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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 21.11.2011

When: Monday, 21st November

Opening of the meeting

Selecting of the secretary and the moderators of the meeting
Secretary: Terry
Moderator: Jakob

Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting
Attendance: Steva, Merja, Terry, Jakob, Gaya
Missing: Maggie, Nic, Nikola
The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.

Approving  the agenda
The  agenda was approved as it is.

1. Personal updates
The personal updates were provided.

2. Office update

-Grant application for YiA has been finalized, EC members should write reports etc. already more in advance, then the office doesn’t have to do it alone
-visit to Parliament for COP -> gathering data for the people. Still a lot of admin work that needs to be done: will be done during this week
-Ecosprinter website: has been paid, will go online again soon
-This week input on the design of the printing material

3. “Employees” (Jakob)
- Zofia (will have a meeting in the office every Monday, Tuesday morning to get update from EC conference), Bea (is helping with the COP17 now as well), Hector.
-should be generally discussed more often, but skipped for now

4. FYEG statutory activities
4.1 Next ECM - time, venue, work on the agenda (Terry)
Quick confirmation of when, so we can go ahead and book:
20-22 January (decision of Berlin) -> but conflicting with the PPYO meeting in Brussels
3rd-5th February: proposal for changes, might take a bit longer than just the weekend (bc joint session with PPYO)
We move the ECM to the first weekend of february!!!

4.2 GA  applications (no applications yet, will be sent on Wednesday evening)
- next prodedures: Steva will check the IRPs about next deadlines, Terry and Nic will be working on the agenda, we should start fund-raising, Green Forum Sweden (delegates Eastern Europe)

Terry: - check with HBF
Steva: Dutch foundation + green forum sweden
Jakob: - check the Gruene Akademie for support of delegations (austrians, eastern-europeans etc.)

5. Communication
5.1 Newsletters (Jakob):
The newsletter will be sent out on tuesday night, the draft will be sent around before, the presentation of the selected press officer published will be published in a short paragraph in the newsletter

5.2 Ecosprinter (Jakob)
The website was paid on time

6. Networking
6.1 MOs
-we love our MOs
-Irish and Cyprus young greens changed their contacts they will be updated on the website
-Steva will visit the EcoloJ and Jong Groen

6.2 WG’s
Gender Working Group: will prepare a press release on day against violence against women, action day; Merja is going to draft it tonight and send it to the EC tonight, Bea will be included as well.

6.3 GYG Congress
-Fund-raising for GYG congress is going ok
-Application for young green organisations will be drafted soon
- FYEG will definitely give 1500 € with possibly 1500 € more
- we should start lobbying people to go to the GYG congress; Merja will draft a mobilisation e-mail for the general list and our MOs.

6.4 CDN
Caucasus meeting: Gaya had skype conference with Teo and Sopho, the meeting will take place on the first weekend in December with the participation of the Armenians, Georgians and Azeris. The agenda is drafted and will include the following topics: EU institutions (Democracy WG could be mentioned), Neighborhood Policies, the Eastern Partnership.  Gaya will be there and will send the preliminary agenda, the EC can give input.
Jakob and Steva talked with CDN about Albania during a skype conference with Teo. The meeting will include four partner organisations (sending 4 participants each) and CDN (12 participants), in total 28 people. The event will be about nuclear energy, Pierre-Jean is prepteam member for campaign team (is also thinking about how the event can be used for the campaign), material should be one of the topics of the agenda, we will definitely try to have the campaign team meeting in Albania.

6.5 European Youth Forum
-CDN could think about joining the Youth Forum, Steva will get more information about this.
- report from COMEM (Maggie will provide a written report). we were really visible during the event, most of our amendments for the resolutions were adopted, on the Crisis, on Rio +20. Terry was not amused about the atmosphere there (election procedure reform?), Emily wasn’t elected.

6.6 Falafel Network
- person from Egypt (skipped)

7. Political work

7.1 Political Platform Process- (Nic)
- skipped

7.2  Green Group
- request for financial support (Terry) for the Spring Conference, campaign
-send a letter to MEPs, include updated activity plan (the letter is an information for the MEP of what we are doing next year).

7.3  EGP
- EGP Congress evaluation: actions was GREAT! next time it should be rehearsed before

8. Finances

9. Projects

9.1 Running projects:

9.2 Project's preparation:
- COP17 Workshop (troubles with Green Speakers) (Jakob), everything is going ok, politics on climate change, energy policies (EU 2050 roadmap) --> some MEP should present the Green New Deal (Jakob will ask Rebecca Harms again), there should be a video about the event, general introduction video for the website. Finances: are going well

- Gender Study Session (Merja): Ilmari cannot come, Marta has officially dropped out of the prepteam, Lusine joined the prepteam, one participant is still missing, calls will be sent. Travel costs rreimbursment procedure: will be done by FYEG, Steva will come to the meeting. One speaker is missing on the  future gender policies in the Eu
apart from that, everything is fine

- Campaign (Jakob)
(included in the Albania meeting input), will apply for the project in Luxembourg, deadline is 15th December to take the decision about what to apply for.

9.3 Projects to be applied:
- Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny)
will apply for the1st February 2012 Euromed Youth Programme

- Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny): apply again on 1st February 2012, partner organisations are sending agreements again

- LGBTQ seminars (Terry): will have a skype conference soon, we will get 2500 € from the HBF, Terry talked to people from the youth council last weekend. She is waiting for GEF response but generally it looks good. One question: still call for prepteam for each of the seminars (the one for zagreb will be sent out soon), provisional prepteam as coordinating body for the other three prepteams (with two people from the provisional prepteam being specifically responsible for each of the seminars).

-  Training "Green Volume on!" skip, will be applied for on 1st February 2012

9.4 Projects with sent applications:
- Winter Camp (Maggie)
(skip), YiA application response will come in December.

- Rio +20 (Terry): YFoE want to cooperate, late December application response, involved in Rio+twenties

- FYEG-CDN Study Session (Steva): nothing to report, should take place in October, November next year if approved.

9.5 Projects' initiatives:
- Migration WG Seminar (Nic): skip for now, will maybe be applied for in Luxemburg, nic should report in the next skype conference, deadline for final decision on this 15th December.

- Green Leaders (Marko, Steva): multi-measures application, several projects that come from the European Youth for Exchange and Understanding, will last from June 2012 to June 2013 with six different events, we will be partners with prepteam members and participants, trainings and seminars, topics: climate change, we will ask for more information, waiting for response from YiA.

- EU Young Green Leaders Seminar (Nikola): skip for now, Johnny will attend, report/update next week.

10. Any Other Business
-material: flyers have been printed, stickers will be printed soon (steva will call them this week), steva will send the design proposals soon

Closing of the meeting