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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 13.08.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  13-08-2012 19:00-21.00 CEST

1. Opening of the meeting
Attending people: Terry, Krassi, Micha, Steva, Chema, Jakob  and Maggie, Phil
Missing: Ingrid

2. Elections
Election of moderator:Chema
Election of minutes taker: Jakob
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
Starting the Conference with 15min delay to reach the quorum.  After 19:30 EC's almost complete.
4. Approving the agenda
5. Personal Update
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
 PR on youth: confirmed
7. Decision follow up
(the point of this point is just to state what has happened to this decisions, discussion will be in other points further down)
 Social dimension wg meeting that terry cannot attend 7-8 of September. Jakob will go, he will clarify with EGP Office first

8. Office:
Fraud-case: Micha has been trying to get in touch with the contact-people, will most likely not happen before he leaves London.
Steva resent the email to the Prosecutor
a) update
 b) finances
9. Internal structure
 a) EC
Serbia ECM: a place to stay
 Two options: 
 1. distance from Belgrade ~1.5 h, is in the outskirts of Belgrade (14Euros per day without food)
 2. same place as last year: 2.5h from Belgrade (15Euros/day with three meals)
Decision: we take the first place. Steva is clarifying details tomorrow morning, including best transport options
b) WGs
 c) MOs
d) SPP
only three responses (Dutch, Swedish, Finnish), requests for more time Germans, Austrians and Wallonians 
1) extension of deadline to deadline for part A, i.e. 10th of September collectively 
2) Jakob will send out reminder to MO people 
(Each EC-Member: try to find one person for each of your MOs to fill it out)
3) request for authorization to extend deadlines w.o. EC (while keep informing)
Decision: Agreement to all three proposals.
Concerns that the spp website link is not working:
Decision: Jakob& Steva will try to find a solution to have it online without being public
10. Communication
 a) internal communication
report: update from Wurzelwerk. Jakob got access, seems to be very much what we need, only important question is whether it is technically/contractually possible to use it. It might costs something as well.
Next steps: Jakob will check with Ingrid, will show to EC at retreat, and then introduce at WGM (if we know whether we could use it by then)
Decision: Agreement with proposal above
b) external communication
c) web
d) Ecosprinter
- 1 application so far
deadline next week
e) Newsletter
Micha gave Krassi an interesting webpage for designing a Newsletter
11. Networking
 a) CDN
 b) GYG
•  invitation to the Belgrade seminar been sent to GYG and FYAG.
•  European GYG SC Members will try to find space and time for the meeting with us. They will come back to us probably in October
•  Ann wants to apply for the Greenining Queer Theory Seminar
c) Falafel
Concerning further partnership agreements:
Ingrid, Phil, Micha and Chema will talk about it at the ECM Retreat
d) Student's network
e) EGP
Not all expected Committee application support requests might have arrived yet. To be discussed about at the ECM in Serbia:
◦  EGP budget
◦  EGP Council Athens
Committee elections
◦  EGP Working Groups
 g) European Youth Forum
h) Other organization’s activities 
ENDYL Summer Camp 25th-30th of August They invited us!
Communist Youth of Moldova will be organized from 25 till 30 august in the South of Moldova.
12. Activity plan
a) projects in preparation
 Global Justice WG (GJWG) wants to apply for CoE internal application. on European Development Policy. In autumn 2013.
Question on whether other WGs also apply for this "internal application": Doesn't seem like it.
b) projects applied for
c) approved projects 


WG meeting
◦  travel costs - can we still add EU people to the parliament visit or is it now too late? -> there's about 3-4 places left (all EC members are on the list currently)
◦  CCWG: few people, Saurav's case (fundraising): Decision: we support his request towards the MEPs

LGBTQ seminar Belgrade    
•  prepteam meeting will be in two weeks in Belgrade, finalizing the project proposal to the HBF. Terry cannot go, Program: Ulrike and Mareije might take part in the workshop, there's already around 10 applications. Steva will be there at the prep-team meeting
Turn the green volume on
  Prep-team (Problems with coordination): 24th till 27th of August: Steva, Vesna, Krassina, Toni (prep-team meeting)
  Draft-program is already established. 
  Pax-Call needs to be sent out. 
  Partner-organizations need to be pushed. 
  FYEG EC members have to decide on whether to participate in the training - decision to be taken at the ECM Retreat
LGBTQ seminar Tuzla    
•   Steva and Terry will send the application for the pilot project.
    it will be finalized this weekend, a new prep-team member is working on it
    Terry might be going to Kosovo straight after the Tuszla seminar
 - Project of Vesna and Judith
 - create a manual (like the compass) for Green Economy issues (because it is missing, not included in compass)
 - Chema will get in touch with the GEWG Coordinators, ask whether they want to be involved
d) past projects
e) projects and campaigns
Youth emancipation publication: 
     - it's time for writing articles (till the end of September)
    - emails arrived on a wrong address, so some delay, but will be sorted out soon
Energy campaign
    Jakob and Steva will talk after skype
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
•   Aviation emissions trading - what happened with this (Jakob was waiting for Bea and CCWG. without responses. he will now be waiting untill Tuesday night)
•   Ukraninan Murder Case: GYG issued a PR on it: Phil will do more research, Steva will ask Olga what exactly happened there. Update will come at ECM 
b) ideas 
c) discussions 

14. Any other business
-  Input needed for public consultation of the European Commission on Migration to the EU
 FYEG people encouraged to participate and fill the form (might have a bit of impact)
 - ECI: FYEG EC needs to push this. Phil is in contact with the initiators of an another attempt for an anti-nuclear ECI
- Debating Europe - it will be discussed at the Serbia ECM
-  Terry will bring a camera to the ECM and we will make a video:) about the euro crisis