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EGP Council in Tallin

If one single word sums up FYEG's state of mind at the EGP Council in Tallinn, held from October 8th to 10.th it is clearly the word ¨busy¨. Apart from the regular representation tasks, informal meetings with national delegations and different networks inside of the EGP, FYEG also took time to seriously get involved in the political debate.Getting involved in the debate usually requires attending the fringe meeting, where different topics and the relating resolutions are debated within smaller groups. Usually it is here where you can get a very good feel of the general opinion on matters or the sheer lack thereof. By splitting up meetings between EC members and by the generous help of different FYEG activists present in Tallinn, it was possible to gather as much information as possible. Additionally, FYEG held its very own fringe meeting, to present the federation to new people and also answer some of the concrete questions that different MO representatives were bringing up.As a result,the FYEG's own paper on youth unemployment was approved by the Council with some amendments. With this paper FYEG helped to bring the debate that was launched at the Barcelona Council to a clear outcome. Based on the MEP Emile Turunnen's report as presented in Barcelona, the paper provides both an analysis and concrete measures to tackle the issue.You probably understand that it provides some satisfaction to FYEG to see a strong position on climate challenge adopted both by the GYG Congress in Berlin and then on the EGP level. Moreover, by creating a debate about this paper within the Green family, slight differences in interpretation and sometimes bigger differences in regards to strategy came to the light. The outcome of a very constructive dialogue however, is a stronger paper, making sure the Greens have a strong and well elaborated stance on this crucial matter.While these results are clearly positive, it is safe to say the main focus of the Council was on the 20 page text about the macroeconomic perspectives of the Green New Deal. After a plenary debate moderated by a professional specifically hired for this purpose ( a procedure which I personally found alternately weird and refreshing) a working group was set to discuss amendments and look for compromise.Since the paper touched upon many political positions that FYEG has developed and defended over the years, such as the need for serious regulation of markets and strong economic governance within the EU, and drew the most amendments, being present at this meeting was crucial. Due to relentless efforts of our spokespersons a number of FYEG amendments were already included  during this sessions. During the voting session all but 3 amendments were then voted in, making the text acceptable for FYEG.What became clear however, during the entire process, was the need for further debate on and elaboration of the entire concept of the Green New Deal and its implications. All of this to say that the next EGP council will probably be, in one word, busy.