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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 11.06.2012

    Date and time: 11-06-2012, 19.00-21.00 CET

    • Attending people: Chema, Ingrid, Jakob, Steva, Terry and Krassi

        • Elections:
        • Minute taker: Krassi
        • Personal updates
        • It was given.

      • Networking
        • EGP committee meeting:

      It will be held on Friday and Jakob will be there as FYEG representative. He will have to leave one hour earlier and will ask to shift the FYEG point.

      Jakob inform them about the new EC, about the political platform process and strategic planning process. Terry and Jakob will work further on the agenda for the meeting and send a suggestion for what more FYEG should say during the meeting with EGP. Their input will be sent to the EC list.
      On the agenda so far are business plan, requests from Equo and LMP. The committe will also take decisions on evaluation of the council in Copenhagen, the budget and invitation.


      Alternative rio+20 summit in London: Micha and Terry will attend

      Future of Europe EGP meeting Friday 29th of June 12.00-17.00
      DECISION: Jakob will go there, he will brainstorm with Micha and Krassina and present a suggestion for the FYEG input at the ECM in Brussels.

      UN Advocacy Meeting 2012 in Berlin, Germany, on 15-17th July
      DECISION: we will ask Micha to go there

      Symposium “Arab spring: Youth participation for the promotion of peace, human rights and fundamental freedoms”, 27-29th August 2012 in Tunisia
      Ingrid will go there

      Contributions for Dialogue and Change”– Istanbul (Turkey), 28 June - 01 July 2012
      DECISION: we will ask Micha, if he can’t maybe Krassi can go there

      European Youth Forum advocacy training , 23th June Brussels for 3 hours
      DECISION: Steva will ask Maggie if she can go, if not maybe Krassi

      Youth emancipation publication
      There is a group responsible for this that will meet next weekend. The members of this group are Iva, Nic, Durga and Christina.
      DECISION: Chema will be responsible from the EC and become a full member of the prep-team from now on. He will book a flight to Brussels for this weekend.

      The prep.team meeting went well, there are some visa issues, all invitation letters were sent out today.
      There will be a visit to the European Parliament (26th of June). So far 16 persons are registered but it could be nice if the EC members could also be there (Ingrid and Phil maybe).

      DECISION: Terry will ask Merja weather we can use the money from the 400 budget line for African participants going to the rio+20 seminar.

      LGBTQ seminar in Belgrade
      The program agenda should be moved forward. 26th June is the deadline for prep-team members. After that the provisional prep-team will propose members and the EC will approve them; the event will be safe with lots of German politicians there.

      "Youth Speakers: Turn the Green Volume On!“ (15th to 22nd September)
      For the prep.team we should look for people who have enough knowledge and capacity to organize the sessions themselves so that we don’t need a lot of external people.

      DECISION: Krassina will be responsible from the EC on this and Terry will help with the local contacts.

      New responsibilities:

      League of Young Voters - project from the European Youth Forum and it is about encouraging young people to vote.
      Krassina will be responsible in the EC for this, she will get in touch with Merja about it.

      Voting age 16
      EC responsible person will be Chema. He will contact Nikola for more information.

      Press statements (PRs):

      There is no agreement on the possibility of military intervention. We will take out the most controversial points. This should be developed into a policy paper later.
      Jakob will write down a new shorted suggestion

      Ingrid will ask Phil what is happening

      Energy Campaign
      We should individually speak to the MOs about participating in the second action week. The German young greens are also having a campaign on the rio+20. Do the EC have suggestions for actions to the energy campaign? – how climate change and nuclear energy effects us.
      The idea for the rio+20 seminar is painting a world map on the ground with some speech and banners

      FYEG Working group’ member application
      How should the procedure be? So far the accepted procedure is that everyone needs a motivation letter and recommendation letter from a FYEG member organization. If the person is not a member of a FYEG member organization (s)he should ask a FYEG member organization for one.
      DECISION: we do not change this procedure

      Access to the Drop Box and the Google document
      They were created by Krassina and related to the applications of the working groups’ members
      - Steva, Phil and Michael didn't join yet; if they want to be invited by another email they should email Krassina.

      Working groups Meeting dates
      We need to decide on this. Steva will call Ska about it.

      We could have an EC meeting either in Gelsenkirchen or in Regensburg. We wait with this decision until we know the date of the working group meeting.

      Agenda for the Brussels ECM
      Ingrid and Steva will keep in contact about this

      Jakob has not been able to change the pictures of the EC members.