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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 16.07.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  16-07-2012 19:00-21.00 CET

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Elections
Election of moderator:: Krassina
Election of minutes taker:: Micha
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members has to be present for the meeting to be valid
Attending people:Terry, Chema, Krassi, Jakob, Ingrid, Steva, Phil, Micha (8) Jakob till 20:20
Missing:Maggie (Happy Birthday
Quorum confirmed
4. Approving the agenda
Decision:  Agenda is approved

5. Personal Update

6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
7. Decision follow up
It wIll be done via email.
8. Office
a) Update
 office break: 18th july - 26th of august
- Steva will be working untill 1st of August
- LGBTQ Seminar Report is done - total spending was app. 11.000€
 Steva will ask Franziska and Marije for a bit more funding
- Winter Camp Report - is almost done (need the written Report from Maggie)
- We need to take a Decisions about Econsprinter Yearbook Publication Report: It needs co-financing from FYEG (otherwise it won't get full amount)
- Report of CDN and GYG, FYEG (change the EC Members) will be done soon)
- Meeting with Austrian YG was held, to look for collaboration concerning YiA applications.
- Fraud: Jakob and Steva wrote a letter to the prosecutor in Belgium. Prosecutor says: int. warrant is difficult, since the punishment is too low-level. It will take some time.
Decision: Wait until we hear back from the prosecutor
b) finances

9. Internal structure
a) EC
Discussion ECM: should we meet at SPP, to book it into ec-meeting-line (and therefore stick to  budget)? before or after 2nd (Friday)-4th(Sunday) of November (we should  be in Athens from 7th)
Suggestion: if people have time, yes. Otherwise we can also save money by EC members not being present
Decision: We will have the next week and discuss it next meeting. Jakob will ask Maggie for an overview of the dates, so that we can have a decision next skype meeting.
Discussion internal forum for documents
Ingrid will create a dropbox-folder for now and we'll use it until we find something we like better
Decision: we use dropbox until we find something better.
b) WGs
To do: send email addresses to hector for list 
  • Problem with mobility WG will be solved
  • Krassina will help Chema with the problematic applications in the Drop Box
  • WG meeting: - We need from all participants for this meeting and passport details: till end of  this months  
  • Decisions: Ask the all members of the WG for their data. @Steva will write a proposal, we will forward it to the WGs
c) MOs
Jovenes Verdes: Current situation of JV and Red Equo Joven. Chema was in touch with Equo Joven activists at the JEV summercamp.

d) SPP
- questionnaire feedback (everyone should do it -particularly on A1 and B, because otherwise Jakob would send them the way they are, in the A2-AX section there iwill be something more structured within the next two days) 
-Everybody ahould have a look on Jakob's proposal and comment on it within the next 2 days
10. Communication
a) internal communication
/ (under EC part)
minutes -  final version to be published
Steva: Could you look at the activity part and the red parts of the transfer IRL ECM. Afterwards they should be finished
Krassi and Ingrid will send an email with all the minutes for the EC to approve of it. Deadline is FRIDAY.
b) external communication
- Keep in mind that we are working on a list of PRs
- Approval of  a video: A lobby organisations has shot a video or a group of FYEG participants during the Rio+20 seminar. We were asked if this video can be used for publicity.
- Decision: FYEG does not promote the European trade association for producers of disocyanates and polyols.
- Micha will write them, that they cannot publish it, since we take privacy policy serious and do not support big cooperations as FYEG
c) web
Discussion& Adoption: Privacy Policy
Decisions: We adopted the policy and can publish it now
d) Ecosprinter
Call was put on FYEG website.
There were some problems organizing a skype conference
Article series on Rio+20 is running (some people wrote articles)
Editorial Board is in the process of thinking about the title of the seminar
e) Newsletter
Discussion: "EC reports" have they arrived?
The EC should send the link to the doc where we will write the small reports to Krassi by Friday

