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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 18.06.2012

 Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference 18-06-2012, 19:00-21.00 CET

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Elections

Election of moderator: Phil

Election of minutes taker: Jakob

3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting

At least four EC members has to be present for the meeting to be valid. 

Attending people: Phil, Jakob, Krassina, Ingrid, Michael, Terry, Steva (needs to leave ~8)

Missing:Chema, Maggie

Meeting is valid

4. Approving the agenda

Agenda is approved.

5. Personal Update

6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week

(the point of this point is just to confirm that these decisions has been taken so that they will be saved in the minutes, both so that we can go back and see what decisions we have made and to make it possible for others to follow our work through reading the minutes)

 Decision to send out a PR on syria

7. Decision follow up

(the point of this point is just to state what has happened to these decisions, discussion will be in other points further down)

 - Has everybody now joined the dropbox for the ECM?

Chema, Maggie still need to do it.

 - Has Steva talked to Ska about the wg meeting in Brussels?

 Ska was in Strasbourg last week. I wil see her tonight

 - Eurocup PR - what has happened to this: it's on the way

 - Youth contribution for dialogue and change in Turkey: the selection committee remained firm and didn't accept Micha's application

 - African participants at the Rio+20 seminar: invitations will probably not be sent on time, the embassies need too long, HBF Africa office has been contacted, seems like Anne and Rose can't come -> Phil and Micha will have an email exchange, trying to use the Lux-simplified procedure


8. Office

a) update

-  Reports and reimbursements: still three reports that need to be done urgently, reimbursements as well, 

- Winter Camp: two reports need to be done for the wintercamp (Maggie) needs to be done till end of june

 - LGBTQ: also late, GEF still needs to go through, people will not get reimbursed before 1month from now

 - GA: reimbursements need to be done. Will use some shortened procedure bc. there's nobody in the office

 - Ecosprinter Yearbook: Jakob is late, but working on it, (great, steva is doing the financial report, jakob will contact Max)

 - Steva needs to be on every list, becuse he needs to be updated on reports


Global solidarity Seminar

Accommodation and food: finalized, there were many problems, 

Parliament visit: hope that there is enough people, the registration paper might need to be filled again, Ingrid and Phil aren't on the list yet

Visa invitations: Africans probably won't get visa's on time, Eastern Europeans will

Working permit: rejection letter has finally arrived, time till 4th of July for appeal, the lawyer might ease the process a bit. It will be discussed at the ECM thoroughly.


Intern: Group will make a decision soon. We need to ask the two candidates if they have students card.

Youth Emancipation publication team: productive meeting, Steva joined only for the financial part.

1. want event in EP (present publication, discuss topic, GGEP would need to do it), 

2. want authors to EP

3. promote the publication in Athens (EGP committee, paneldebate & FYEG resolution)

4. we will need money, the publication-money?

Decision at the ECM: whether we support the plan (with our work and money)


Ingrid will ask Hector for contact details of Christina (from danes)

Date for Bureau meeting with EGP, GEF and  FYEG on pre-campaign 

make sure we ohave clearly defined our election-campaign-plans: focus on horizon countries vs general european campaign

(Jakob & Terry don't have time): Phil will go (Steva as back-up or additional) 

Prefer: 27th of June, Steva will communicate to Vula

Green European Bus to Brussels: invitation to panel (European energy policy) from Green Institute (Poland), they will do a visit to Brussels (supported by HBF), 11th of July (Phil, somebody from the Energy campaign team (back-up), Jakob, Shenna)

MoU draft for the League of the Young Voters: promote the EP elections, get young people interested and they do this through a campaign (looking for topics that are interesting for youngsters), all Parties should be involved (hoped for 5000-10000 Euros from parties, EGP)

Terry sent a letter: everybody to have a look and express opinion on whether we want and how much we want to support this

Krassina talked to Merja: wrote an email to Jennifer (responsible for the League)

