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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 13.02.2012

 Read here the minutes 

Date: 13th February 2012

1. Opening of the meeting

1.1 Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting

Secretary: Jakob, Steva

Moderator: mixed

1.2 Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting

Attendance: Jakob, Merja, Steva, Terry, Maggie

Missing: Gaya, 

meeting is valid

1.3 Approving the agenda

2. General updates

2.1 Personal updates (EC members)

2.2 Office and Employee update (sec-gen)     

Lawyer – Battal case:

Steva contacted the Belgian girl to get contacts

We'll send a letter to the MOs and the partners (EGP, GGEP, Commission, GEF)

Steva will draft the communication (deadline Friday), consult the advisory committee


have arrived, Steva already checked out new software, will chat with Hector during the Winter Camp

Hector needs to build up the network with EGP etc. (hector will do this through a remote-access software


no news, also Campaign-Team puts pressure on Steva now :-)


GA calls will be sent out this week, till the 16th...

Working permit procedure has to be repeated (start from scratch) 

3. FYEG statutory activities

3.1 Next ECM 

Exact dates

Merja not coming

terry, Maggie, Nic, Jakob, Nikola, Steva for the full time


Steva to prepare strategy planning part

political coordinator IRP amendments: Nic to summarize the debate

then short discussion and vote at the ECM

3.2 GA     

Calls to be sent out - on the 16th!

Programme - to be discussed at ECM

everybody to prepare the workshops that people are responsible for

MEPs to be confirmed - short update, but rather discuss at ECM


4. Communication

4.1     Newsletter (if there are updates, Jakob)

has been sent. Zofia takes over.

4.2     Ecosprinter (if there are updates, Jakob)

decision needed on board:

4.4 Press releases

Statement from Migration WG

Against Neo-Nazi demonstrations

Fukushima anniversary PR (during Winter Camp)

4.5 Other

MO list functions

Merja is going to Swedish Young Greens General Assembly

 introduce FYEG GA agenda, PPP, campaign, strategy process, 

preliminary activity plan, ask people to join FYEG events, talk to Ingrid

5. Networking

5.1 MOs updates 

Letter about MO budgets and number of members sent

there's two communications: Maggie sent the financial one, the one containing the number of members

Steva will send Merja's proposal and send (minus Maggie content) it to the EC list

5.2 GYG

Who are going to the Congress?

5.3 CDN

5.4 Falafel Network (Nikola):

5.5 European Youth Forum/PPYOs

Initiative on Youth in Action

Meeting with Malika

willl be this Friday at 11 a.m.

Structured Dialogue consultation/input for DK Presidency & EU youth conference

6. Political work

6.1 Political Platform Process 

6.2 Green Group

Steva send email to Jochen, and called, no answer.

no news

6.3 EGP 

Request for sending EC to Dakar - GYG congress

News: we got confirmation only for spokesperson (Terry), for the others Jacqueline needs to communicate with the committee

additionally to Merja and Terry:

-> If EGP pays (two people will go)

-> if EGP does not pay (we'll still pay two people. one from the 2500, one from the rest of the budget)

in both cases Maggie(presidency) will be one of the two.

WGs meeting

Who can go on the 2nd and 3rd March?

Jakob can't but will. :-)

Terry will forward all stuff to Jakob

Committee voting rights

Terry going to EGP Committee with preparation that was sent around

7. Finances

8. Projects

8.1 Running projects

8.2 Project's preparation

Campaign (Jakob) 

update -> roadmap has been sent

e-mail is sent to EC list and CCWG and green economy with roadmap

1st action week - end of April (Chernobyl)

GA - input from MO\s

2nd action week - during G20


3rd action week - autumn

Winter camp (Maggie)

ECM will not be in Basel, we'll go back to Basel with Pax, 

Bea will come for the whole time

no big troubles

Speakers? enough speakers,  confirmed

Action is in the hands of the Swiss

there will be workshop of gender WG (for all pax? want max 20, parallel session?, Maggie will ask about it)

Martin tries to get other people to the WC

Laptops: if WC needs it, Maggie will ask Steva to bring the second laptop

Role of EC Members: HEGs, facilitation, something more? Maggie will ask!

no of pax: 70+5 prep team members (thanks!)

Rio +20 (Terry)

Prepteam starts working

Hostel booked? Hostel is not booked yet, but will be done by end of week

Youth emancipation (publication)

Ecosprinter publication (Jakob/Maggie)

8.3 Projects to be applied

1st of February YiA:

Training "Green Volume on!"     (Steva) --> skip

LGBTQ seminars (Terry)

Update with programme and financial plan was sent - to be discussed at ECM

8.4 Projects initiatives

Green Leaders... Marko (Steva)

9. Any Other Business

strategy planning (Steva is drafting, based on Lukas' doc, Merja provides input)

1) need to provide long time finances to EGP

2) long term strategy of the Austrian young greens

3) where do we see our organisation in two/three years

4)Election campaign? (contents of it?)

5) Practicalities: strategy meeting (e.g. in Austria), committee (e.g. like PPC)

6) aims and objectives: of the 

7) a strategy is not just an extended activity plan ("long term planning"), we start with the strategy and derive financial plan and activity plan

8) employment ask for raise of support (2,5% eligible)

9) where do I see FYEG in 10 years

Steva will work on raw document till Thursday, then send it to Merja and Jakob, will be finalized to a 

Two already existing documents: 

- one by Natalie debono (strategic planning, theoretical concepts), something resulted from it, Steva will look for it

- second thing (that Nic knows about)

To do list: