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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 12.03.2012

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Date: 12th March 2012


1. Opening of the meeting

1.1 Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting

Ms.Secretary: Merja


1.2 Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting

Attendance: Terry, Merja, Gaya, Nikola, Maggie

Missing: Nic, Jakob, Steva

1.3 Approving the agenda

The agenda was approved as it is.

2. General updates

2.1 Personal updates (EC members)

Personal updates were given.

2.2 Office and Employee update (sec-gen)


3. FYEG statutory activities

3.1 Next ECM

According to the ECM doodle, the best days are the 7th and 8th of April. The ECM would be in Zagreb, before the LGTBQ seminar. Arrival should be on Friday evening and the meeting starts on Saturday morning at 9 AM and lasts till 4 PM Sunday evening.

Steva drafts a proposal for the agenda. Steva organises a hostel and other practicalities together with Morana Starcevic, who is in the prep team of the LGTBQ seminar, so that the EC can stay in the same hostel with the participants of the seminar.

3.2 GA

MEPs to be confirmed


Financial issues

The budget for the GA will be done by next weekend by Maggie. A possibility to support working group coordinators and other key players to come to the GA will be seen in the budget.

Next EC

A treasurer is needed for next year, hopefully a person who has experience in large organisations and their bookkeeping. A brainstorming session was held about finding possible candidates. We decided to continue to search for possible persons.

4. Communication

4.1 Newsletter


4.2 Ecosprinter (if there are updates, Jakob)

Ecosprinter meeting will take place on the 16th- 18th in Brussels (Steva is informed about it)

4.3 Press releases

In the next ECM, the process of publishing a press release should be discussed.

4.4 Other

No other issues.

5. Networking

5.1 MOs updates

No updates.

5.2 GYG

This far, there has been no call for resolutions. The presidency has discussed a call, and there will be one, with a deadline on Tuesday the 20th night. There will be no possibility for amendments for the resolutions before the congress, but during it there's a possibility to amend them and the participants will see the resolutions in advance.

Terry proposes that the GYG would discuss the resolutions for the Global Greens congress, particularly the Rio +20 resolution tabled by the EGP, and put forward joint amendments. FYEG will also table a resolution for the GYG congress about Rio +20.

The participants of the GYG congress will not need to arrange separate accommodation for the GG congress, the participants can stay in the GYG venue for the whole time. Terry, Maggie and Merja will arrive on the 24th March.

Nikola proposes to have a fringe meeting for the FALAFEL network.

5.3 CDN

Gaya is going to the CDN General Assembly in Kiev on the 16th. Gaya is going to talk with CDN about membership in the European Youth Forum.

5.4 Falafel Network (Nikola)

There has been no response from Emily, whom we asked for help to organise a regional meeting. Therefore contacts needs to be improved in Dakar, including help for Ecosprinter. The fringe meeting would therefore be vital for the network.

5.5 European Youth Forum/PPYOs

The European Youth Forum has asked FYEG to hold a workshop or a thematic square in the Council of Members or COMEM of the European Youth Forum. Our original idea was to hold a workshop about internal democracy, but it was not possible to reach an agreement about the way to do it. Maggie writes to Mathilda from LYMEC and asks about the thematic square on internal democratic procedures for COMEM.

Nikola has sent a mail to the European Youth Forum about Voting age 16 campaign, but there has been no response.

The European Youth Forum has a campaign about youth employment. We want to empower the Green Economy working group of FYEG to work on the topic.

6. Political work

6.1 Political Platform Process

There was a PPC meeting this weekend, and the 4th draft has been sent after the meeting. There's time to comment it until the 23rd of March. All should have read the draft and have their comments ready by Sunday the 18th at 8 PM CET. After that, they are collected and sent around by Nic and discussed the next day in the EC skype meeting. Nic should come up with a proposal for the process to discuss the amendments in the ECM. Maggie is going to communicate this to Nic.

6.2 Green Group


6.3 EGP

The EGP was sent a paper about the development of FYEG and the future activities and the foreseen changes in finances to support our request for increasing the EGP contribution to FYEG. Terry will present the paper to EGP committee.

The EGP council is going to be held in Copenhagen.

Steva has sent the delegate letter to the EC. The deadline for resolutions is the 30th of March, and before that, we have to decide whether we want to table resolutions to the council. Terry will send an e-mail to the EC list asking possible ideas for resolutions.

The whole EC should be coming to the council.

7. Finances

The Financial Control Committee had a meeting, overseeing the finances and the office, and will draft a report about it. Their image of the work was favourable.

8. Projects

8.1 Running projects

8.2 Project's preparation

Campaign (Jakob)

All member organisations should have been sent an e-mail about a questionnaire about the campaign by the EC members.

Rio +20 (Terry)

A financial plan is needed, a call for participants is going to be sent out in the beginning of April, and in the end of April, there's going to be a prep team meeting.

Youth emancipation (publication)

Delfina has been coordinating the collection of applications to the prep team of the publication. She will forward the applications to the EC. Nikola is interested in working on the publication, too.

Ecosprinter publication (Jakob/Maggie)

A designer is being searched for the publication.

8.3 Projects to be applied

1st of February YiA:

Training "Green Volume on!"

Terry is in contact with the German Young Greens. The training could be held together with the German Young Greens congress, which is in October in Gelsenkirchen. Since the training is about rhetorics, it might be interesting to link it to a political meeting where speeches are given.

LGBTQ seminars (Terry)

The prepteam meeting was good. The participants are still being selected, and the regional and gender balance looks good. The programme of the seminar is finished, it will be quite theoretical. A lot of activities will happen at the side of the seminar and several high level speakers will attend.

FYEG Wintercamp 2013

A call for host organisations for the winter camp has been sent and three organisations have replied before the deadline, midnight 9th of March: Sweden, Finland and Greece.

The EC decided to have the wintercamp 2013 in Finland.

Merja will communicate the decision to the Finns and to the Swedes. Terry will communicate this to Greeks.

Bonn Intersessionals May 2013


8.4 Projects initiatives

Green Leaders... Marko (Steva)


9. Any Other Business

No other business.