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Minutes: EC Phone conference 21.6.2011

present: Nikola,Terry,Merja, Maggie, Nic. Steva, Jakob

1/Personal updates

Office update:

Steva is back in Brussels, some concern over the timing of his working permit procedure. Important not too loose the working hours.

2/Working groups

CCWG: Excellent coordinators, Jakob is very satisfied, did not officially attend Bonn but received reports.

Green Economy: Difficult first meeting, elections are next time. People are very motivated.

Digital: First Skype on Thursday,looks good

Regionalism: small and flexible group, started a bit later than the democracy one but should be doing fine

Democracy: Skype on Thursday,people seem motivated to be coordinators

Gender: A lot to do, still looking for coordinators. Excellent activity plan,should be fine after skyping.

Migration: People seem very motivated, Skype next with task distribution and coordinators elected.

3/EGP retreat

Report received, no major additions or questions
To-do: Nic will create a clear task-list overview


Buttons widely accepted, so are displays and coffee mugs

The proposed site seems interesting, however more designs are needed so agreement to postpone order and order separately from the Austrians.

To-do: Steva and Nic organise designs for the end of the month


Green Campus:

Merja is on it, wants to go and can. FYEG will sponsor travel and inform people about the possibility to attend.


Some informal talks to MEPs about their role at the GSU
Possible Polish speaker. Nic will pursue him.

Accommodation will be handled by Zofia, as she speaks proper polish.


Jakob lobbies hard in Austria, EGP will receive the written proposal, then group must be contacted.

Jakob wants to have a prep team, agreement

Europe without borders:

Heavy involvement is problematic, we have nobody in Brussels. Group is very much dominated by Italians and rather chaotic

Press Conference about the Duff report youth movement:

Steva could attend, unless it clashes with our internal phone conference.
Nic will try and send the final version of the letters to all MEPs

Request for domain-name: unity in diversity

Steva checks the guy and his motives out, we are ready to give it up


Some problems, cannot afford to spend more energy, we are in favour ECI in general but will let them do their things.

Offer to attend student-exhibition in Bulgaria:
More time needed to study the offer, decision postponed to next week

Some clarification sought by Merja about Gender WG and PPC
clarification provided.