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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 09.01.2012

Federation of Young European Greens FYEG Telephone conference Agenda/Minutes

When: Monday, 9th of January


Federation of Young European Greens FYEG Skype conference


Date: 9th January 2012

1. Opening of the meeting

1.1 Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting

Secretary: Jakob
Moderator: Nikola

1.2 Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting

Attendance: Terry, Merja, Nikola, Jakob, Gaya, Maggie
Missing: Nic, Steva
meeting is valid

1.3 Approving the agenda
agenda approved

2. General updates

2.1 Personal updates (EC members)

2.2 Office and Employee update (sec-gen)
  • - administration

  • - intern

  • - material (stickers)

  • - accounts&finances -> COP transfer

Steva will come back into the office on Thursday... will provide a written update of the work-permit progress

3. FYEG statutory activities

3.1 ECM in Brussels (Terry)
- Steva and Maggie will also meet with Sophia (FCC)
- PPYO meeting will start at 2pm NOT at 4pm!!!
- will be meeting with Schulz and Buzek, meeting till 6, later socializing
- on Saturday and Sunday we’ll have our own meeting -> so only two days
- Everybody try to be there earlier: e.g. on Thursday, so we can have a short ECM before

3.2 GA

  • programme (if needed – agenda point for ECM, e.g. Merja input)
    • -> Terry is now working in her own document, not in Typewithme, recommends everybody to think what needs to be done at GA and then give as input at ECM
    • -> Jakob & Nic are working on a checklist for the GA, Steva is taking care of deadlines
  • political platform discussion/amending process: terry will meet delfi and ask her for an update
  • finances/fundraising: no news from Greens/efa
  • speakers: nobody invited yet, but we need enough MEPs, invite according to fixed program
  • anything new from JEV (Jakob): Chema main responsible, communication is running, accommodation booked

4. Communication
4.1 Newsletter (Jakob)
new No. Going out...? will be written on Thursday, prelim version sent too
4.2 Ecosprinter (Jakob)
call for publication prepteam out, call for new board member (end of January)
4.3 Press strategy (if needed)
update from meeting on wednesday: send minutes (Jakob)
4.4 Minutes (if needed)
4.5 Facebook group
The Finnish YG proposed a discussion group for FYEG in Facebook. We have it and it works well :)
-> We’ll have a group, you can send the link after we prepared our pages/groups more properly

5. Networking
5.1 MOs updates

  • letter from Terry to be sent to MOs: activity plans are finalized (including the Eurocrisis seminar), will be sent out tonight to MOs, formal one as EC to all member orgs, 2nd the draft -> it will be sent after, individually by EC members (last version of activity plan: 2:50 yesterday)
  • Merja going or not to the Grön Ungdom GA? yes/no? it’s very expensive.

Decision: FYEG will cover costs up to 200 Euros

5.2 GYG: Merja is going to Dakar, hat a prep-team meeting yesterday, no news from Green Group, some days ago there was already a 100 applications, so far there’s no money for travel costs (neither for europe nor others), pax need to fundraise through the national parties/ other funds
5.3 CDN
joint ECM at the winter camp: when’s the FYEG EC there? -> Gaya will send doodle
5.4 Falafel Network (Nikola): started communication with Emily, and the girl in the office in Jordan
5.5 European Youth Forum/PPYOs: we’ll have the meeting at the ECM and then we see how we proceed with this (voting procedures, parliamental funding)

6. Political work
6.1 Political Platform Process (Nic)
skip, nic will send info about amendment procedure for GA, Terry will talk with Delfi in Brussels
6.2 Green Group (Terry meeting with Greens/EFA)
- Terry will contact Reinhards office, will try to meet Joachim tomorrow
- letter to MEPs will be sent  out tonight
6.3 EGP
- EGP working groups meeting – any updates?

Do we book tickets already??  no, we wait till we get confirmation from Ann

Update on the financial request:
- lower support, visitors group planned
- no funding for Rio+20
- Campaign prep-team -> will stay in, but lower.
- priority on GA and strategy meeting

7. Finances
documents will be ready a few days before the ECM
-> overview document will be ready 1 week before for the EC

8. Projects
8.1 Running projects
Cop17 Workshop (Jakob) – report done
we’ll also get the money from the Green Group
8.2 Project's preparation
Campaign (Jakob) -
PT meeting after ECM

Winter camp (maggie)
Maggie had a skype meeting with steva and Clarence about some practicalities and with DigRigs about some activities suggestions.
Asks for a short brainstorming about suggestions for what could EC do at the winter camp until Friday...whether you would  like to keep suggestions from Brussels...like Peace WG: hate-speech on internet/conflict solution...feminism&blogs was a proposal from GenderWG...we are still not sure about what could democracy WG do...
Could please Peace, Gender and Democracy WG shake heads before this weekend please...so the prepteam could discuss it a bit?
DigRigs would like to do something on online activism. DemoWG on E-democracy
-> need to send a reminder for Call -> not yet enough applications...

Rio +20 (Terry)
had talk with Ben, one of the main organisers of Rio+20
- register people: either we register ourselves, or we do it through the Youth Forum
Loyd will respond to terry and let us know how many spots we could have in the

Youth emancipation (publication)
-> how are we selecting the prepteam: delfina sends apps to EC, EC decides

Ecosprinter publication (Jakob/maggie)
-> see above in Ecospritner section

8.3 Projects to be applied
1st of February YiA:
Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny): wrote email to girl in office in Jordan (about the number of partners already ready, about one document she has to get ready, also asked her whether she thinks that her org will manage to apply on time etc.) , she responded quickly, but she keeps postponing the proper response again and again.
Johnny now also in contact with Emily, Teo, Daniela Gradinger

Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)
- Johnny will ask Steva whether this has been sent
Democracy Wg/ Green Economy/ Baltic Network- EU Institution/ crises thing (nikola)
- Nikola sent them Terrys, Merjas, and Maggies responses on their questions, Is now waiting for the minutes of the conference, Maria O. is there
Training "Green Volume on!" (Steva)
- skip, no news
Peace WG project (Gaya?)
- WG’s working on application

LGBTQ seminars (Terry)
- prep-team had meeting, Morana is mostly organizing the seminar in Zagreb, in panel discussion on Friday night, with politicians from Zagreb, agenda is already quite fixed, the new
- Steva is working on the

8.4 Projects initiatives
Migration WG Seminar (Nic)
- skip
Green Leaders... Marko (steva)
- skip
Admin grant – FYEG to European Youth Foundation
- 1st of February: needs to be ready! importante!!!

9. Any Other Business

We can generally apply as observer org for ECOSOC (UN suborg), the registration takes some time, but pays of, Ben could help us. We can become a lobby organisation
-> We need to tell Ben

Task list
Terry: talk to Zofia about account for delphine, Chema’s questions for ECM, will talk to Ann tomorrow in the office
Jakob: forward email to Zofia, check chema email forward questions to terry, send call for board member on list, check whether the Group is archived, talk to merja about the archiving of the FB group
Gaya: send doodle to both ECs with the dates (weekend before/after the Wintercamp)
Nikola: ask steva about the EYF grant and the revolutionary movem., both should be done already.....