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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 16.5.2011

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Agenda of EC-PC

Personal updates
Office update

EC-hand-over overview and first ECM
- press training
- press work
Sec-Gen-transfer overview

Working groups + WG meeting overview
MO's and MO communication

Paris Citizenship Seminar
Green Local Councillors' Meeting
Events theme overlap with CDN

1st of June application DL

Finances transfer and financial situation overview


Present: Terry (moderating), Nic (minutes), Maggie, Gaya, Jakob, Merja, Markus (minutes). Not present: Nikola (excused), Steva.

Personal updates delivered, generally positive mood.

Request from Terry: The office should have IRP's ready soon. Markus: Checks with Presidency if we can use the draft minutes. If so, the office starts working on them, target is to have the minutes on-line during next week.

First ECM: Proposal to have it in Belgrade. Maggie supports this, only question is Gaya's visa. Embassy is in Moscow, will take about 2 weeks. Maggie and Gaya check out the visa situation and make a plan together with Steva during Tuesday. Markus makes a draft agenda and sends out during Wednesday. Terry: Work on FYEG communication during the meeting. Jakob: is taking a workshop on moderation.

SecGen-handover: Markus: Not really happening yet, Steva should arrive tomorrow Tuesday, stay to Saturday, and then go back to Belgrade. Markus checks feasibility of Steva then staying until the first ECM.

Working Groups: Terry: Draft calls should go to EC-members responsible, and to the coordinators. Calls should go out on general list tomorrow, looking as similar to each other as possible, and then on the newsletter. Deadline for candidature is 31st of May. Question of continuing membership in WG's: some people are really active and want to continue, they need to confirm their continued interest to stay included in the process. Target is to be flexible and supportive of interested people. Markus checks how soon the names of the 25 participants of a possible last weekend of June DL need to be delivered to Ska's office. If DL is too tight, then MO meeting will have to be moved, possibly to second weekend of September.

MO contacts: Merja has drafted a letter that EC-members should use to send to “their” MO's during this week. MO's should also be asked to send in their current logos.

Paris Citizenship seminar: French Young Greens are working fine on this, great thanks to them from Terry. Markus can be in Paris for this Thursday to Friday, Nic on Saturday. Steva can also join, if needed.

Green Local Councillors' Meeting: Terry or Nic moderates, Martti has dropped out as speaker, possible replacement from Catalonia. Target: Get as many young greens there as possible. Markus sends info to people who asked Terry for info at the EGP Council.

CDN-FYEG-theme-overlap: Terry reports on process with the LGBT-topic of FYEG in the Balkans, which has been communicated to CDN and other partners (MEPs, MO's, funders, etc). A question of overlap still remains, according to some CDN people, however, both Gender-WG's are interested. Coordination and communication is, of course, very much needed, a provisional prep-team should be set up, wit CDN, FYEG, MO- and Gender WGs. Nic: Not so problematic, financing seems realistic. Terry re-sends original proposal to Merja and sends an e-mail with further process outlined to joint EC-list.

Applications for 1st of June:

Terry: Revolutionary Movements-application: Zofia and Delfina have been working on this, application will be made on the European and Catalan level. Many partnership agreements have been received, some will have to be excluded.

Jakob: There is a proposal for a Youth in Action application to support the planned December climate events in Brussels. Comments: Very tight schedule, needs partners, 2 weeks not enough, possibly in competition with other appkication.

Any other business

CDN travel to GA: Do we reimburse Teo for the travel to GA, around 170 €? Answer: Yes.

Youth Forum: Dudu going to be proposed for the YFJ's expert pool on sustainable development .
PPYO meeting last week cancelled moved to Tuesday, tomorrow. Markus and Steva go there.

Website: EC members profiles: Maggie gathers and sends to Hector

Newsletter: goes out next week, Nic gathers stuff, shows Jakob how it functions, Terry writes report about GJ congress

EGP GND meeting: Delfina sent proposal on content to be brought up.
To-do: Markus checks with Steva whether he can go

Direct Democracy event: Armin (German Young Greens): looks for speakers for an event on the 29th of June on the topic of direct democracy, asked Terry. Decision: Terry should go.