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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 12.12.2011

Federation of Young European Greens FYEG Telephone conference Agenda/Minutes

When: Monday, 12th December

Opening of the meeting

Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting
Secretary: Nikola
Moderator: Jakob

Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting
Attendance:  Terry, Jakob, Merja, Maggie, Nikola
Missing: Gaya, Nic, Steva
The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.

Approving  the agenda

The  agenda was approved as it is!

The  agenda was approved with the following changes: adopted

Personal updates

The personal updates were provided.

Office and Employee update

Skipped, since Steva wasn’t on the meeting

FYEG statutory activities

1) Next ECM
- PPYO (together/alone after the meeting)
Firts option: We ask PPYO’s to have separate meetings on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday evening to have joint dinn
Second option: We have Friday together and Sunday and Saturday separately. Steva will check, if we have enough facilities to have our meeting in the same place with others, otherwise we have it in our Office
In any option we try to be punctual and come at the same time.
agenda ecm (Terry)
everybody have a look on it, then discuss next time.

2) GA
fundraising-Steva should go through written proposal
MEP: Raul might not come, but we have Karima, Jan, Ska, Reinthard


1) Newsletters (Jakob)
has finally been sent out, was ready last week but apparently miscommunication with Zofia -> now a couple of deadlines passed

2) Ecosprinter (Jakob)
hector has problems with tranfering it to JP Berlin. Murphy’s law is correct. ;-)
He will focus on getting ecosprinter running again this week.
I will send an email to the general mailing list, explaining what happened.

3) civicrm (Jakob, Maggie)
-enable profiles, discussions, planning, sharing documents and can be used for all FYEG bodies
we are going to introduce it on the GA in order to present it to people and hear inputs and before that EGP will present it to us on our ECM in February


1) MO´s
- any important update

2) GYG
-sending calls to MEPs, FYEG Gender Wg will get more involved to Sexual and reproductive rights seminar, we and SC  have to work on European candidate, calls for candidates should be send out and candidates should check tickets
- send letter for fundraising to national MEPs(German, Austrian, Finland), but first check with prep team of GYG Congress

- GYG congress
- fundraising: GJ are fundraising in the German Parliament -> Terry
- problems might appear, if GG Congress doesn’t take place

3) CDN
Caucasus meeting:

Albania meeting:

4) Falafel Network (Slon)
- guy from Eqypt (paris): exchanged emails, will also do with Jordanians

Political work

11.1 Political Platform Process- (Nic)
- skip

11.2  Green Group
- Bueti response - we will send final version of proposal to Finances WG of GGEP
Procedure about finances is clarified and Terry explained it

11.3  EGP
Skype conference last week of Committee meeting, we missed it, but minutes were sent to e-list



13.1 Running projects:
- EU Citizenship:
finalizing report

- Cop17 Workshop (Jakob)
- feedback for Prep-team, Videos (who to work on them, where to get them from)
- missing gender based speakers balance, technical problems, beside that program and informal part were great

- Gender Study Session-
- positive feelings from participants, in the prep team smaller issues
- The statement

13.2 Project's preparation

- Campaign (Jakob)
-campaign-team meeting (short overview)- prep team after ECM or just before WC, smaller scale influence, use GA to discuss campaign and continue work further on until October, involve MOs in meetings (seminar/meeting in June and October) and actions
- meeting with Steva in Vienna -> reserve date/time to meet in office of

13.3 Projects to be applied
1st of February YiA:
- Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny)

- Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)
european agency, call for partners should be out...

-  Training "Green Volume on!" (steva)

GEF et al.
- LGBTQ seminars (Terry)
we got the money, the people, JPA(!) in zagreb
- part in Tuzla has to be supported more, probably with Pilot project in Council of Europe

13.3 Projects with sent applications

- Winter camp (maggie)
nederlands(m), germany (b), ireland(m),

- we have to vote
- 13-15.02 prep meeting

- Rio +20 (Terry)
- approved application, in the beginning of January Call for prep team will be send out
- we need more money

- Youth emancipation (publicaton)
-> delfina contacting

- Ecosprinter publication

- FYEG-CDN Study Session (Steva)

13.4 Projects initiatives
- Migration WG Seminar (Nic)

- Green Leaders, marko (steva)#
multi-measures applications, several projects, european youth for exchange and understanding, will last from june 2012 to june 2013 with six different events, we will be partners with prepteam members and participants, trainings and seminars, topics: climate change, we will ask for more information, waiting for response from YiA

- Eu Young Green Leaders Seminar (nikola)
- Nikola was there and has positive impression about event. Report/summary will be sent to the list
conception was: meeting of 8 isrealis, 8 palestinians, 8 EU people (lectures, debates, exchange, go through topics of the middle-east-conflict, follow-up -> how these people can contribute to the resolution of the conflict)

Any Other Business
Material: stickers

To do:
Jakob- to contact Delfina and check what’s going on with Raul, put civicrm on Agenda for ECM in February and contact EGP, ask Sarah Benke for the document to be sent to austrian MPs, in the next Newsletter put Call for Ecosprinter publication “prep team”, send out statement#
Maggie- civicrm presentation on GA agenda
Terry- in the beginning of January send prep Call, contact Delfina about Youth Emancipation Publication
Merja- check if Europeans from SC GYG would like to continue, check with prep team of GYG Congress, if they support the idea of sending fundraising letters to national MEPs
Nikola- write report form Young Leaders Seminar
Steva- ask Steva, if he has gone through old application and contacted previous partners, material- stickers
Everybody- check Terry’s type with me for GA Agenda

Closing of the meeting