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FYEG Executive Committee meeting: Madrid

FYEG Executive Committee meeting

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October 2016

Agenda & minutes

Present: Teo, Marie, Paula, Fabian, JM, Maria, Adria, Gio, Artur

Moderating: Paula

Minutes: Gio


0. Personal updates

EC members exchange personal updates. 

1. Internal structures

1.1 EC

1.1.1 Communication and task management tools

We switched to Telegram. Task management tools still need to be explored. 

Decision: Doodle will be sent via email to decide on new time for online meetings

1.2 Office 

1.2.1. General update

Working Groups Meeting was organised. The office is dealing with administrative follow up work. The reimbursement procedures have been improved. Issues with our bank have also been sorted out. Accounting has been done up till September. We organise office meetings weekly, the minutes can be found in the Drive. Many meetings with partners. Some office issues solved. Office assistant and Intern are adapting quite well. 

We should consider having intermediate evaluation of her internship. We might get one computer from EGP. 

GYG wants to borrow our intern for some tasks. Will find out about the tasks. 

If we are to buy computers, we should buy computers this year because we have financial surplus.

1.2.2 Tasks division

Office rules document was drafted. Comments were inserted. Proposal: we approve the shorter version, which will be legally binding and work on longer version later. 

We need to have a legally binding document in French or Dutch, that consolidates our rights and responsibilities. Additionally to that, we can have an office guide for internal organisation. 

Artur delivers detailed overview of tasks to be accomplished in next weeks. 

We started talks about expansion of the office space. There are some short-term solutions inside the current space and long-term solutions outside the EGP office. 

Decision: Laura will prepare the Reglement du Travail. 

Decision: EC and Office will continue working on the office guide

Decision: Stick to the decision from September on hiring a Communications manager from January.

Decision: Opening the call for Project Manager for Mid November

Decision:  JM will prepare plan for social funds

1.3 Member Organisations

1.3.1 MO coordination (Fabian)

List is almost entirely updated. Hungary wants to become a member. N. Ireland wants to become an observer. 

Decision: Clear out FYEG membership related issues during SPM and start communication with the concerned MOs. 

1.3.2 North

Fabian delivers updates on Northern MOs. 

Swedish Young Greens are coming in Brussels, FYEG office on 8-10 November. 

Decision: JM and Gio will present FYEG. 

1.3.3 South 

Adria delivers updates on Southern MOs. Marie and Adria are going to attend the Swedish - Spanish exchange. Valencian Young Greens are planning to apply for full membership at the next GA. Suggestion: FYEG organises southern MO exchange next year. 

Regional cooperation and membership situation can be discussed at the SPM. 

1.3.4 Center-West 

JM delivers the updates about the C/W region. Gruene Jugend had their congress elected the new board, decided on priorities. Ecolo J had a congress, Jong Groen lost 50% of their annual funding. Dwars had a GA, launching big campaign in December - good opportunity for cooperation. 

1.3.5 East

Teo delivers updates on Eastern MOs. Suggestion: to discuss how we can be involved more in some interesting activities in the east. Strive to have a study visit in Bulgaria. 

1.4 General Assembly

1.4.1 GA 2017 

2 applicant organisations (so far). Selection criteria should include our political priorities for 2017, organisational capacities, geographical location. Last presidency will be asked to prepare a handbook for the successive one. We would like to explore the possibility for electronic voting this year. 

We need to agree on the objectives of the GA and if we will combine the GA with the training or the Spring Conference. It was requested to transfer the training after September.

This is because of limited capacities we might have before, during and after the GA. We will have more time to put into practice the things and knowledge will be gained on the projects happening before the GA. 

ToDo: new voting system should also be prepared

ToDo: To invite someone from Czech YGs at the SPM to transfer the experience to 2017 GA hosts.

Decision: Postpone the training to September and organise GA in combination with the Spring Conference. 

Decision: look into different amendment practices to make necessary transition before 2017

1.5 Working Groups

1.5.1 WG coordination 

Working group meeting is finished. Not everyone filled the WG directory. At the WGM they finished timelines and activity plans. 

