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Minutes: EC phone conference 14th of February

Present: Terry, Nic, David, Nikola, Maggie, Seb, Delfina


Personal updates
GA and provisional agenda
EGP and Future of EGP
Spring Camp
Citizenship seminar
FCC-meeting and SG-candidates reimbursement


GA: Confirmation and feedback of the agenda proposal that Terry has sent around. Deadline of Secretariat applications is tomorrow, lack of woman candidates may lead to extension of deadline. Proposal: Terry is mandated to extend deadline if necessary. Agreed.

EGP Committee and Future of the EGP-Working Group: Looks like no-one of spokespersons or sec-gen can go this weekend. Proposal: Seb contacts a list of people to see if they can go to the Future-WG. Agreed.

Spring Camp: No further MEP's confirmed, Ernest is speaker, Delfina gives Maggie his phone number to confirm. Process with EQUO and the SC works fine at the moment. To do: Markus follows up with MEP's early next week. Sophia is now part of the prep team.

Citizenship Seminar: Draft agenda will be sent out by Terry, process looks good.

FCC-meeting: Will take place, Sophia and Piter-Jan will get travel compensated. Sec-Gen-pre-selection committee: Proposal: Nic prepares an e-mail outlining process and starts the collection of suggestions for people to be on it. Agreed.

CDN admin grant letter: Proposal and ToDo: Markus drafts a communication to CDN during tomorrow.