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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 02.07.2012

 Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference 02-07.2012, 19:00-21.00 CET

1. Opening of the meeting

Attending people: Jakob, Terry, Micha, Phil, Krassi and Ingrid
Missing: Chema, Steva, Maggie
Attachements: list of the people accepted to the working groups

2. Elections
Election of moderator
: Jakob
Election of minutes taker:

3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members has to be present for the meeting to be valid
The meeting is valid
4. Aproving the agenda
DECISION: the agenda is approved
5. Personal Update
 It was given.
6. Office
a) who will be responsible in the EC for the people in the office
Decision will be taken next week
7. Internal structure
 a) WGs
i) Voting on applications to the working groups 
DECISION: we will vote on a whole package of applications that have a recommendation and motivational letter, as well as  the responsible EC member think are good. The applications that do not have recommendation letter or raise other question marks will be voted upon separately.
·  Gender: there are 19 complete applications
·  Democracy: 10 complete applications
·  Regionalism: we only know of 2 complete applications 
·  Migration: 8 complete applications
·  Peace: 18 complete applicatio
·  Global justice: 16 complete applications
·  Transportation: 7 complete applications
·  Digital rights: we only know of 1 complete application
·  Green economy: we only know of 4 complete applications
DECISION: to accept all applications that are complete
DECISION: to let people who do not have motivation letters or recommendation letters apply later directly to the groups
DECISION: we will vote on more applications for the working groups on digital     rights, green economy and regionalism on email since we don't have all applications right now
DECISION: Ingrid will send the email addresses of the accepted people to  Hector, so he can create email-lists
DECISION: Krassina to send tips to the EC for the first skype-conferences
ii)  Migration working group’s study session
The migration WG wants to apply for the European youth forum money for a study session that will be implemented next fall. 
DECISION: Ingrid will ask Steva so that this do not interfere with any other plans
b) MOs
Terry has written to Croatians about letter and has contacted Revolt in Bosnia about the membership. So far no response.
Contact with Russia: Phil is waiting for official report from their meeting. He also found a new organization that he wants to check out. 
Romanian request for financial support: Jakob has asked them to send us a budget
c) Working group meeting
Ska will invite a group of 30 people 7-10 of September (10th is the meeting day). Phil also is in contact with Claude to see if it's possible that he will also invite people. That’s the same weekend of the EGP WG meetings
10. Communication
 a) internal communication
i)  ftp-server 
DECISION: Ingrid and Jakob will discuss this and get back to the EC when they have a suggestion for decision. They will also check out crapgrass and other alternatives.
ii) Googlesheet for making decisions
This was decided at the ECM but nothing has happened
DECISION: Krassina will prepare this
iii) Hector prepared something for data handling
DECISION: Jakob will look into this
 b) external communication
Communication with Press Officer: PRs need to be send to PO during the drafting process
  DECISION: when we have to act fast we will publish PRs without Bea's language check if she's not able to answer fast enough.
 c) Ecosprinter seminar
There might be difficult to realize such seminar before the GA ,as the activity plan is full with events. 
DECISION: if this is taken up again Krassina will communicate what we’ve already decided about the activity plan and deadlines at the ECM.  
11. Networking
a) CDN
i) CDN summer camp finance
Do the FYEG pay for phil, micha and ingrid or not?
DECISION: we will make a decision next meeting
ii) Summer camp general
There's some problems of people getting their letters on time from the CDN office. Still no one knows the exact location of the event. 
b) GYG
They have sent out a call for Working Groups (ad-hoc group on Global Day of Action on Poverty, one on Gender, etc)
c)Student's network
i) Green international campus (GIC)
Ingrid was in touch with them, project- money has not been confirmed yet. This means that the event will be postponed at least one month, maybe longer. 
d) EGP
i)  virtual debate: 
so far 2-3 positive responses, Terry is waiting for feedback from EGP
ii) election campaign meeting with EGP and group 
at the end it was Micha and Ingrid that went, report will be sent to the EC
e) Other organisation's activities
i) Symposium on the arab spring in tunis
Ingrid has been accepted (27-29 aug)

12. Activity plan
a) approved projects 
i) Rio+20 
· statement
The prep.team wants to EC to endorse it so that it becomes a FYEG statement. The problem is that it will not become a FYEG position anyway if  it is not approved by the GA
DECISION: we will publish this on the web page as a statement of the participants 
·Evaluation forms
This needs to be discussed with Steva. Micha will contact him about 
 ii) LGBTQ seminar in Belgrade
skype with provisional prepteam soon to take decision on prepteam:), 9 applications, will probably not be any problem. The EC can now access the application on yeapsy, it will be the provisional prep.team voting but the EC should give its approval
iii)Turn the green volume on
There is not enough applications to the prepteam (ask people individually). There are several good ones though.  
DECISION: Krassina will talk to Steva about the reimbursement for Bea
DECISION: we will take this up on skype next week
b) past projects
i) winter camp- the report is not done yet
ii) LGBTQ seminar
the prepteam will have a skype conference about it this Thursday
iii) Ecosprinter yearbook
report done apart from financial report
 DECISION: next meeting we need to discuss what Steva should focus on and what work the EC can take over.
c) projects and campaigns
i) Youth emancipation publication 
Ska wants to be involved
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
DECISION: Jakob will ask Maggie if she can draft something. Bea should also be involved
14. Any other business
a) Business cards for the EC
DECISION: we will order them
b)Sebastion Power support (official FYEG statement)
Sebastian asks our support for the board of the greens of England and Wales 
DECISION: we will support him, Jakob will draft the statement