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FYEG at General Assembly of European Youth Forum

FYEG is a member organisation of the European Youth Forum (YFJ), and was present and voted at the General Assembly of this important platform for youth representation,  held every second year. This time the General Assembly was in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

More than 250 youth delegates gathered during a prolonged weekend of 18th to 22nd of November. FYEG was represented by Maggie and Markus.

The most important part of the program, though full of discussions and workshops on crucial topics like global governance; poverty; Youth in Action 2.0; volunteering; was the presentation of candidates for new Board and the following elections.

Peter Matjašič (JEF) was elected President of YFJ and will start his mandate from January 2011 together with 10 other members of the YFJ Board:

Katarina Nevedalova, ECOSY and Luca Scarpiello, FNG (Vice-Presidents). Imse Nilsson, LSU; Anemone Birkebæk, DUF; Guoda Lomanaite, LYMEC; Mourad Mahidi, OJV; Falko Mohrs, WOSM; Katrine Korsgaard, EEE-YFU; Lloyd Russell-Moyle, IFM-SEI; Rui Duarte, CNJ (Board Members).

FYEG is happy that Pieter-Jan Van De Velde, member or FYEG Financial Control Committee applied and was also elected to European Financial Control Committee of YFJ, and warmly congratulates all others who were elected as well! We look forward to a good cooperation with the new board, and thank the outgoing board for their excellent work!