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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 17.01.2011

Present: Markus, Terry, Sebastian, Delfina, Johny, Nicolas, Delfina (partialy)


Office update

last week's main work: communication of different FYEG events, asking different members of the GGEP for spring events
priorities in upcoming work:

call through different Mos and be sure MOs are involved in upcoming activities with focus on: Local councilors meeting, summer university in Frankfurt – to make sure the Mos are aware of this activities – Mos will need to be active on their own then

Markus will a draft communication email for this purpose to the MOs.

Spring Break

Applications: 70-72 participants selected + general waiting list and also waiting lists according countries, FYEG MOs and newcomers were prefered


ECM will take place from 21st to 22nd March in hostel where PT had its meeting in Madrid

Terry – to ask Gender WG whether they would like to have a session at the Spring Break – gender breakfast/evening...rather at the beginning of th event to encourage girls to be more active, as it worked at the summer camp
- people able to help to organize it: Terry, Nic, Ahmed from the FYEG WG, Sarah, Maggie from CDN gender WG
Markus updates when participation of MEPs is confirmed...

GA and Social Europe Conference

several confirmed MEPs meaning it can be an official GGEP event

call for delegates better at the end of January

green energy speaker confirmed
on Tuesday Nic meets with Lux YGs and will send the EC a list of potential speakers from Lux to choose from


Maggie and Johny go and keep the EC updated

no news about reaction of CDN to the FYEG EC opinion on the admin grant issue

Nic will talk to Teo about it

China exchange
(take a look at the various events planned and support available: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/focus/focus1864_en.htm)
different opportunities to go to China for events
question: can we do something about this EU-China relation, how can we use it – urban, green city planning/management
- when we know more about next thing happening in Beijing, we can send somebody also with task to find a partner for FYEG since lot of potential was found there during last visit
Terry: we shall include GYG -> EC agreed about

EVS Tunisia

- good opportunity to send people, more info needed
To do: FYEG will look for people, Terry takes care of setting up the call for February– promotion in the newsletter and on the website – EC selects 1-2 representative of FYEG
Terry briefed about training course Salto Euro-Med
Learned about two different programs FYEG can use:
YiA – 3.1
use: migration seminar in Turkey - june seminar, Terry consulted procedures for applications, feels better about it
Falafel network got enlarged.
Lebanese YG
- would like not only be members of Falafel, but possibly apply for membership in FYEG, as it is case of Israel YGs
EC decided to encourage them to apply as observers.
Youth intergroup meeting with Commissioner Vassiliou, 25th January
Markus goes to the meeting, checks with Davids interest/availability before confirming his participation

EGP Council meeting
-    prefered to meet as many from EC as possible
Markus drafts the budget for it
Everybody checks travel for dates 31st March - 3rd April and sends the cost estimation to Markus

European citizenship seminar

Terry sends applications for PT – EC decides by Thursday