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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 19.09.11

Minutes from Skype conference on 26th of September
Start: 7:00 pm CET
End: 9 pm CET
Attendance: Gaya, Jakob, Maggie, Merja, Nikola, Steva, Terry, Nic
Moderation/Minutes: Terry/Steva



1. Personal update



2. Office update

Steva worked on:

- talked with markus about report (spring camp, need additional documents)

- with Zofia about sheets that need to be sent to securex

- Zofia prepared the GGEP contribution in the last years

- send receipts to EGP

- talked with Maggie about WGM

- Citizenship seminar

- GYG finances (tax-form needs to be signed): Zofia sent it to whoever needs to sign it (from the steering committee)

- application response for Revolutionary movement not here yet



3. MO's updates

junge Gruene wanna be part in FYEG taining :)

Not many responds so far on the Call


4. WG update

We talked about sticker. Ppl are looking forward for the Meeting in Brussels. We will work on application for Winter Camp. No respond from Jan yet about his involvment at Winter Camp.

- Stickers

- Agenda

Last version sent by Jakob is valid.

- Technical preparations

REservations is done and confirmed. prepayment is done. Visit is also confirmed. Ska proposed dinner for 1st of October.

- people

Two people cancelled. They are not on the EP list.Presently we are 32.

Gender Group coordinator (Juliane, D) can replace on of the cancalations.

Add Terry to EP list and Juliane if she can stay on Monday.

Office and Maggie will take care about food and venue. We should ask EcoloJ. Steva should find contact.

- Action

After EP visit on Monday. Maybe before lunch. Quick action and pictures and then we go for lunch.

- Cop prep-team meeting

Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday morning

- Dinner with Ska

on 1st of October


Steva will be responsible in general for the Meeting technicalities


5. Executive Committee Meeting

- Agenda

Time frame for the ECM should be prepared by Steva


- Arrivals of EC members

Friday 8.15 AM Maggie - Sunday 21.00

Merja Thursday 18.15 - Sunday 19.20

Jakob Thursday 9.30am - Tuesday morning

Gaya 29th morning (visa is still not issued) then i will buy the ticket

Nikola - Tuesday 15.25 - Tuesday - 18.10

Terry Thursday morning or wednsday evening - Monday evening

Nic should send arrival and departure times


6. Finances

Budegt analasys should be updated.



7. Projects

7.1 Running projects

- Citizenship seminar, Romania (my early departure -> Steva)

Sophia is treasurer. Selection of pax is done. We are replacing cancelations. We want to have press responsible person.

CDN training - will be attached to conference and pax can join.

- Gender Study Session

We had a meeting. Administrative contract is signed and sent. We are drafting call for pax and deciding about date of prep team meeting.


7.2 Projects preparations

- COP17 Workshop (Official Cooperation with YFoE, Finances, Theo)

We are about to agree with YFoE about cooperation. Depends on finances we will reduce maybe number of pax.

We have venue and hostel booked.

- Winter Camp

WE will work on application during WGM. Call is online but should be updated. Steva and Maggie will communicate directly with National Agency.

- Revolutionary Movements for Democracy

Spain application is rejected. We are still waiting for the answer from Executive Agency

- Ecosprinter publication

- Campaign  (French YG, EGP)

Steva and me had a talk. I drafted e-mail to French Young Greens. Then I want to contact to Mathis and Vesna about expo. Then to contact Stephan from EGP.

- Exhibition -> picture contest?

(Jakob contacts gaya for it)

Baltic Sea region is planning some action campaign. Energy campaign could be connected.

Alexey will contact Jakob if not Jakob will contact him :)


7.3 Projects to be applied

- Rio +20

Terry is drafting application. We are applying for 1st of Oc

- Gender seminar

will not be applied for 1st of October. We will talk about it more later.


- Youth emancipation publication

Delfina drafted application for 1st of October.

Form delfina used can't be submitted to EYF (needs to be worked on, Steva will take care)

- Falafel Network Meeting

I would like to work on application with Steva and/or Terry.


Contact Muntaser for questions about application.

Terry will contact people from the organisations that might be interested.


- FYEG-CDN Study Session

no news

- Training - Youth speakers


- LGBTQ seminars

Thursday skype conference. Pilot project to EYF. GEF answer didnt arrived yet.

7.4 Projects in planning

- Youth empowerment in Mediterranean region

Steva wil talk with Zofia about it.

8. Political Platform Process

- Update

getting only little response from MOs (only 4 so far), membership list needs to be checked

reminder to MO list by PPC

reminder to general list

EC members will send reminders to thier MO's contacts

- Meeting with MO's Representatives

Book the hostel - office ASAP

Thursday and Friday for Meeting


9. EGP and Green Group

Fianncial part for 2011 is being prepared by office and Maggie.

Congress- Jakob should get in contact with Stephan

CCWG is planning to table resolution on Durban. Terry will contact EGP

Violence against women and abortion - Merja and Terry will draft it. Maybe with EGNS

Think about resolutions and amendments accoring to tasks division that we already made.

On ECM talk about Congress.

Fringe meeting will be FYEG presentations but we should be present on other meetings as well.

Merja is not able to come. Someone should present FYEG GWG plans on Gedner meeting.


Tadzio for panel on crisis and Arab contact for ?


Terry is in contact with Noe about our accommodation.


There will be PP Meeting before Congress.


Terry will prepare overview for ECM.


EU-China meeting. There will be youth meeting. Terry will draft a call and she needs input by tomorrow evening.


10. ecosprinter (moving to other domain)

Ecosprinter website is down. We have to change hosting responsible. We connect it to FYEG domain. We should ask former EC members.

Hector, Tom and Jakob (Steva could join) will have meeting about this.

11. newsletter (responses/delay, part3)

We will be more supportive and helpful!

12. AOB