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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 17.10.11

Minutes from Skype conference on 17th of October
Start: 7:00 pm CET
End: 9 pm CET
Attendance: Nic, Terry, Maggie, steva, Jakob, Nikola
Moderation/Minutes: Terry/Maggie


1.Opening of the meeting

2. Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting

The secretary: Maggie     The moderator: Terry

3. Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting

The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.

Nic, Terry, Maggie, steva, Jakob, Nikola

4. Approving the agenda


5. Personal updates


6. Office update

- meeting with Lena on Thursday

- FYEG shall be replying more on time, be more responsible

- we were well prepared, 6000eur for rest of 2011

- effectively less than they budgeted (disagreement, communication wasn't clear)

Steva will check the details again in order to be clear about the sum

7. Political discussion (skip if anything is on agenda)

Topic: skip


8. FYEG  statutory activities

8.1   Wg's meeting follow up (Johnny)

- process of brainstorming about living document form has been going on- probably google doc

8.2   Next ECM- time, venue, work on the agenda (Steva)

Agreed time: 4-6 November

Location: cheapest option (for travel) prefered

graz: sleep in Jakob's apartment, work there

Brussels: possible to accomodate everybody, work in office

Berlin: stay with Nic and Terry

Maggie prepares the travel costs comparation between Berlin and Graz, prepares doodle vote tonight, tomorrow decision

Steva - agenda proposal before next EC phone conf

9. Communication

-  Newsletters (Jakob)

Will be sent out soon.

Make sure things you think first to website!! (everything needs to be on a website)

Workplan last version on website ? (include GEF!)

-   Minutes of the PC

- is secretary going to handle it?

- are we going to put them in the document?

- should it be regularly in the newsletter or web?

bc Steva is already gone, agreement to leave it for next time.

10. Networking

10.1   Mo's update- if any update

Bulgarians (split will stay for a while, involve Marina and Ogy in FYEG Campaign), Romanians (NGO will be founded, people are motivated)

Nikola is maybe  travelling to Tusla

11. Political work

11.1 Political  Platform Process- (Nic)

arrival on Thursday as agreed (sent to pax), hostel confirmed (but not certain), not certain whether they have a room that can be used as a venue (how much it is tomorrow)

Zofia to check whether office received fax about it

PPC now working on the draft

Number of delegates: 26 (~ 18MO and 8WG people)

Share Minutes of PPC with EC

11.2  Green Group

- skip

11.3  EGP

-   Meeting with Jacqueline and Lena (Steva and Terry)

- EGP committee meeting update

- Finances

FYEG gets a reduction, we will have 43000 € next year (including the rent - that would actually mean reduction), about the additional money they will decide later, for the COP 17 and political plaform meeting we will get 6000 €

try to ensure that we have the same way of calculating every year and both (FYEG and EGP)

formalize the procedure and write it down (for future ECs), prepare at ECM for next Committee meeting

Lena wants to have a meeting with Steva and Maggie, Maggie to arrange meeting

- Congress

agenda has been changed, Terry sent around the newest version, FYEG fringe meeting on Saturday night, when will the action take place?

Proposal: have action at 3pm (during lunchbreak) or (if there's a good idea for a night action) 18:30 - Jakob prepares crazy and clear concept for the action by the end of next week for time with or without daylight

- we should also try to get in touch with French Greenpeace

November 1st, is deadline

November 11st, is national holiday

Jakob will have a concept by the beginning of next week (hopefully)

-  Climate resolution (Jakob)

decision in CCWG to make amendments (deadlines?, who to?)

send to anne (EGP office), check amendments deadline (in newsletter for congress)

Amendments: normal monday 7th, topic friday 11th of november

- EuroCrisis resolution: reminder

decision on whether we want to support the motion drafted by the French or the contacting the committee again about theirs

why is there different deadlines?

12. Finances

- Projects financial reports

– Spring camp,

- Report citizenship Paris, Sophia working on Report is done soon, Marina said participants list is fine

13. Projects

13.1 Running projects:

-  Citizenship seminar, Romania-  (Jakob)

-prep-team meeting (should have been taken place)

-GEF relation

- prep-team atmosphere/ team work

- follow up (formal report by Jakob, morana report for webside

-   Gender Study Session- (Merja)

Merja should sign administrative agreement as soon as possible. We have one speaker confirmed, as well as the prep team meeting, which will take place from 28th till 30th of October. The external advisor is nice and the preparations are going fine. The call for participants is out and should be on the next newsletter.

Call for pax has been out for a while

-   COP17 Workshop (Jakob)

Final decision on whether it will take place or not:

decision: cancellation should be avoided, participants that cancel will not be replaced (down to 20) till we have certainty about additional funding.

-  Campaign (Jakob)

campaign-team selected, doodle for 1st conference this week or next

first meeting at network meeting in Albania

want to know quite concretely what we do at the Action this week risking that it won't be perfect (so we have is for sure), but get press officer involved

13.3   Projects to be applied

- Winter camp

- decision on venue: differences: some cottages are in one building have more spaces, some have more buildungs, some have more/less plenaries, area and atmosphaere (send doodle, take decision tomorrow), Maggies preference: first two

- composition of the prep-team: open call

- final dates:

- have already 5-6 part III partnership agreements

- prep-team - Steva checks with Maggie and with the conditions of both grant-systems

- event: proposal: 19-26.2.2011


- Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny)

- draft application has been sent around, waiting for the partners which is a big problem, up to now Austrian, German, Hungarian YG and YG of Israel

it's questionable if it can be finished till the 20th and even the 1st of the November

is communicating with an employed person, who's reliable but not effective


- Youth emancipation publication (Delfina)

no news

- Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)

- we still haven't informed partners neither Falafel, have to decide when to reapply

steva will send out info to partners

- LGBTQ seminars (Terry)

No updates for the moment, we are in contact with the local organisations, i will make an update next week, we have a skype conference on thursday

GEF didn't decide yet


13.3 Projects with sent applications

- Rio +20 (Steva)

no updates yet. skip

- FYEG-CDN Study Session (Steva)



13.4 Projects initiatives

- Discrimination at European borders? Spatial and mental borders (Nic)

call is out, waiting for partners

Kalle has been very active on this project. Looking for partners right now. Will Skype to evalutate first feedback this week,


- Youth for understanding and exchange, International Young naturefriends(?)

Nikola writes to Ilze and Steva that we are partners

- Green Leaders (terry)

training Rio+20 - Marko -  FYEG shall be a partner to the training


- another one on middle east (nikola)

“Green leaders - active youth participation vs. global environmental and climate change”


14. Any Other Business

-Proposal: FYEG officially joins the Bradley Manning support network. (Nic)

send some info to mailing list then we decide on it quickly

- editing of gender movie action (Merja)

merja is working on it

- Request from EGP (stand at Congress)

agreement yes, terry gets in touch with Mareike whether to combine it with GYG stand

- EGP put our PR on their website

agreement: yes

- Terry is coordinator for the next two weeks.


15. Closing of the meeting


16. task list:

Steva: send email to Jacqueline and Lena (what was their decision), send application of Maggie (COMEM) before 1am, steva&maggie skype, prepare agenda , send to Partners that Revolutionary Movements were cancelled

Maggie: make list of travel costs

Terry: will send email with financial info from Committee meeting

Nic: Share Minutes of PPC with EC, check how much venue is

Johnny: mention GEF in the GEF sponsored activities, put minutes in document

Jakob: put minutes on website, include call for pax gender newsletter