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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 12.9.11

Minutes from Skype conference on 12th of September
Start: 7:30 pm CET
End: 9 pm CET
Attendance: merja, nic, jakob, steva, terry
Moderation/Minutes: Terry /Steva

Personal update



MO updates

Any important Mo updates

Estonian Young Greens might be interesting in joining FYEG. Merja could go on the study visit.

Overview of the Activity plan should be sent to MO's list. Steva will send it.


Citizenship conference:

80% of pax are selected. The things are working well.

Report for the Paris conference should be finalized.

Steva joins this Wednesday on 7pm skype conference of the prep team to talk about finances.


GIC 2012

Will be in Sweden. They will have a call for prep team. We should take down our call from the website.

There should be international and local prep team.

We should clarify procedure about selecting FYEG representative in prep team.

Should be point on the agenda on the next EC meeting.


Study session:

Tomorrow we will have a skype meeting where we will decide about agreement with CoE.


G20 Action and Rio +20

We will have article series and action day. We want to motivate our MO's to do something. Maybe some action in Brussels. We would like to have something for the website. Sticker should be prepared.

We maybe want to apply for seminar.

15th of September is a deadline for stickers.

WG's should propose slogans and if they want they can propose general design directions.


COP Workshop

The hostel is booked. We are working on the Agenda. Some speakers are invited.


Winter Camp:

We should send the dates to Jan. Maggie is in contact with Swiss Young Greens.


Energy Campaign:

We have several applications more. We should move on with the decision. On the next ECM we will make a decision of the prep team.

Steva joins the Campaign prep team in a way. Jakob and Steva will meet to talk about it.


Projects to be applied:

FYEG/ CDN study session – Steva will talk to Teo about it.

FYEG training – terry will talk with German Young Greens about applying for it on 1st of




We should discuss in general our participation on GSU. WE can do it on next ECM in Brussels.


WG's Meeting:

Now we have 35 slots. (info from Ska's assistant)

To rearrange with participants. Steva will talk with Maggie and Ska's office about participants.

Steva sends Agenda for ECM asap latest before next Skype conference.


EGP Committee Meeting

Input provided.



Jakob met with Hector and learned how to do Newsletter. Will send the proposal - Steva checks the minutes, EC checks the content of the Newsletter. 24 hours to respond for others.




the minutes should be hand out immediately after the Skype conference.

We do it on type with me in future. Its easy to transfer it to web-site and newsletter. It can be saved as pdf immediately.

We try it for the next 2 skype conferences and we evaluate it on the next ECM in Brussels, if we continue.

Press strategy:

Terry will send press strategy until Thursday...

Call for GA – to be issued – steva