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Madrid ECM Minutes. 14-15.3.2011

Read here the minutes.


Year Plan:

GA: Processed tomorrow.

Winter Camp 2012: application for Switzerland, topic: Mass Media, late February, Nic takes formal responsibility, Clarence is local contact point

Falafel Network Meeting in Jordan, application in October, meeting in spring, March

Campaign proposal 2012-2013: Energy Revolution (rising energy prices)? Proposal spread with resolutions ahead of GA. David drafts by next skype conference.

Youth Employment Action of YFJ:

FYEG involvement should be in:

Youth Employment Conference (November 2011, Brussels), send MEPs and some of us, conference would be open, invite MO-members.

Publication on youth employment

Maggie follows, proposal to Green Economy WG to also follow up. Agreed.

Youth Forum:

working groups

Kalle Kosthorst applied for non-formal education

Ilze applied for pool of trainers

COMEM: at same time as GA

representation is still open



current cash flow issue

priority is to get the EGP money in order, rather not get advance, some other payments may be delayed

structural meeting costs to be handed in

Bonn meeting costs to be handed in

COP16-event costs... did we get them already?

Markus asks Zofia for packages, hands them in Wednesday

MO membership fees: David sends reminder and report


Nairobi: GYG is contributing, Del&Seb fundraise from EGP

FYEG promises to contribute 3000 € to the Nairobi event. Agreed.


FYEG creates a system of supporting older politicians... (David?)

fundraising letter to be written about what one day's worth of meeting compensation can do in FYEG, GYG and CDN, asking MEP's for a one-time donation of that sum to be shared by the young green organisations


David, Zofia & Markus sends Sophia & Piter-Jan the stuff they need

costs and expenses since last time

send originals to accountant on Monday afterwards

ask FCC to supervise and give input and info on deadlines for GA finances reporting


David presents FYEG finances at GA

DL for sending financial info to MO's is 12th of April


Evaluation of Edvin's internship:

Get intern-guide produced by Green MEP from Terry, provide to future interns


Budget overview

Reminders of registration:

Send registration reminder and tell people to buy their tickets

EC-members contact their MO's

office calls MO's without delegate registrations on Wednesday


SecGen-procedure discussed

MO applications:

Candidate membership:
Green Movement Israel
Romania (Green Institute Romania)
recommend observership, Nic communicates

Full membership:
Azeri Ygs
Nic visits



Terry contacts several women, Markus contacts Swedes

Look for candidates

Advisory Committee:
Markus, Seb, Delfina, David interested
Markus asks if the current committee members want to stay on


DL 13th of April

Gender based violence being worked on

Direct democracy statements being worked on by WG from SC (Timo, Max, Clarence Stefan) Nikola reminds them of DL

Grassroots Democracy statement: Nikola asks SC list for work on it and if MO's want to table it

Climate Change: Seb communicates with CC WG on amending previous doc

Regionalism: conflict between groups that was original cause for creation of WG has not gone away, EC waits for MO's to table documents, Nic communicates outcomes of Regionalism seminar to Catalans and Belgians, tells them to table things if they want

Nuclear: David drafts

Green Economy: Delfina?

EC reports:

DL 20th of April

office report: Markus

financial report, previous budget plus status quo-report for first part of 2011, 2011 budget, and fortune

telling: David

EC-reports: Markus sets up google-doc, takes minutes from GA 2010 and activity plan, then individual additions according to topics, Nic adds the structure

activity plan 2011-2012: Seb

WG reports:

CC Seb

GE Del

Regionalism Nic

Structure Nic

AR Nic

FCC report (David reminds them)

Advisory Committee (Markus communicates with them)

Social Europe Conference

Social Europe panel (Sofia(?) deals with programme, invitations by office)

Workshop: Education (Seb deals with prog.)

Workshop: Migration (Marie(?) deals with prog. Nic asks for someone from ASTI)

Workshop: Gender (Marijke(?) deals with prog.)

Social Mixer Dinner (local prep team)

Energy for the Future-fishbowl (David deals with prog. And asks Patricia Lorenzen and Heike)

EGP presence

EGP is invited to do a introductory greeting, provide speakers and input for conference


Albania: Nic contacts and reminds them to book travel and register

Andorra: Delfina to encourage them to come to GA.

Armenia: Terry and Nic will update after visiting them

Austria: Coming to GA, interesting process.

Wallonia: SecGen candidate from them

Flanders: Coming to GA.

Bulgaria: Doing food and agriculture-project, new members

Catalonia: Coming to GA.

Cyprus: Contact for Falafel

Czech: Doin' well, doing consumerism project

England and Wales: Doubled membership, strengtened local orgs, need good convention in October

Finland: Event on Happiness-politics?

France: Looking inwards? Good!

Georgia: Should come to GA. Sweden to adopt as twinning org?

Germany: Doin' well. FYEG people to go to their congress!

Greece: Very grassroots, excellent on project basis, in WG's, in the EU Citizenship seminar.

