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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 11.7.11

Present: Jakob, Merja, Terry, Nikola, Steva. Absent: Nic, Gaya, Maggie.

1. Personal update

2.Office update

unfortunately during the last week, the women who is in charge for employment (@securex) was on holiday.
prepared everything for the planned employment.

Steva is responsible, but doesn't have card yet.
Tomorrow: appointment at bank, to make urgent transfers

Friday morning Zofia and Steva will go to accountant in liege (still something left for 2010)

Phone conferences:
Steva is communicating with Ska's office. We cant have phone conferences every monday. Steva will continue to work on this.

steva is planning to go end of july, beginning of August, returning last week of august
EC will have phone conferences on 25. of July and 1. of August. on 8th there is no. 15th live-ECM. afterwards we'll see what happens


3. Working groups:

3.1Update from WG's (if any)

3.2WG's Meeting in October
General update
names and passport numbers of the people needed
contact Delfina as well
its important from where people are coming from

deadline is end of July
discuss on conference 1st of august
communicate with WG
final decision on ECM serbia

steva will propose the travel reimbursement limits according to the regions

Steva will book the places in the cheap hostel for 30 people.


4. FYEG Material

5.1 Design
Steva will contact Nic asap about design.
We should have the similar design for FYEG material, same style.
The best would be to have one designer for all material
similar to website, colors and general look
WG's stickers – message is very important
Steva will proceed with Tom and Nick about the design.


6. Current Activities:

6.1FYEG space on Summer Camp
- FYEG programme – plan and sharing the tasks

Steva to get the list of the participants and then we see who is coming
Controversial topics that people can discuss. Terry will come up with the proposal in order to get as much as possible input for the PPC

6.2Green Summer University

Workshops update
Nic sent the update. We have 3 very good speakers. The plan looks quite good.
Steva will help with Visa procedures

FYEG EC participation

We need to draft a call.
On next ECM we will talk in details about our participation.

Promotion of the GSU
General promotion
Buses – CDN, Vino
Steva drafts a FYEG call for GSU
Inform CDN to promote GSU

6.3G20 Action + Rio +20
Trying to see if there is anything going on in Cannes. Action in Brussels – we should inform Ecolo J and Jong Groen for this. We need to find out whats going on in Cannes.

Workshop about G20 during Summer Camp
Make sticker for G20
We should use it for Rio+20 mobilization next year in June.

German young greens are having action group.
GE WG should work on this as well.
The G20 is beginning of November

6.5Grune Jugend Congress
To use congress as international platform. GYG can reimburse costs within germany.
The topic will be democracy. Democracy WG could do something there as well.
7th - 8th of October

6.6YFJ – Volonteering in political organizations
young green activists

6.7Citizenship conference
PT update (if any important)
Skype meeting will be on Wednesday.

6.8Ecosprinter publication
Maggie, Jakob and Ecosprinter board will start working on publication

6.9Energy Campaign
Writing a draft – call for campaign team

7. Projects to be applied:

7.1LGBTQ rights – update
Reminders for some organizations will be sent. Provisional prep team should be made soon.

7.2Falafel Network Meeting
Dzoni will continue trying to get in contact with people in Jordan who are preparing project application.
7.3Gender WG project - Intersectionality seminar
GWG discussed the proposals from CDN and Green Economy WG and we agreed that we are for cooperation. We will still wait for couple of days for reaction by other members who were not on the meeting.

7.4FYEG CDN Study session
We should inform CDN and start working on this. Steva will talk with Gaya and we inform CDN.

7.6Green Economy WG project – Women and Green economy
Gender WG decided to support initiative from Green Economy WG and we should apply for this project on 1st of October to EYF as planned.

7.7FYEG – Training
Five at least. Maximum 10. Steva will come up call for partners in next couple of days.


8. Finances

Treasurer is not present. Office and Treasurer will send budget overview and balance as soon as possible.
Maggie, Steva and Zofia made a new form, new budget lines , update sub-budget lines
now they are able to compare how much we spend, how much we received and make a balance.
Steva and Zofia will go to Liege on Friday morning and meet with our Accountant.


9. Meeting with EGP Secretary General
Plan for the support should be made ASAP. Steva will propose in next couple of days.

10. GGEP overview and meeting

Terry will finalize the overview for the meeting. Meeting is on Thursday.


11. Democracy International

Will reimburse the the travel costs for FYEG participation.


12. Publishing overview of FYEG work

Steva will draft the content and propose sharing of tasks

12. AOB

12.1YFJ Conference focused on Eastern Europe and Caucasus
Gaya should participate. Steva will talk with Gaya
12.2Europeans for fair roaming
Terry will write support letter.
12.3Study Visit for representatives of Egyptian political parties
Steva and Zofia will go to the Parliament on the Conference tomorrow morning. Present FYEG on the panel, promote Falafel network and get contacts.

Green Campus – Merja is accepted.