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Minutes: EC Meeting 20-21.05.2012

Minutes EC Meeting  19-21.05.2012
 1. Opening of the meeting
2. Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting
Secretary: Steva
Moderators: Jakob
3. Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting
The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.
Present: Jakob, Maggie (Sunday), Terry, Nikola (Sunday), Steva, Gaya (Sunday), Nic (Sunday) Merja (Sunday), Chema, Ingrid, Philippe, Michael, Krassina (Sunday)
Absent: Monday - Gaya, Nic, Merja. Maggie, Nikola, Krassina
The meeting is valid.
 4. Approving the agenda
 Sunday Meeting
5. Evaluation previous EC work

  • Minutes need to be done properly, meetings more effective, improve accountability and transparency.
  • EC is a lot of organisational work in reality much more than political work

People should only take tasks they can carry

We should Involve working groups in European Youth Forum activities

Effectiveness of our meetings have to increase.

E-mail system is also reaching limit. We hope with bigger office this would improve, but we should also think about online platform

Sharing responsibilities: workload can be pressure for the person. It gives more informal power. Sharing the tasks has to be structured much better. Division of tasks among EC members should be done on shorter basis not as long term as we did before

Nic: Old people should write reports.
Task: Nikola and Merja will write paper as input for new EC about preparing meetings, taking minutes, methods for sharing tasks and improving general work of EC.
Micha: What do you think you did well?
Nikola: We managed to increase Admin budgets a lot. Communication with partners improved significantly. External communication is improved. Level of activities grown. Project management is improved a lot. We managed to close several important previous issues. I am overall happy with most of the results. When i look where we started a year and a half when I joined EC, this now is major improvement.
Maggie: Friendship and team spirit was inspiring and motivating.
 6. Evaluation of the GA
Calm and constructive. PPP could have been prepared better in advance. We should give higher priority to IRPs next time. Workshops didn’t worked very well, still we need to continue improving communication.We should have evaluation after women’s dinner.
Spring conference – too broad. Break to smaller groups. Communication among MOs time could be more involved in Spring Conference. Problematic that we didn’t had proper EC meetings about Turkish Young Greens request. We should work more on general look of plenary. The way how plenary was arranged, was not done properly. We could work more on promotion of the Spring Conference. MOs communication should be more structured.
Regional meetings during the General Assembly. Evaluation of the GA with everyone should be also done. We can put on the website evaluation form.
Task: Create evaluation form of General Assembly and upload on website
7. General communication rules:
 Tools that we use: 
  •  Mailing list: 
Advisory committee is on the mailing list and you should have it on mind. They can not post on the list. Members of AC are: Marc, Delfina, Eline, Marina, Jehki
They also have conflict resolution role. They can read e-mails but not respond. Only way for them to react is if they are asked.
SecGEN is on the EC mailing list.
When proposing something through e-mail or discussing try to put concrete requests what would you like from others concerning your points in the mail and how would you like to proceed. If it is urgent write "urgent" in the subject of the letter. Translate e-mails from other languages when forwarding.
  • Phone calls: exchange numbers
  • After direct talks keep on mind to share information with all EC members. Mailing list is primar communicational tool.
Skype conferences.
We take decisions on skype sometimes but also e-mail.
Monday is very good day. Its first day in the week and it is very useful for secgen and all of us.
Decision: Skype meetings - Monday from 19 to 21 CET
Mailing lists are stored on Office laptop. EC list have archive.
 Spokesperson should have access to office mail.
 Task: Office to share "Office guide" with new EC members
Google calendar (recently we were not using it very often).
Task: Update with the links to wiki and other tools we are using.
How we make decisions:
We are trying to reach consensus. Secret voting can be done through doodle in extreme situation when we Proposal is sent with the deadline for voting. You can make amendments and as soon as people says that it is fine decision is taken.
Tasks: Share emergency communication strategy document
Update EC list.
Make list of the docs to be shared with new EC 
Sunday meeting over
Monday EC Meeting:
8. Formal task division 
Usually  EC meetings are connected to some events. Next  EC meeting should be in June. 
Tasks IRPs and statutory/legal (by Steva)
Registration process of EC
Decision on tasks division – Working groups and Networks  
Maggie: European Youth Forum, Digital Rights, Help with GYG financial strategy, Sexual harresment 
Krassina: Democracy, Ecosprinter, Newsletter, WGs coordination
Ingrid: Peace, Green students network, Migration 
Micha: GYG, Global justice, Green Economy (share with Chema)
Jakob: Climate change, EGP 
Phill: Mobility, CDN, Sexual haressment 
Chema: – Regionalism, Migration, Falafel network (share with Micha and Ingrid), Green Economy
Terry: – Gender, EGP
Decision about  the Political coordination role and if we create position for it – left for the next ECM
Task: MO's on the website update (Ukraine is full MO)
EGP Working groups:
EGP Working groups will meet first weekend in June.
