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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 16.01.2012

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Federation of Young European Greens FYEG Skype conference


Date: 16th January 2012, Start 7:20 pm
1. Opening of the meeting
1.1 Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting
Secretary: Steva
Moderator: Jakob
1.2 Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting
Attendance: Terry, Merja, Jakob, Nic, Nikola, Maggie, Steva   
Missing: Gaya
meeting is valid
1.3 Approving the agenda
agenda approved
2. General updates
2.1 Personal updates (EC members)
2.2 Office and Employee update (sec-gen)       
Reports (finances)
Cop17 to GGEP - sent (Zofia finalized it on Thursday, handed in on Friday), report is in office but the the person responsible at GGEP wasn't there.
Cop17 to GEF- tomorrow (some of the receipts that were first planned for GGEP)
PPM to EGP - tomorrow (we spend a bit more money than we’ll get from them)

Admin finances for 2011

Admin grant
Revolutionary Movements for Democracy
Pilot LGBTQ Sarajevo
Campaign project
Training Youth speakers

Reimbursements for PPM, COP17, Study session
Other bills paid
Reminders for tickets (is all that is left from the projects everything else done)

Lawyer – Battal case (received letter in Dutch)

In general: if we agree to reimburse some travels, send a formal request, so Steva can work on it
Steva needs Markus for checking the GYG account...

3. FYEG statutory activities
3.1 ECM in Brussels (Terry)

Agenda: deadline for changing the agenda and sending documents to Steva for reader: Monday before the agenda
arrivals, bookings: (Steva)
Nic will book tomorrow
check with Gaya when is she arriving for ECM

3.2 GA    

Programme (preliminary programme of Spring Conference sent to GGEP)
Terry sent preliominary programm to - Jochen as he requested
MEPs to be confirmed (who is asking them individually?)
Jan sent a letter to MEP’s
We finalise agenda during ECM and then send individually to MEPs
Campaign is discussing how to use Agenda for discussion
All EC members check with WG’s about the agenda
Fund-raising (GGEP request, EGP --> withdraw?)
EGP most probably will not support Spring Conference
We should ask anyway.

Steva to send GGEP and EGP proposals again to EC list
Feedback from Chema:
hostel is booked for GA

Check agenda for GA so we can decide on ECM
4. Communication
4.1     Newsletter (if there are updates, Jakob)
- has been sent on Friday
winter camp was extended
4.2     Ecosprinter (if there are updates, Jakob)
- first conference
we will have another article series
we are waiting for applications
- nobody for the yearbook
people are asking
Maggie will ask EYF if we have meeting in February

4.3 Press strategy (if needed, Jakob)

External communication document sent around
Terry will include comments
Discussion on the ECM about paper

5. Networking
5.1 MOs updates

+ Maggie should send email to MOs reminding them to pay membership fees
Jakob will forward e-mail for MO’s
5.2 GYG

GYG request for GGEP withdrawn (Terry)
GYG will send request together with the GG
5.3 CDN
Regional Meeting in Albania:
they have decided that they want the Joint ECM after the Winter Camp, proposal is 26th of February. We should check if we can have our ECM after
Media seminar prep team - we should forward e-mail with dates

5.4 Falafel Network (Nikola):
Steva sent application and documents to Emily.
Nikola will send a final letter to Jordanians if they are able to apply. Then we have to find new host and applying organisation

5.5 European Youth Forum/PPYOs
no update
we can join discussion on strategic priorities of European Youth Forum
Maggie will let us know about her further involvement in youth forum
Terry will send input paper and then we can discuss it

6. Political work
6.1 Political Platform Process (if needed,Nic)
we provide amendment forms
people need time to read and discuss
we should have more for ECM
we will have our meeting after the deadline and finalise inputs
- Ecosprinter debate-section
short articles up to 500 words and PPL can comment on it
we will need 4 weeks to set it up
when PPC has the final draft we can set up this online discussion platform
Jakob will be in contact with PPC and see how we can make it

6.2 Green Group (Terry meeting with Greens/EFA)

GGEP will discuss our request on Tuesday hopefully

6.3 EGP (Terry updates about meeting with EGP office....)

Strategy for agreement
- voting rights committee (why?)
- financial support (long-term financial strategy)
- GEF observership

Request for sending EC to Dakar
Spring Conference is priority for us

Maggie and Steva finish the financial plan 2012

- WGs meeting (Jakob, Terry, Maggie)
when is eurocrises WG meets?
Jakob will check it
Jakob can only come on Saturday
Terry is going on Thursday and leaving on Sunday
Maggie is coming on Friday and leaving on Saturday night or Sunday morning

Any preparation needed?

GND --> amendment updated sent

7. Finances
documents will be ready a few days before the ECM
-> overview document will be ready 1 week before for the EC
-> Steva and Maggie will meet during the weekend

8. Projects
8.1 Running projects
8.2 Project's preparation

Campaign (Jakob)
we will try with project to Austrian YiA Agency

Winter camp (maggie)
we had prep team meeting
it went very well
venue was cheap and there is a lot space and meeting rooms. we will have to provide equipment and material. also kitchen is equipped. we will hire cooks.
we received 93 applications
we will finish selection during this week
several WG’s would like to help
working groups should discuss this internally and coordinate
we are looking for speakers

Bea will come from 20-26
- Ecosprinter: wants to cover winter camp with articles and Jakob with videos
prep team will be in contact Ecosprinter board through Maggie and Jakob. Max and Tom will not be there
prep team needs to know who is coming from EC

Rio +20 (Terry)

in contact with MEPs
prepteam to be there soon
dates will be changed to end of June

Youth emancipation (publication)
waiting for prep team applications

Ecosprinter publication (Jakob/maggie)
Jakob and Maggie will talk about it

8.3 Projects to be applied
1st of February YiA:
Revolutionary Movements for Democracy     (Steva and Johnny)

Training "Green Volume on!"     (Steva)

Terry will call NA hopefully tomorrow, maybe on Wednesday

Democracy Wg/ Green Economy/ Baltic Network- EU Institution/ crises thing (nikola)
we had skype conference
we have questions for the office
plan is to send application on 1st of may
SecGen proposal for the WGs: to have it as Spring Camp next

Peace WG project (Gaya?)
no update

LGBTQ seminars (Terry)

things are going well, financial problems maybe, will cooperate with HBF in Sarajevo as well

campaign seminar (Steva)
we will try to apply

8.4 Projects initiatives
Migration WG Seminar (Nic)
-  they are discussing study session and YiA application
- maybe joint study session with CDN

Green Leaders... Marko (Steva)
Marko’s not here
Admin grant – FYEG to European Youth Foundation

9. Any Other Business

Task list:
- Steva: Check office guide for the GYG account and whether the money arrived
- Nic & Steva: check the Luxembourg GA Budget and prepare some arguments for the Committee meeting
- Maggie: ask who will have time for the entire Winter Camp and the joint ECM
- Everybody: ask WGs for input to Winter Camp, ask MOs to update membership figures, whether they get support from their mother parties.