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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 09.07.2012

 Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference 09-07.2012, 19:00-21.00 CET

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
Minute taker:
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members has to be present for the meeting to be valid
Attending people: Terry, Jakob, Maggie, Chema, Ingrid, Krassina, Phil, Stevan, Micha
4. Aproving the agenda
5. Personal Update
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
Decision to accept 7 applicants to the Digital rights working group
 to accept one more person into the Transport working group.

 that Phil willl take over the responsibility for the Migration WG from Ingrid
 to publish the PR on Acta.

 to approve the suggestion for LGBTQ Belgrade prep.team that the LGBTQ prep.team had presented. the elected people are: Gio Megrelishvili from Georgia, Teona Micevska from Macedonia, Sebastian Müller from Germany unanimously.
7. Decision follow up
update: the Migration wants to receive money from the EYF for their study session
Decision: Theoretically we can apply again to the Study Session (Steva). Ingrid and Phil will do the follow up.
Decision to upload the activity plan on the web page 
Decision:  Jakob will take charge of it.
Update: questionnaire for the SPP 
Decision: Jakob will send out the link, brainstorm and then implement it with Steva 
  • Update: from Maggie about what the YFJ said about the Youth emancipation publication. It was sent to the YFJ. Positive Feedback.
  • Update: moderation/facilitation for the SPP - Phil
  • Update: if the financial control committee are ok with reimbursing tickets from NYC?
    Decision: Steva asks the FCC.
  • Update: communication  with GEF about the money - Terry and Steva
  • Written report of Zagreb Seminar (LGBTQ, April) will be finished shortly.
    Steva tries to make the urgent reimbursements a.s.a.p.
  • Update: about the designs to make stickers
    Steva will send the proposals to Maggie. Maggie will look for the design
  • Update: contact Jacqueline about the Youth emancipation publication
8. Office
 a) update
- Office Update: Sofia did get a parting agreement. Office had first contact and exchange with Dragana, our new intern. 
- September 3, 2012: meeting with Jochen from the GGEP
- Steva was busy on writing reports especially on Wintercamp.
Fraud situation: Micha&Phil are doing research, Steva and Jakob will contact prosecutor´s office.
Proposal Terry and Phil: Office is overworked, we are in delay, and then loose even more for the intern and the project assistant
There's an agreement with Zofia concerning her last salary
 Dragana contract with GGEP has been signed (talking about work load for her in the Green group)
b) finances
c) discussion: who will be responsible in the EC for the people in the office
suggestion for decision: jakob and phil will have a suggestion
d) amount of office work
discussion: what should Steva focus on now and what can be taken over by the EC? 
office tasks:
- winter camp report 
EC tasks:
- yearbook report
9. Internal structure
a) EC
discussion: ECMs - can we more or less try to fix the dates for the fall so that everyone is aware and agrees:
current suggestion: 
ECMs summary:
 1. either 4-5 Sep or 12-13 September. Doodle for finding out the best date for September EC.
 2. 2-3 Oct Belgrade (fixed. Book Your trips)
 3. 7-8 Nov Athens (fixed. book your trips)
 4. 17-19 dec Tuzla: doodle ro 7-9 Dec. or 14-16 dec
 Summary of Decision: Maggie will do a doodle for EC-September & Tuzla. Book Your Trips for Athens and Belgrade  
  • Discussion: Krassina's google communicational document:
    How will be kept this updated

    Suggestion 1: everyone updates the document when they write something important by email.
    Suggestion 2: Ingrid and Jakob updates
    Decision: Ingrid and Jakob take one more week to test and explore open-source solutions.
b) WGs
Discussion and voting: additional applications
Suggestion for decision: 
1. to accept the applications that are complete and was submitted on time, but weren't available UNANUMOUSLY
2. to delegate to the responsible EC member to either approve the late application(s) or ask the WG to decide
Decision: All applications accepted that were handed in before deadline. WG will decide on delayed or late applications.

c) MOs
Chema will present an update for next skype conference of the situation of the Spanish Young Greens.
d) SPP
Jakob talked to the Czech Young Greens about the dates. 
1st Weekend of November - EC should try to be there. Possibility of having a second meeting.
Invite MEP Buetikofer for the 2nd meeting in Febuary 2013. Also invite GEF, and GGEP(Jochen) (Note: try to get Young Green Board members and campaigners there - EC members should use their contacts - Jakob will send out a "save the date" email to the FYEG GEN &MO List)

10. Communication
a) internal communication

(under EC part) Discussion about if we are fine with the final version of the minutes so we publish them.

b) external communication

wiki: Guideline for how to draft PRs (Bea), there's also the link to a document where we summarize upcoming PRs

c) web
discussion& Adoption: Privacy Policy

- Hector wrote a paper on how we should sustainably manage our data in regard of data privacy.

