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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 18.7.11

Present: Gaya, Jakob, Merja, Nic, Nikola, Steva. Absent: Maggie, Terry (came at the end)

1. Personal update

2.Office update

3. Working groups:

3.1Update from WG's (if any)
Nikola – democracy had a 2nd skype meeting. It was succesfull. Opennes of the skype meetings. People outside of fyeg can join if they have letter of support by MO's.
Merja Kähkönen: i mean that then they're supposed to keep in contact with that MO
[7:27:57 PM] Merja Kähkönen: and inform it and sort of provide the info to that MO
[7:28:04 PM] Merja Kähkönen: so our MO benefits in any case
two new members of Gender WG

regionalism WG didnt had skype. Exchanged several e-mails. We can not come up with the slogan as we didnt had any discussions.
We need more time for slogan.wait
Conclusion: Depends on money. If its not too expensive to print seperately from other printing material than its fine

3.2WG's Meeting in October
Participants, Agenda

3.3. PP Process – put the questions in the written and we can discuss it on our skype. We divided the tasks. You dont have to write the concerete text you can also point out the important parts of the PP for your working group
about content
[7:39:24 PM] Oshibanz3n: make checklists of what you feel is missing
[7:39:28 PM] Oshibanz3n: in the existing documents
[7:39:35 PM] Oshibanz3n: then compare to the draft which comes in september
[7:39:47 PM] Oshibanz3n: about process: please send written question to me
[7:39:50 PM] Oshibanz3n: about headings
[7:39:55 PM] Oshibanz3n: do not forget it is an early draft
policy paper can go in diteails. PP is more general. Political platform is more important document
Are you planning to include main points from papers?
Sometimes there are contradictions among papers and Political platform. We are trying to find solutions.
first existing politicalplatform and then polic papers
[7:44:45 PM] Mladenovic Nikola: for checking


4. MO updates
If any important to be shared and discussed


5. Press officer
We should publish the call during this week


6. Current Activities:
6.1 FYEG space on Summer Camp
- FYEG programme – plan and sharing the tasks
Workshops for FYEG day: I'm fine with my responsibilities and i have already broght up my thoughts about it in an e-mail. There is only a question ig anyone from regionalism Wg will be present on the SC, so preparation of the workshop can be problematic
Jakob will go to International Youth Forum. On 16th of August will have to leave SC and
sGWG will try to find someone.
This was a chock for me as well.
I can write a new draft desctiption. Ask terry why it didnt worked out. If there is still space we ask her if not we explain why we cant merge with ska and we send detailed description.
FYEG will reimburse costs if not EGP or Green group.
8th is arrival day. 5Pm is start and opening. 7th EGP meeting
6.2 Green Summer University
6.3 G20 Action + Rio +20
6.4 Grune Jugend Congress
6.5 YFJ – Volonteering in political organizations
6.6 Citizenship conference
PT update (if any important)
we have troubles with prep team. Last time we were swift but two important ppl were missing
6.7 COP17 Energy revolution
update (if any important)
maybe additioinal partners
6.8 Winter Camp
6.9 Ecosprinter publication
6.10 Energy Campaign


7. Projects to be applied

7.1LGBTQ rights – update
the prep team has not yet met once
[8:16:13 PM] Merja Kähkönen: but will soon
[8:16:21 PM] Merja Kähkönen: of LGBTQ
Revolt and CDN Gender WG

7.2Falafel Network Meeting
Nikol wrote the prep team call we are writing for the answer
7.3Gender projects
- Study session (the old prep team continuous to work )
- Intersectionality seminar (we agreed to cooperate with CDN on Summer Camp 2012)
- joint project with GEWG (it will be more project of green economy WG )

7.4FYEG CDN Study session
steva and gaya will talk and inform
7.7FYEG – Training
7.8Youth empowerment Falafel project


8. Finances

8.1 Present situation (budget analysis and meeting with accountant)
8.2 EGP contribution request


9. GGEP overview of the meeting
9.1 Report from the meeting
9.2 Follow up and plan

10. Publishing overview of FYEG work

Plan and sharing of the tasks

11. AOB
11.1 YFJ events and FYEG representative
- Conference focused on Eastern Europe and Caucasus
We support Nic.

- Training Course on Human Rights Education
both (Steva&Kalle)

11.2 Duff report further actions