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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 07.03.11

Present: Delfina, Sebastian, Nicholas, Terry, Nikola, David, Markus. Excused: Maggie

Personal updates: Personal updates given.

Office update: Office update given.

Terry has visited MO's in Austria in the Balkans, written updates available, discussion on possible people who could be interested in internships.
Nic reports on meeting in Poznan on Summer University and Local Councillors' Meetings. Discussion on process for organising LCM and SU FYEG workshops . Terry contacts local YG's and local councillors in Berlin. Zofia to give lists of “under-30-local-councillor”- contacts. Nic and Terry sends proposal for workshops for Summer University, on North Africa and on citizenship/rightwing extremism.

ECM: Markus prepares agenda until Thursday.

CoE application April 1st DL:
SC/WC app based on Digital Rights by Markus during week.
Zofia should get previous successful publication grants to make Falafel-website-application

EGP Council:
GND Social Components WG: deadline for final amendments 25th
FYEG to present 1 topical resolution?

SecGen selection group processed, various people and groups to be contacted.
Resolutions to be drafted by MO, Delfina working on it.
Markus still needs budget, and once we have it, the participation fee gets settled and info to MO's gets sent out.

Women's day:
Terry works on this.

Nairobi seminar:
Böll financing secured.