ToDo: Adria will organise a skype of coordinators 

Decision: Adria will send a reminder to the WGM list for the activity plans.

1.5.2 Future of Europe WG

The group is set up. They are meeting regularly and have interesting plans. 

1.5.3 Migration WG 

Members are motivated, they have 2 coordinators. Their main proposal is Western Sahara project. There a will for cooperation between them and CDN Migration working group. Also brainstorming on their involvement in summer camp. 

1.5.4 Climate WG 

There was a drop-out and just re-elected the second coordinator. Working on COP and AlterCOP. Brainstorming on campaign ideas and so far they want to work on Climate Refugees topic. They will be included in producing some materials for the COP. 

1.5.5. Global Justice WG 

The group is working and is interested in our Arms trade seminar.

1.5.6. Inclusion WG 

The group is inactive and it’s impossible to get it started. 

Decision: We don’t suspend the WG. Instead, just inform them about the consequences. 

1.5.7 Gender WG 

There are problems with coordination, received 2 application of DoP project. One new application. 

1.5.8 Food Systems and Animal Rights 

They are active, they have activity plan. 

ToDo: Adria will get in touch with Christoph for tips on preparing a webinar 

1.6 Strategic Planning Committee

1.6.1 SPC coordination 

There are three subgroups and three coordinators. They are in the prep-team for the Strategic Planning Meeting + Artur from the office. The meeting is taking place in December 8-12 December. 

ToDo: Paula puts emails of SPC subgroups in the spreadsheet: 

1.6.2 Political Subgroup 

The group has a dutch coordinator.

1.6.3 Activity Subgroup 

The group is working well. On the coming meeting it is expected to have decisions on responsibilities and priorities of the working group. 

1.6.4 Structural Subgroup

Frank from Dwars was elected as a coordinator. Their next meeting is going to take place in the beginning of November. 

Decision: to coordinate who is working on inclusion audit from Structural and Activities Subgroups and who is doing what. 

1.6.5 Inclusion Audit 

There is a plan, which is preferable to be endorsed and implemented before the GA. 

According to the plan, the process will take place before the GA and will be continued afterwards. 

ToDo: Gio will help Maria and Paula to finalise the survey for prep-teams 

Decision: make a send a call for 2 persons to join the Inclusion audit team, which will meet at the SPM

Decision: We adopt the plan

Note: check examples of inclusion audits done by the professionals 

1.7. Pool of trainers 

Will start working on this. Will check the publication on setting up the POT. 

2. Finances 

2.1 2016 overview

JM and Artur present the updated budget. 

2.2 2017 overview

2.2.1 Erasmus+ Admin Grant 

Artur presents the plan for the E+ admin grant. The amount that we are applying is 35K, that can be spent on employees, statutory meetings and some activities. 

ToDo: to have final draft ready by the 11th of November

ToDo: to have final application by the 20th of November 

3. Projects

3.1 2016

3.1.1 Summer Camp 

Narrative report is ready. For financial report waiting for documents from 2 participants and 2 prep team members.

Will be in touch with EYF to explain why we are late. 

GEF report will be submitted at the end of November.

3.1.2. WGM

Please fill in the evaluation survey!

ToDo: In the coming weeks Gio will collect and redistribute timelines for each Working Group.

ToDo: Individual thank-you notes to guest speakers.

WGM was planned really, really late and that resulted in some frustrations. We had exact number of spots as participants, so there was no selection. Some participants canceled. We had a lot of food waste and wasted beds. Few of those things could be avoided if we started organizing earlier.

Maybe we should start reconsidering whole timeline for Working Groups and SPMs?

3.1.3 COP22 activities 

Marie: We have a local assistant, helping us with logistics. EGP is directly paying for costs. The budget is around 25K euros. The team is set up and working, the programmes are nearly finished. 

ToDo: information on civil society mobilisations on the spot should be forwarded to Gio and Marie. 

Gef has offered 3 accreditations. 

Decision: We accept one accreditation for Anastasija. 