Social dimensions – Terry
Digital rights – Maggie and Chemma (Chema coming through Catalans)
Migration – maybe we can ask Norma from Migration WG. Depends on how many people can be reimbursed from EGP.
Future of Europe - Jakob and Krassina
Task: Jakob will find out if Future of Europe meets now
Phill will maybe come anyway. We have to negotiate how many people EGP can reimburse.
Division of the MO's: 
Terry – Austria GAJ (share with Jakob), Germany, Dwars, Macedonia, (Croatia), (Bosnia) 
Maggie – Slovakia, Hungary, Czech, Ukraine, Poland 
Phill – Lux, France, Ecolo J, Belorussia, Russia, Serbia 
Chema- Catalynia, Spain, Portugal, Andora, Malta 
Jakob – Austria, Austria GAJ(share with Terry), Italy, South Tyrol, Swiss, (Slovenia)
Krassina – Bulgaria, Jong Groen, Albania, Cyprus, Turkey
Michael – England and Wales, Scotland, Greece, (Ireland), (Azerbaijan), (Greece) 
Ingrid – Sweden, Norway, Finland, (Denmark), Georgia, Armenia 
Steva – (Croatia) (Bosnia) Macedonia – share with Terry
9. Activity plan (deadlines.) 
Bonn internationals – Jakob
 EU China meeting next week – Shena, Bob and Lukas
1st – 3rd of June - EGP Working group meeting + Prep team Global solidarity 
 EGP – Chema, Terry, Jakob, Krassina, Micha, Phill
 Prep team meeting – Micha and Terry
 Decision: Micha joins preparations of Global solidarity seminar
 7th – 10th - Youth emancipation Brussels
 Task: Chema will follow up the project
 Prep team CDN Summer camp Minsk
Conference Climate change – Terry and micha will be there
20th – 27th of June - Global solidarity seminar – Micha, Terry
Decision – Transfer ECM 18th – 29th June 
Task – Jakob will set up Doodle for Transfer ECM and include former EC members
Summer Camp Norway – Ingrid possibly
July – Campaign team meeting in Switzerland - (Jakob)
13th – 15th of July – Democracy conference in Bulgaria
Decision: Krassina is going on Conference and FYEG will pay travel costs and participation fee
13th – 15th of July – Lux YG Summer Camp – Phill will be there
23-29 July - Last week of July CDN Summer Camp – all, maybe ECM; terry from 26th, Krassina can not come the whole time, Chema can not come for SC but can for ECM, Micha, Phill, Steva are on SC anyway.
Decision: We will try to have EC meeting in Belarus
 8-12 August - Austria-Germany-Swiss Summer Camp - Jakob
 25-26th August or 1st – 2nd September FYEGWorking groups meeting – ECM (at least one day) 
Task: Steva will find date with Ska
Decision: We wll try to have Group building ECM 
23rd – 26th – GIC, Molme Ingrid
23 – 26th August Hungary Summer Camp – Maggie and Jakob
29th – 2nd September Green Academy Vis – Terry, Phill
8th – 9th Sept – EGP Working groups - Terry, Jakob, Krassina, Ingrid, Phill
15th – 22nd of September Training Youth speakers – Steva, Terry 
Joint ECM + LGBTQ seminar in Belgrade – 
Decision: ECM before seminar
22nd – 25th November – European Youth Forum General Assembly 
Interested: Maggie, Jakob, Phill, Terry, Ingrid 
Decision: Jakob abd Maggie for now
Proposal: We can try to have ECM in Maribor or in Graz
18th – 19th November - GEF General Assembly Brussels - Phill, Terry, Steva
9th – 11th of November - EGP Council Greece – all (imprtant council) elections!
CDN Regional meeting Caucasus – November Phill, Ingrid, Micha
COP18 – Energy Workshop Brussels or Vienna - Jakob
LGBTQ Seminar in Tuzla – Terry –
Proposal: Christmass ECM possibly (Terry)
January 2013:
CDN Regional meeting Balkans, Macedonia – Phill
February 2013
FYEG Winter Camp – Krassina
March 2013
CDN General Assembly – Phill
CDN Seminar Azerbaijan – Micha
Proposal: Exchange invitations with PPYOS for GA's
10. Project/Campaign Assistant
 Decision: - one month period for applications; selection procces starts at the ECM conected to Global solidarity seminar. Job starts on 1st of September.
 Tasks: steva writes call tomorrow; brainstorming on fyeg person tonight
11. Webmaster
 Hector is leaving. Call is open and on Website.
 Decision: We should try to look for people and ask them to apply.
12. Strategy planning process
We planned to make it similar to Structure process, 2 years ago. EC will organise first meeting and fafter that will be created different Working groups that will deal with problems addressed during the meeting
Decision: Meeting should take place mid of October, preferably hosted by Czech Young Greens. Task: Jakob will be responsible.
13. AOB
E-mail addresses for new EC members need to be created:
Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are shared.
Task list:
 Documents to be shared with new EC members:

  • External communication strategy
  • Long term plann for FYEG
  • Internal projects application procedure
  • Overview of Foundations and partners
  • Priorities
  • European youth Forum paper
  • Office guide
  • Projects management publication
Maggie – upload GA reimbursement form to website
Chema – Create evaluation form of General Assembly and upload on website 
- follow Youth emancipation publication project
Steva - writes call for project assistant
- find date of Working groups meeting with Ska
- to share "Office guide" and other docs from the list with new EC members 
- Calendar Update with the links to wiki and other tools we are using.
Jakob - will be responsible for SPM
– will set up Doodle for Transfer ECM and include former EC members
- find out if EGP WG future of europe meets now
Hector - MO's on the website update (Ukraine is full MO)
Update EC list. 
Create e-mails for new EC members 
Nikola and Merja - write paper as input for new EC about preparing meetings, taking minutes, methods for sharing tasks and improving general work of EC.
Chema, Ingrid, Micha – meet with Nikola about Falafel Network update. 
- meet with Steva about Falafel project update