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EGP Council Report (Budapest)

By the blue Danube: FYEG at the 14th Council Meeting of the European Green Party, Budapest, Hungary.


Arriving in Budapest felt like the arrival of Spring when the FYEG EC gathered on the evening of the 1st of April.

But even though the country is beautiful, the is city amazing and the Greens are very very sweet, there was a cold wind blowing at times. Due to threaths from the extreme right some venues had to be changed at very late notice, and security in general was high.

What “Council”? Well, the European Green Party (EGP), of which FYEG is the youth organisation, has two bigger meetings per year. Some of them are called “Councils”, and what it means is that hundreds of Greens from across Europe get together. This time the agenda included approving of budgets and finances, but also planning of the future of the EGP, as well as big discussions on the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, the political situation in Hungary, and of course plenty of anti-nuclear campaign work. So naturally, FYEG had to be there. In cooperation with the Mediterranean Network, FYEG organised a discussion on the activity of young people in politics, and of course FYEG also had our own meeting, which presented the organisation to new people, but also had discussions on European lobbying strategies and youth financing, along with discussions on the upcoming FYEG General Assembly and other events.

At the same time as the EGP Council, elsewhere in Hungary, forces of darkness were, marching. Two Green MEPs, Ulrike Lunacek (previous spokesperson of the EGP) and Ska Keller (previous spokesperson for FYEG) visited a protest against the extreme right party Jobbik, who were trying to intimidate a village where many Roma live.

FYEG of course also met with nicer people, especially volunteers from ZöFi (FYEG member organisation) and ÖkoPax (youth organisation of the Hungarian Greens, LMP), in order to work out how to better cooperate in the future. And those meetings did remind us that no matter how difficult things sometimes seem in Hungary, there are great people, great initiatives and great groups working for a better future and a better present.

Outcomes of the Council:


Report (in German) from the visit to the harassed village