Hungary: Meet in Budapest. Nic communicates with Vera, Gregor, ideally for Thursday night.

Ireland: Seb contacts for them to come to GA.

Italy: Delfina to contact them to come to GA.

Luxembourg: Have GA, motivated board.

Macedonia: Nikola to contact them to come to GA.

Malta: Working on political points, turning inwards, good. Delfina to contact them to come to GA.

Netherlands: Doing well.

Norway: Seem to be back in business. Markus adds Springcamp participants to MO list and contacts them to come to GA.

Poland: Not so good, hopefully will come to GA, should have been communicating with the Polish pax at SC... Maggie tries to contact.

Portugal: Delfina contacts to come to GA.

Romania: Process ongoing.

Scotland: Doing well, sending people.

Serbia: Great!

Slovakia: Structural difficulties, will be at GA.

South Tyrol: Will be at GA.

Spain: Did great SC, hope for good results through process around elections.

Sweden: Need to get them more involved, Markus contacts for GA.

Switzerland: Doing very well, hopefully host of next Winter Camp, on the Regionalism-WG.

Turkey: Great activists, great people, hopefully great involvement in FYEG.

Ukraine: Hopefully GA-involvement works out, Markus contacts.

Azerbaijan: Will be visited before GA, Seb contacts, Nic re-news passport and visits.

B&H: Will apply for observership status.

Croatia: Troubled, nice people there.

Russia: Troubled.

CDN: New board, love them.

Iliosporoi – Greece: In contact.

Working Groups:

Gender: Will continue after GA. Need new coordinator. Survey and evaluation, study session and seminar, Nairobi-seminar with GYG, actions for Women's Day, article series on violence against women.

Green Economy: Seminar, active.

Climate Change: COP16, Bonn, good members.

Animal Rights: Candidate for disolvement, minimum criteria for activities not met.

Digital Rights: Limited membership, male.

Regionalism: Seminar with positive outcome, desire to continue.

Structures: Will have fulfilled the purpose if IRP's amended, any possible continuity could be in a possible WG Democracy. Nic communicates with current membership.

Democracy: Proposal to create at GA: description of topic/topics, aims for year, proposal for how to structure, description of desired profile of members. Proposal: involve people who work on direct democracy document from the SC. Nikola does proposal and communicates with SC-people.

General remarks on WG's:

Good way of involving people in FYEG.

How do we deal with non-active members? Lists should be open, people should be able to follow them. However, the WG itself should be made reliable in some way, this could be done by recurrent renewal of the list membership by requesting people respond to e-mails.

WG membership should be open for addition throughout the year.

Generally good feeling.


new organisations have joined, GEF is cooperative

needs new coordinator in new EC

to really re-animate the network there will be a network meeting in the end of the year

FYEG MO's in the region show interest

YiA 3.1 call is likely to receive positive results, calls will be sent to SC pax list

Terry is overloaded, will need an equal partner for the application, DL 1st of June, Terry can continue working on the political connections and communications, but needs help with application


Turkey was original proposal, would be tricky, will be re-considered





2 Spanish
2 Israeli
2 Jordanian
2 Belgian
Funding: GGEP as co-funding source?
Terry contacts possible host org's as well as possible co-organisers and co-application writers

Partnership for the network congress in Jordan
Target 20 org's, call to be sent out in May, potential organisers from Jordan will probably be in on the Paris Citizenship seminar

EVS in Tunisia has been distributed, MO's should be informed
receiving org will be contacted by Terry and encouraged to consult FYEG for advice in selection procedure

Political Relationships:


COMEM and FYEG GA collide on the same date.

Watch out for a call and find out when we need to register our delegate.
Ideally that delegate would be Maggie.


relationship paper: minor changes were made at the CDN GA (To do: Markus adds this to the GA Agenda), agreement to focus on practicalities over paper in the future.

Summer camp: Question of involvement of FYEG in the program. Given it is 10 days, FYEG could provide content for one “FYEG day” as an example.

CDN request: discuss things further in Armenia, are happy to hear about increased financial support.


Bilateral agreement: EGP SecGen asking about it again. Did not provide specific intended changes, direction of this process remains hence unclear.

Budapest Council:

2 events with FYEG involvement:

a/ FYEG fringe meeting: Delfina sent task division proposal, accepted as such.


Evi (Cyprus, EGP-Mednet) is responsible for this and FYEG. Still some clarification needed on the modalities of this session (90 mins) and how to prioritise topics.
Meeting with ENGS: Jocelyne (France) We will propose informal lunch meetings to take place at each council between our organisations.

Amendments: Delfina will finish her list, to be discussed internally and finalised by the 27th.

GGEP: Spokes will meet Jochen and Vula and have a talk. Get more precise on Green Summer University and Local Councillors meeting.

Question of an agreement on how practical arrangements between FYEG and GYG should look like. GYG SC should write a proposal and then negociate this with the next EC after the GA.

Evaluation over dinner