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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 19.12.2011

Federation of Young European Greens FYEG Telephone conference Agenda/Minutes

When: Monday, 19th December


Opening of the meeting

Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting
Secretary: Jakob
Moderator: Steva

Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting
Attendance:  Steva, Terry, Nikola, Merja, Gaya, Jakob
Missing: Maggie, Nic
The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.

Approving  the agenda

The  agenda was approved as it is.

Personal updates

The personal updates were provided.

Office and Employee update

mostly Website-related work, website is still down, bill needs to be paid (but creditcard had been stolen during cop). Bank sucks. (sent card to wrong place)
Terry paid bill from private account, Steva can’t transfer the money to terry.

Financial reports:
PPPM financial report for EGP
COP 17 report – narrative and financial
Gender SS report
WG’s remaining transfer
WG pax travel money needs to be transfered,
Political plattform, gender study session (some tickets still missing) report should be finalized before steva flys home

Working permit: appeal.
Moniteur belge – GYG and CDN
GYG and CDN change legal representatives, (clarence, teo respectively)

GYG bank account (can’t be accessed now, only Jana)
Intern call to be published! (put in newsletter? postpone decision till end of january)

Design of material will be finalized in Serbia (somewhere around new year)

Projects for 1st of feburary:

Migration – study session – Turkey or Study Session
Energy campaign – Luxembourg National Agency
Peace – FYEG – youth exchange FYEG to Executive Agency (can not be 3.1)
Rev. Mov. For Dem. – FYEG to Executive Agency – 3.1
Democracy Wg/Baltic Network- EU Institution/ Current crises
Training – Germany National Agnecy
Falafel NM – Jordan

LGBTQ seminar in Sarajevo – FYEG to European Youth Foundation
Admin grant – FYEG to European Youth Foundation

Remaining transfers: Card not ready!! Has to be before 22nd!!!

Steva - Out of the office from 22nd – 12th of January – on holiday from 29th to 9th of January
Zofia – on holiday from 23rd to 5th of January
Terry is never on holidays:)
Jakob is always on holiday... :-)
Merja is on holiday from 24th till 1st

FYEG statutory activities

1) Next ECM
fix dates, we need to book and use time efficiently this time!!
agenda ecm (Terry)
Discussion -> everybody to check it!
Terry will be going to the preperatory meeting on 9th of january

2) GA
Proposal for changing dates of GA by Miguel: the Council will be the week before... -> it’s gonna be stressful. But we agree to change the dates. now it’s: 15th till 18th
Nic will communicate

austrian young greens (austrian green foundation) proly can’t contribute

@EC: Comment
1) Newsletters (Jakob)
it will be sent out on thursday, I’ll ask hector to add some christmas message
website has to be online for it

2) Ecosprinter (Jakob)
waiting for website... huch
start using automatical payments for costs that are coming every month

3) civicrm (Jakob, Maggie)

as soon as test starts we will join and try to use platform

4) Minutes
have the last ones been stored safely? Can zofia take care of this?
-> check for confidentiality -> there was some info still in... (please delete this line before publishing!!)

5) Max-Document
we should discuss the document on the ECM
Jakob will send it again


1) MO´s
we all send updates to the mos in the beginning of next year?
youth of green party in serbia (mother party is in green party)
Nikola will write a summary, Gaya will be their contact person

2) GYG
has sent quite a lot of documents to MPs, but at the same time GG want them to wait
- GYG congress
- fundraising: update from Austrians ...

3) CDN
Caucasus meeting (gaya)

Albania meeting:
meeting will take place in january. from fyeg campaign team no one can join. marina from serbia (campaign team member) will be participant

4) Falafel Network (Slon)
Emy will be working in the HBF office in Beirut from January to March (how can we use this?)
Nikola will get in touch with Emy

Political work

11.1 Political Platform Process- (Nic)

Nic should provide a written report!! from Political Platform meeting -> send to EC list
and a report on how everything is going

11.2  Green Group

no news yet, we will probably have to wait until Jan
activity plan needs to be finalised to send out to all MEPs until January

11.3  EGP

prioritise our request, we can’t get money for all the things we requested
Terry will send the request again to list.

agricultuaral dim jakob
social dim terry
future of the eu Merja or Jakob
etc. -> check email
all the WGs meet on 29th of january


- Steva will now send an email with the requests to EGP and GGEP
- and then in


13.1 Running projects:
- EU Citizenship:
finalizing report (Marina content, not completely clarified how much GEF paid)

- Cop17 Workshop (Jakob)
- report for GEF done, receipts for GEF (what has been paid by them, what about the waterman receipts of shenna? travel-costs? everything needs to be dated 2011)
- news from Greens/efa
- complete report (shenna is working on it)
-> steva will ask delphine who else to send the report to if she’s not there since the green group needs the report before the end of the year

13.2 Project's preparation

- Campaign (Jakob)
- campaign-team meeting tonight (agenda...)

- Winter camp (maggie)

- Rio +20 (Terry)
we have enough money, steva will book hostel (waterman) before leaving, we can have up to 40 pax, with caps on travel costs , 30 or 40 people
call will be sent out soon (application form!!!?)

- Youth emancipation (publicaton)
Delfina asks what role she should have in this project... -> we would be happy if she could write call for prep-team, we select and then they work together with delfi on this
-> Proposal for call for prep team sent
- decision about coordinator and responsibilities

- Ecosprinter publication (maggie)
Jakob to ask Max for call for PT

13.3 Projects to be applied
1st of February YiA:
- Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny)
no updates

- Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)
european agency, call for partners is out, the partners are sending back the applications right now. Steva will work on this in serbia, will remind them, bc this needs to be done by the 20th of January (some adjustments to the applications)

- Democracy Wg/ Green Economy/ Baltic Network- EU Intstitution/ crises thing
two events should be merged... WE (EC) should all go through the email from nikola (1.5 pages) and give our opinions, so the DemoWG has something in their hands

-  Training "Green Volume on!" (steva)
steva needs the help of Terry, steva has questions for the national agency, terry would have to call them

- Peace WG project
they are working on a project with the title “I kind of forgot”, Steva explaint them the rules for YiA etc.
FYEG can not apply for action 3.1 (we already have revolutionary movements), otherwise they can apply for a national agency. They have a task-list now for the procedure!

- LGBTQ seminars (Terry)

call for prepteam for seminar in ZAgreb will be sent out soon -> newsletter

Terry is working a lot on this...that is why she is always so stressed:).
Steva will finalize the application for Sarajevo

13.3 Projects with sent applications

- FYEG-CDN Study Session (Steva)
not approved (ohhh...!)
there’s only a limited number of study sessions, so they have to prioritize, no feedback on the content of the application
there was an additional call sent out for the study-session. Where maggie proposed that the migration WG is applying for this

13.4 Projects initiatives
- Migration WG Seminar (Nic)
will either apply to the turkish national agency or to the study session (as proposed by maggie)

- Green Leaders, marko (steva)#
before christmas steva will write email to marko

Any Other Business

terry: pr on democracy?
-> email from delphi... PR on democracy to council

To do:
Jakob- in the next Newsletter put “Call for Ecosprinter publication “prep team””, send out statement#, send max communication letter again.
Maggie- civicrm presentation on GA agenda
Terry- in the beginning of January send prep Call
Merja- check if Europeans from SC GYG would like to continue, check with prep team of GYG Congress, if they support the idea of sending fundraising letters to national MEPs
Nikola- write report form Young Leaders Seminar
Steva- ask Steva, if he has gone through old application and contacted previous partners, material- stickers
Everybody- check Terry’s type with me for GA Agenda

Closing of the meeting