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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 02.01.2012

Federation of Young European Greens FYEG Telephone conference Agenda/Minutes

When: Monday, 2nd January


When: 7pm CET
Opening of the meeting

Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting
Secretary: Terry
Moderator: Jakob

Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting
Attendance: Jakob, Merja, Terry, Steva, Maggie,Gaya, Nikola
Missing: Nic
The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.

Approving  the agenda

The  agenda was approved as it is.

Personal updates

The personal updates were provided.

Office and Employee update

GEF citizenship reports are both done, and they transfered the money (paris amount is a little lower than expected, bucharest is a bit more)
COP report sent to GreenGroup, Financial report to Green Group till 12th , to financial report GEF till 15th
Steva got Card for account right at the last day before he left, did most of the payments
started procedure for Change of responsible people for GYGs account (to clarence), won't be finalized before 15th

Financial reports:
PPPM financial report for EGP

Working permit:
appeal is changed and sent
GYG bank account
Steva can't access the GYG account, called Markus and asked for
Jana has access, but she's out of GYG for three years, not doing any transfers
We need to know that the money we sent arrived at the GYG account
Why isn't Steva official responsible for GYG account, it could constantly be the SecGen of FYEG till GYG has proper structures

Intern call to be published!
will be sent out the day after tomorrow!
Material: Steva will meet people on 5th for stickers

FYEG statutory activities
1) Next ECM

agenda ecm (Terry)
-> everybody checking the agenda, pick the points responsible for and prepare documents for these points, so that we have a reader 3 days before the ecm
-> Everybody book tickets! arrival BEFORE 4pm on friday, departure AFTER sunday 2pm
-> Steva prepares input for the ECM (if there's already ideas/topics for it gathered somewhere on the mailing list)
-> program
2) GA
proposal by Merja: activity to be presented and discussed on first day, then chance for discussion and amendments, on later day vote on amendments and activity plan.
Discussion at the ECM!
Main topic: Political Platform "let's figure out our basis!!"
Terry meets Joachim in Brussels :-)
Need to secure support from Raul Romeva, bc there's yet no plan to support us further
Jakob to ask JEV (chema, delfina, miguel): if there's a chance to e.g. pay one dinner or a reception
final dates
16th till 20th (including Wednesday!! needs to be budgeted)
communication with jev:
Nic and Jakob
JPA is coming, confirmed
Terry will talk to Reinhard B. and Ska, Karima,  (after the change of dates)


1) Newsletters (Jakob)
has been sent (GYG gender deadline missed)
new one: intern call, ecosprinter publication PT, PT Zagreb LGTBQ,

2) Ecosprinter (Jakob)
finally reached Tom

3) civicrm (Jakob, Maggie)
no news

4) Press group meeting on wednesday
Max-Document, PR strategy

5) minutes:
check whether zofia can

1) MO´s
updates? can someone make a draft?
send activity plan through MO list and individually

2) GYG
coordination lacking a bit, registration is open for Congress, no boat will go

3) CDN
there's FYEG
jakob: send request again to sophia
Try to have a joint ECM at the Wintercamp
19th till 26th of February
Seems terry, Merja, Jakob can't come the whole week (but Jakob will try really hard :-)), terry aswell!

4) Falafel Network (Slon)
Nikola already made a draft for the application, missed the chance to meet Steva, main activity in Falafel-Network meeting, both will work on application till 1st of february,
4th or 5th steva is going to be back in belgrade, will go over the application
Emily: ask to help with application)

Political work
11.1 Political Platform Process- (Nic)

they will have
10th of January 3rd draft will be finished, Steva is now on the PPP mailing list, will report properly
we need:
- procedure for voting, discussion
- how they will communicate the 3rd draft, how to spread it to mos
- propose some title other than "Let's figure out our basis!"

11.2  Green Group
Terry will meet with some of the Greens/efa MEPs from 5th on till the 11th
Emilie: about YiA, other people for LGTBQ, Rio+20

11.3  EGP
Terry and steva will present our additional requests and negotiate
For FYEG-EGP agreement, we're still waiting for the response, so it might be an issue at the meeting with Jacqueline
two points: 1. parliament funding 2. GEF assembly
Financial procedures and technicalities: should be an agreement between the two ECs
to ensure a smoother use of money, receipts on time etc.
-> everybody to make an effort to come to the WG meeting of EGP in Brussels 28th and 29th of January


nothing concrete to report
for the reimbursement of phone-costs -> sign a paper (Terry, Nic, Maggie will need money also for the part from beginning of 2011 till the GA) the others from GA on
will prepare report till a week before the ECM, steva will send overview from office to Maggie by the 15th, maggie wil send it to EC one week before ECM


13.1 Running projects:

- Cop17 Workshop (Jakob)
Financial reports need to be finalized

13.2 Project's preparation

- Campaign (Jakob)
PT meeting after ECM

- Winter camp (maggie)
PTmeeting 13th till 15th at clarence place, then visit of place, preparing agenda for PTmeeting
EC people that

- Rio +20 (Terry)
we  have enough money, steva will book hostel (waterman) before leaving, we  can have up to 40 pax, with caps on travel costs , 30 or 40 people

- Youth emancipation (publicaton)
delfina hasn't replied yet
- Ecosprinter publication (maggie)
postponing PTmeeting
13.3 Projects to be applied
1st of February YiA:
- Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny)
see above

- Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)
most of the partnershipagreements are ready, will hopefully be sent on the 20th of January

- Democracy Wg/ Green Economy/ Baltic Network- EU Institution/ crises thing (nikola)
still some input to johnnys email requested! then he'll forward it to the Democracy WG, Democracy WG will be working
There was a skype meeting by the DemoWG 4-5 (krassina, helena, bianca etc.) for preparation of the application

-  Training "Green Volume on!" (steva)
no news, Terry and Steva will talk on thursday about how to apply at the german national agency

- Peace WG project
Ingrid was supposed to skype with Steva, her and Michael are working on the application

- LGBTQ seminars (Terry)
working with the inter-prep-team, communication with local queer orgs,  on financial support, uncertainty mostly about the gay-pride in Belgrade
will apply for the pilot project, Steva has been working on that application already, LGBTQ seminar in tuzla – FYEG to European Youth Foundation
call for prepteam for seminar in Zagreb will be sent out soon --> is quite urgent now!!

13.4 Projects initiatives
- Migration WG Seminar (Nic)
no news, application in progress

- Green Leaders, marko (steva)
no response from Marko yet, they had the general assembly in december, they still don't know whether their project got accepted

Admin grant – FYEG to European Youth Foundation
1st of February: needs to be ready! importante!!!
ask MOs to update their info about the number of members

Any Other Business

To do:
Jakob: talk to steva about the minutes, campaign input for GA (MEPs etc.), check whether the Berlin ECM is somewhere, write to Gruene Jugend about funding for GYG congress travel costs, send reminder to Sophia (GEWG) for the PT of albania
Steva: send MO letter on list (formal), send doodle out for the ECM at the Wintercamp for the whole time of the Wintercamp and the days after, send email to PPC about what we need from them; prepare an overview of the projects we apply for (also CDN) and the progress with funding on these projects, send request to EGP to the EC list, send the admin grant before going back to Brussels! it's an easy one!!
Terry:  prepare MO letter (informal), talk to Ann about whether we'll be reimbured at the WG meeting
Merja: send link to registration
Nikola: contact emily tomorrow, cause she'll be in Libanon for three months
Maggie: check whether there's already a lot of applications, 5th of january talk with STeva about the finances of Wintercamp, ask funders of postponing PTmeeting of ecosprinter application