Decision postponed to next EC-skype conference. Everybody from the EC should have a look on it, discuss it and adopt it then.

d) Ecosprinter

Call will be put on FYEG website.

e) Newsletter
Discussion: "EC reports" to the Newsletter.

Suggestion for decision:

1. Krassina to create a pad with some instructions and what kind of reports she would like from the EC members

2. Each EC member writes a small report on the areas that (s)he is responsible for.

There is a problem of filling the Newsletter with content in the summer break. Proposal to go for a Summer-Newsletter with dates of office vacancy etc.
Decision: Try to publish the Newsletter every month! With updates from every EC member.

11. Networking
a) CDN

Discussion: Summer Camp(SC) participation of  FYEG - will FYEG or CDN pay the costs for Phil, Micha and Ingrid? & Update SC by Phil

Micha and Ingrid  sent their whole travel cost to the list - the EC will vote until Wednesday.

Discussion: When thisFYEG/CDN skype conference will this be? - input by Phil

Organize a Skype Conference with FYEG-CDN in August have informal exchange 

b) GYG
Possibility of a Joint  ECM:
- Micha starts an official introduction round on the list
c) Falafel
 Phil in contact with the National Youth Agency(LUX) to go over the application.
d) Student's network
e) EGP
g) European youth forum
h) Other organization’s activities 
League of Young Voters - the MOu Draft (Krassi)
- Krassina feels the Spokespersons should take this in charge, it´s a long term project (horizon 2014).
12. Activity plan
 a) projects in preparation
 b) projects applied for
 c) approved projects 
  • Rio+20
    - Reports in the making with Shenna, Steva and Micha.
  • LGBTQ      seminar belgrade
    first skype on thursday
  • Turn  the green volume on
  • discussion: 
  • prep-team members - 5  applications so far, how we proceed with voting upon them
  • EC prep-team member will be Krassi - not sure if she can be in Germany 11-12th Sep
  • Terry will look for a      hostel in Gelsenkirchen.
LGBTQ  seminar Tuzla
update: fundraising
update postponed to next week skype.

Winter camp
Krassi will write to ViNO about the activity plan
d) past projects
 e) projects and campaigns
Youth  emancipation publication 
There is a proposal by Nikos (Greek MEP) on an event on social policies and youth unemployment for south european and Delfina proposed to merge the both ideas and try to have a two days conference merging both topics: social policies (welfare state and particularly the situation in the south) and youth unemployment.  Nikos and Raül want to propose to do it around the 14-15th of November, but of course, this has to be checked with all the agendas.  
Lunch meeting next wednesday at 13hs in Place Lux (place to be confirm considering how many people we are). Lunch between MEPs and/or Assistant and also FYEG.
There are sent emails to Ska, Karima Delli, Emilie Turunen, JP Albrecht, Sandrine Belier, Raul Romeva, and Franziska Bran.
There were answers from Ska, Emilie, Raul and Albrecht. All of them are very enthusiastic with the project and they want to participate (and write articles, want to organize the event together with FYEG). Although they can't support with money.
Turunen thinks this is a priority project and youth emancipation is a key topic.
We should decide upon the printed version of the Green Group and GEF grant.
  • Energy campaign : Application failed.
    1. Summary: Application failed (formal problems: not 3 months) - Shall we reapply trough National Agency ? Steva can call them.

    2. further actions with the campaign
    proposal: Jakob will talk to Campaign-team and propose two options: kill it, or use the third action week as a "test" for the election campaign.
    3.COP funding: parliament visit, GEF money, GGEP CCgroup, prep-team

13. Political stuff
a) press releases
 Kazhak Greens asked me for Joint PR on Nuclear Waste in Kz. & action
b) ideas 
c) discussions 

14. Any other business
Video Virtual Debate
- we need a more social and more democratic Europe as general statement, what to say more detailed (ECI, what else?)
werner kogler is interested, wants to do it