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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 10.10.11

Minutes from Skype conference on 10th of October
Start: 7:10 pm CET
End: 9 pm CET
Attendance: Nic, Terry, Maggie, steva, Jakob, Nikola
Moderation/Minutes: Terry/Maggie


1.Opening of the meeting

2. Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting

The secretary: Maggie     The moderator: Steva

3. Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting

The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.

4. Approving the agenda

approval, Jakob (in Bucharest) will join for his points

5. Personal updates


6. Office update


Meeting with FCC

- 2010 report will have to be presented on the GA again

- see Pieters list of recommendations (sent via mailing list)

Scheduled meeting with Jochen about intern

- scheduled meeting for Friday 31st of October

Romania seminar - reimbursement procedure, advance transfers (out of the office from Friday to Wednesday)

- Steva will take care of reimbursement procedure (with the help of Morana and Zofia)

Paid salary on time to Zofia, one to SecGen

- first time on time :)

Finalizing payments for WG’s meeting food,deposit

Bank - FYEG business card blocked last week – to be unblocked tomorrow morning

- card was blocked, Steva will solve it

Updating finances – EGP made a first transfer

- EGP sent first 10.000 EUR (so FYEG should be fine for some time)

- EGP has a feeling we dont really care much of finances

- meeting with Lena on Thursday - Steva tries to change the FYEG image towards EGP ;)

Projects financial reports – Spring camp, citizenship Paris

- could be finished next week

Grant Agreements for Ecosprinter year book and Winter camp sent

Zofia had a free day on Friday and will have another next Friday (due to working during weekend)

Morana left L… office empty in afternoon

- Steva can finally listen to his music laudly and run around office naked  or wraped in serbian flag


7. Political discussion (skip if anything is on agenda)

Topic: skip


8. FYEG  statutory activities


8.1   Wg's meeting follow up (Johnny)

- living documents- working plan and report

- drop box?google docs?

- ask Hector to put the action plan on the website

- ask also the coordinators - Johny

- to publish the plan and the report (also in the newsletter)


8.2   Next ECM- time, venue, work on the agenda (Steva)

- doodle - Steva


9. Communication

-        Press officer-   selection  procedure     (Jakob)

-  invite for skype interview with Beatrice White and Alexis Bernard

- Terry, jakob, Steva? present

- time:after Wednesday next week



-         Newsletters (Jakob)

is in preparation, send out on Tuesday

call for partnership agreement 3x, +migration


-  Template of Agenda/Minutes for EC Skype Conferences (Johnny)

- form: for phone conf shorter

- time of sending; Friday/weekend

- contribution of others:

- always make short intro into the proposed agenda for EC meetings!



10. Networking


10.1         Mo's update- if any update

Bulgarian Young Greens update (see email)

Congress German Young Greens Report (will be in an email)


11. Political work


11.1 Political  Platform Process (Nic)

- confusion with the dates of the meeting

- there will be probably a room for the polplat meeting at the Congress (so no need to travel long for the action)

- previous dates agreed - to work on Thursday/Friday; proposal to move it to Friday/Saturday

- main argument: many people will not be able to come on Thursday

(EC does not have to be at the polplat meeting)

- vote:

1st thursdsay andf friday: maggie, merja, nic, jakob

2nd friday saturday:Johny

1 abstention


-Meeting with Mo representatives

--> we need arrival and departure times until tonight, so we need to take the final decision about the dates!!!


- Freia from CCWG, Marina (?) from Bulgarians

- Livia from Green Economy WG



11.2  Green Group- any update after Brussels weekend

- Short chat with Reinhard at the congress, no other news, meeting with vula and jochen at some point?

Scheduled meeting with Jochen on Friday 21, October 11AM - main point new intern

- next weekend: maybe meeting with the german delegation in the GGEP


11.3  EGP

-   Meeting with Jacqueline (Steva and Terry)

- Finances meeting thursday night with lena, Steva and jacqueline

- preparation congress

- Revision EGP-FYEG agreement

- Terry will go through it and propose amendments

terry and steva will update EC via email


- 1.        Fringe meeting (Johnny)

- agenda still needs to be done

- general timeframe are in the minutes from the ECM


-   2.      Climate resolution (Jakob)

procedure is mess, decision needed:

- table our own resolution

- or amend GGEP proposal (if possible)

send to


- 3. Resolution on violence against women

- Terry and Merja: should rather be included in the programmatic development paper

- Terry will write an amendment on that


- 4. EuroCrisis resolution: which input do we want to give?

- send proposals via mailing list



12. Finances


-         Proposal for budget form changes (Steva)

- skipped

- this week it will be finalized and prepared for the meeting with Lena...news next week


13. Projects


13.1         Running projects:


-         Citizenship seminar, Romania-  (Jakob)

Agenda is ready, Speakers confirmed, finances secured.

Will arrive on Tuesday, will have prep-team meeting from 5pm on

Money has not arrived on my account


-         CDN training, Romania-  do we have any input on this (Jakob)

no exact number of participants - Jakob checks


-         Gender Study Session- (Merja)

- Marta needs a ticket to be bought by FYEG for the prepteam meeting - Steva takes care of that



13.2         Project's preparation


-         COP17 Workshop (Jakob)

update on finances, agenda (http://willyou.typewith.me/p/COP17%20Workshop%20Agenda)

- meeting with Eva on Monday - not possible to finance the workshop as  visitor group (as WGs meeting was)

- change strategy to individual support request

- emails sent to different MEPs

- until the middle October (14,15) there might be no answer from them since they will just then learn how much money they still have left

- Ska still has a lot of money - contact her; people can not send the travel tickets for WGs meeting late, maybe she could pay the hostel

- Steva: for individual support from MEPs FYEG should not provide the bills

-         Campaign-  results of voting and more         (Jakob)

6 votes cast, Clarence, Marina, Kim, Andrea have majority

creation of "email list" action committee, put all



13.3         Projects to be applied


-         Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny)

partners, communication with Jordanians, application;

- Johny searches for partners (only two by now) - help!

- to work on budget before preparing the application


-         FYEG Training

application from Austrians (-> steva?)


-         Youth emancipation publication (?)


-         Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)


-         LGBTQ         seminars (Terry)


- MEPs very positive: more or less confirmations from Franziska, Jan, Ska, Marije and Ulrike


- Discrimination at European borders? Spatial and mental borders

- Green Leaders (Merja)


13.3         Projects with sent aplications


-         Rio +20 (Steva)


-         FYEG-CDN Study Session (Steva)




14. Any Other Business


-         EU-China Meeting- Final decision about FYEG representatives (Steva)


- supersorry! But I already communicated this to the EGP. did I make a mistake here?


-         editing of gender movie action


- Projects initiatives - Youth for understanding and exchange, International Young naturefriends


15. Closing of the meeting