECM Madrid

EVS – focus on gender research within FYEG, CDN (Markus and Maggie)

Reports: Berlin, Dakar (Markus), Gonio (Maggie)
PRs: G20/G8 (Seb)
Revolt in N. Africa (Middle East) (Markus, Seb)