GG also offered 3 accreditations. Deadline for delegating someone is sunday afternoon. 

Decision: Maria and Marie check the list of our applicants for the delegation and communicate it with Keli. 

3.1.4 SPM 

The prep-team is set. We will combine the SPM with the conference financed by the GGEP. Prep-team is working on the programme and office is taking care of the logistics. We want to produce some merchandise that contributes to sustainable event management. 

For hostel: we can investigate Squat possibility. We can let people choose.

3.1.5 Western Sahara 

There has been emails about this project. 5 people were in favor, two haven’t stated their opinion and one person against. 

Decision: JM and Fabian have mandate to coordinate the project. 

3.2 2017

Decision: Gio will finalise the timeline and finances for projects 2017. 

3.2.1 YO!Fest 

Laura went to the prep-team meeting and updates were delivered. 

3.2.2. Demasculinisation of Politics (Marie, Paula)

Prep-team is about to be selected. The call for participants will go out in the beginning of December. The programme will be done by the end of December and it will be reviewed by the participants. Its planned to have webinars one in December and one is January. 

Decision: the prep team is approved 

3.2.3 Liverpool seminar

We started working on it. We need to reconcile the budget  and make some decisions accordingly. 

3.2.4 Summer Camp 

3.2.5 Political communication training

Decision: Postponed to September 


4. Partners

4.1 CDN 

Nastja delivers updates on CDN activities. They are organising a study session on NFA and in case someone from the EC is interested, they should apply. 

People going to the study session might consider having a study visit in Budapest. 

The secretariat is going to see some changes. 

4.2 EGP 

Teo delivers updates on EGP. We need to decide on who goes.

ToDo: the delegation will finalise the proposal of our fringe meeting. 

Decision: We will have a gender balanced delegation. We will agree on the numbers and names by next week. 

4.3 GGEP 

GGEP had a retreat last week. Change in presidency and vice presidency. No changes in priorities. They are organising IdeasLAB in February, where fyeg can potentially participate, but not have very active role. 

4.4 GEF 

Teo delivering updates on GEF GA. New board was elected. Teo introduced the Ecosprinter project idea to get partners. 

ToDo: Gio to contact GEF and investigate about the maximum amount we can get for the summer camp. 

4.5 GYG 

4.5.1 GYG Congress

The prep-team is working, however two members dropped out. The funding is tight and the team is working on different fundraising strategies, especially for non-European delegates. The deadline for finalising the list of delegates hasn’t been a subject of agreement. 

4.6 YFJ 

The GA in Varna is in November. We have a candidate - Sebastiaan Rood. He is campaigning and keeping it low profile for multiple reasons. He is looking into reimbursement conditions and might need our help. Decision on this will be made on the mailing list. 

4.7 PPYOs

Received invitation from LYMEC to attend 40 years anniversary in Tallinn. Teo would like to go costs will be up to 100 Euros. 

Sebastiaan is attending the debate in Cologne on behalf of FYEG. 

4.8 Others

5. Communication

5.1 Social media 

5.2 Website 

Nastja and JM went through the website and indicated some flaws on the webpage. There’s a list with actions to be taken. The tasks are divided and people are tagged and expected to submit their contributions. 

5.3 Ecosprinter

They are working on the printed edition. Design and order will be finalized soon. There is a project idea that can be submitted to GEF for funding. They have a new board member - Jakob from Austrian Young Greens. Updated the website. 

5.4 Statements and other external communication

Ideas for social media:

ToDo: to ask the delegation to provide us with the content for infographics. 

- about what we can do differently 

What we can do for the end of this year

ToDo: Gio will prepare three options with different budget scale for communication equipment purchase. 

Decision: Fabian will coordinate the 2016 recap. 

Materials to be produced: flyers, roll-ups, t-shirts, stickers. 

ToDo: Investigate how much the Badge machine costs 

6. Next meetings

Decision: Next online meeting will take place within next 10 days on the date that will be agreed as a response to Maria’s doodle. 

Physical meeting will be decided at the online ECM.