11. Networking
 a) CDN
- CDN needs cash for the Summer Camp.
Decision: EC approves that Steva will carry this money for CDN

b) GYG
WG Meeting - dindnt take place

Some SC Members meet  right now in Cap Verde

c) Falafel
 Phil is in contact with the National Youth Agency(LUX) to go over the application for the seminar
- Phil needs the application. @Steva send it to Phil
 Ingrid, Chema, Phil, Micha will have a conference on Wendesday evening
d) Student's network
e) EGP
ẂGG meeting beginning of 6th to 8th September
Terry, cannot go, but we'll try to find someone at the ECM to replace her
- Reinhard wants to meet us after Prague for a debriefing
g) European youth forum
It will be looked at in latter meetings:
- Info and Networking days
- Workplan online consultation
h) Other organization’s activities 
League of Young Voters - the MOu Draft
We will wait until EGP decides @Terry will write Jacquline an email
i) GEF - Proposal:
Discussion: Is content ready to be sent?
Jakob: Change B1 and B2 and the order of the demands B5. We need to send the proposal soon. 
EC will givea  feedback to it by the end of 27th July
Deadline for Calls for Projects of GEF was extended until later this fall

12. Activity plan
a) projects in preparation
coordination of parliament visits (WGM1, COP, SPP2) can be coordinated btw.
Jakob, Ingrid and Phil.
b) projects applied for
c) approved projects 
  • Rio+20
    - Report: What else do you need for accomplishing it Steva? How is the contact with Shenna? Deadline is the 28th of August.

    There is no money yet from the CoE, they missed to make the payment of 80%. They will send the full amount later.

    Shenna is doing the reporting. @ Micha will ask her again what is there to do!
  • LGBTQ  seminar  in Belgrade
    its going on well

    we are planning with 11000 € (we need to go over the financial plan)

    - Prepteam is really motivated

    - Prepteam Meeting in the end of August or beginning of September

    - Rapporteur for the Kosovo of the EP might be comming

    - Mareije might also come again
Turn the green volume on
Update on prep-team vote and hostel

Terry and Steva are requested to help with accomodation:

Steva&Terry try to come to the Skype Conference, if they have time

final decision for the prep-team + some important questions
 Decision: Jan Paul Stich, Vesna Jusup, Theo Haris, Toni Peñafiel Hervás are elected + Krassina as an EC member. 
LGBTQ seminar Tuzla
Update: fundraising (Terry has written something)
Winter camp (Krassina)
 1 MEP might be coming.
d) past projects
- yearbook report?
http://issuu.com/fyeg/docs/ecosprinteryearbook -it has around 4400 views -> publish on ISSUU
e) projects and campaigns
Youth emancipation publication:
From the Skype-conference: some MEPs show interests in writing something. 
  • Chema will pass on the minutes of this. Delfina organised a meeting about the event in the EP on Youth Unemployment. Portugese MEP suggested something similar      with focus on South Europe. It will happen at the end of January: They had a preparation meeting with 7 MEPs: they will have more meetings in November and want to have a 3 days conference (like a seminar) with a visitor group (MEPs invite their people) Raul facilitated it and was in favour of it.
  • Also it was spoken about  what to do in Greece.
 Energy campaign : 
- YiA - there is no feedback; e-mail was sent
 Discussion: Election campaign - road map: this will be tackled next week
From Austrian Young Greens: They will talk about it in their board, there is the possibility of applying through Austria. There might be a shift of focus towards capacity building. Campaing Team should take it in consideration
 Discussion: call for Council of Europe funding:
- Deadline for it is the 10th of September after WG  Meeting.
YiA program 4.6 - Maggie will explain about it to in the next meeting

13. Political stuff
a) press releases
18th: Nelson Mandela International Day
Micha will write about Mandela
Chema will draft something concerning Spain
- Ask MOs if they have some European-related issues they want to publish with us.
b) ideas 
c) discussions 

14. Any other business
- Call for Webmaster

Decision kept: the call is extended

Jakob will send another call and extend the deadline

- Video Virtual Debate

- article "Citizens for Europe":

Deadline this Wednesday: FYEG as a European Movement.

Terry will draft something

Skype JV: Chema will take the initiative to join a meeting between JV and Red Equo Joven. He will send the time and date to the list so that the EC people, who want to participate) can do it.

Next Skype Meeting is skipped, since we are too few people (Steva, Ingrid, Phil, Micha will be in Belarus, Terry is also away).