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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 1.8.11

Minutes from Skype conference on 1st of August
Start: 7:10 pm CET
End: 8 pm CET
Attendance: Merja, Terry, Jakob, Nikola, Maggie, Nic
Moderation/Minutes: Terry/Jakob


1. Personal Updates

Jakob got an A on his next-to-last exam!! (global climate monitoring in benchmark quality)

2. Summer Camp and ECM

Arrival/departure dates:

Maggie: 12th till 17th
Jakob: 10th till 16th
Merja: 14th till 17th
Nikola:  7th till 17th
(Gaya: 10th till 18th)
terry: probably not
Nic, Gaya: send to mailing list

2.1. Agenda for ECM

Timeframe: from 14th (around lunchtime, merja will be late) till 16th (around lunchtime, jakob has left)
Steva could propose agenda (send proposal to mailing list by next Monday)


@all: check bulletin
Jakob asks Steva to organize the EC infrastructure (tents etc.)

3. Activities


on the 7th (right before the GSU) there will be an EGP committee-meeting
Nic: still has to communicate proposal to the speaker
they are also in contact now with Ska's office, also with GSU organizers (marie diechmann... steva responsible) to get our own time-slot

3.2.LGTBQ seminars

Terry and Merja switched positions, provisional prep-team meeting: there wasn't all people there

3.3. WG meeting

postponed (should be included in Agenda of ECM)

3.4. Seminar Bucharest

about the formal letter: ask zofia to draft, double-scan and print
the proposal to GEF: most people on the prep-team-list should have it (Terrys laptop's dead)

3.5 gender Study Session

prep-team had one meeting last week, one this friday 
DAtes  (options: october or december): people have different view about them...
for agenda of ECM

3.6 Campaign

steva&jakob are drafting things (to have action ready for EGP congress), 
2 applications by now

4. Project Applications

4.1 Rio+20

terry: done by green economy WG (Maria Vuorelma and Livia M.)
Content: sustainable development
(it's the green economy YIA application, 1st of september)
@Steva: manageable?

4.2 Training


5. Finances

(skipped. Maggie and Steva prepare an overview for the ECM)

6. Material

wait for Maggies brother, steva is checking prices, print somewhere in germany, text: easy, introductory
But we should have a dl: before the ECM if possible (then we have time to discuss at ECM)
Print it in the weeks after ECM
Decision: Flyer (maggie and nic: text. Maggies brother: design. Steva and Nic: offers)
patches with FYEG logo on it
15th of september: deadline for proposals of the WGs

7. AoB

7.1 Emys nomination explanation

couldn't nominate her bc dealine passed, but she's nominated anyways
other people in cc: from GEWG, so they could see if there's somebody else too

7.2 newsletter

Generally: try to take preparation over from Hector to have one fragile link less, propose general new method at ECM
Final newsletter with activity reports:
jakob: will prepare on 4th of August, since 3rd is deadline for activity reports
add that the deadline of the GSU has been extended to 15th (so add 
concerning the activity reports: send activity reports to EC list first

7.3 Press officer

Jakob will send call out and ask Hector for online app-form first. (also to MO list)

A. Task List:

Merja: write application to GEF for lgtbq seminar
-send proposal for ECM agenda to mailing list by next Monday, 
- include in ECM agenda: gender Study session, WGMeeting, [something else that jakob forgot to add] , talk about newsletter
- find out and let us know about whether the office has time to take care about the RIO20+ application
Jakob: ask shenna bout contacts to YFoE, send press officer, und vieles mehr
Nic: install typewithme and draft it (others comment), send Summercamp arrival/departure date to mailing list
Gaya: send Summercamp arrival/departure date to mailing list
Maggie: prepare finances for ECM
@all:  send activity reports to EC list first