Krassina will take initiative and contact them


we have two webmaster applications, will discuss at ECM, maybe extend the call



Ska didn't repsond yet, hope to get more info tonight

Leaving office in mid July - back mid of August

Details for the accommodation of the Global solidarity seminar will be sent out (steva)

b) finances

9. Internal structure

a) EC

when will we now have the next ECM? options:

Gelsenkirchen + vis

wg meeting + vis

Gelsenkirchen + wg meeting

Postpone till we have the WGM-date information (maybe the ECM)


b) WGs

Krassi will not send out any more reminders,


1. Decided to extend the deadline for applications (30th of june)
2. Send out the letter about extension on Friday

3. At the ECM we will accept the ones that have applied already

4. On the 30th we take the decions by doodle on the remaining members

WGM - getting invited by another MEP apart from Ska: Phil contact 

c) MOs:

Phil: Russian young greens -> Phil met Belarussian Young Greens, for the summercamp we don't have pax from Russia, Phil get's in contact with Russian Young Greens

d) SPP
three different documents for the ECM

e) next ECM
Still some people need to join the Drop Box with the documentation as well as to insert some of the documents

10. Communication
a) internal communication

EGP online platform - what is this, can we use it? Jakob should provide an update/input ...
Terry will show at the ECM how the EGP thing works.

b) external communication
(there will be a article-series every month)

June addition of articles should be published today or this week. They are mostly dedicated to the UNFCCC Intersessional meeting in Bonn

July edition: Rio+20 ; Call for articles on the FYEG website

The next edition will be published after the ECM
The article of the Bulgarian Young Greens will be in section MO news

c) web

- changing of the EC pictures 

When Hector is back the new pictures need to be uploaded


11. Networking

a) CDN

- Phil updates SC & co.

still there is a fundraising issues, Terry got support from a german MP


b) GYG

- Campaing Planing: Sarah is proposing to have a big campaign (global days of action: eradication of poverty), 

- FYAG asks for support: they need our support. for now we wait for a more concrete response


c) Falafel

- EGP Council Athens: panel on Mediterrean. (Ingrid and Micha to think about it)

- Ingrid and Phil will go to Tunis? - Ingrid applied


d) Student's network


e) EGP

questions/discussions on Jakob's report from the meeting

any questions can be asked at ECM 



Syria PR: Micha will draft email -> asap, will check for email

pre-campaign meeting with Bureau


g) European youth forum



12. Activity plan

a) projects in preparation


b) projects applied for


c) approved projects 


particpants to parliament visit carl schlyter


LGBTQ seminar in Belgrade: our seminar will be in the official program as a side-event of the 

Pride, we'll have the seminar at the same venue and will have food, our seminar has to be 

open to pride-pax, so the seminar will be big (Djole has done a great job)


Turn the green volume on:


d) past projects


e) projects and campaigns

Youth emancipation publication - questions on the report from the meeting/discussion

 Energy campaign - action and action reader: there will be info letter to be sent out to MOs!!!


13. Political stuff

 a) press releases

- Greek elections (Tuesday)

- PR on refugee day: (on Wednesday). 

- Proposal: share picture through FB, Phil will prepare a picture

- Schengen Phil (thursday)

 - Eurocup  


Egypt: election results to be announced the 21st of June -> will wait until the results are 

annoucned and reactions are clearer and then support one or the other movement

UN arms trade treaty conference 11-15 of july


schedule for PRs: send out Greece elections tomorrow, schengen (LuxYG will take some 

pictures), Euro-soccer-cup


b) ideas 

virtual debate on euro crisis: Terry to write a reminder to Jacqueline 


c) discussions 


14. Any other business

- "Summer Green University" , 31st -2nd September , organized by EQUO, need a workshop on Democracy and other help by FYEG 

Krassina will ask Democracy WG people, will take the final decision at the ECM 

- Conference in Turkey (invitation by parliamentary assembly): will check with Ska